MCCEE and MCCQE exam pro tips

MCCEE and MCCQE exam pro tips

       MCCEE and MCCQE exam pro tips

MCCQE (Medical Council of Canada Qualifying exam) is a dream a lot of IMGs have on their mind while they go through their medical life. This exam provides you with the license to practice medicine in Canada. this article here has some high yield MCCEE and MCCQE Exam pro tips for all aspirants who wish to appear for this test.

Passing the MCCQE exam is an easy process like any other test (if you are equipped with the right tools)


This medical exam means everything you wanted if you are appearing for it so make sure you are well organized for this ultimate battle. An organization with the right study material can help focus on your studies and revise what you have learned till now. A lot of students get mingled up on organizing themselves with the right course and which books to read and which to use for revision. Organization is the main pillar towards any successful tackle in life so make sure you are ready and well organized.


there are hundreds and thousands of books and video lectures online for you to prepare for this exam, but you should make sure that you choose the ones that have previously provided the best results to students who used them. Like for USMLE, there is the Kaplan series and first aid. Similarly, there are sources for MCCQE too that best fit the pattern of study on which the exam is made. Take your time to pre-register yourself to the question banks that are available to medical students worldwide for the preparation of the Canadian medical examination.

Make it easy for yourself

prepare mnemonics, make flash cards, write the difficult stuff on papers and paste them on the walls of your house or room so whenever you go past them you have a look at them and remember them in a flash. Flash cards are the most important ways you can study for an exam, especially those that take time. Make them in the early stages of your preparation. there are mnemonics available online everywhere for the ease of the students, I myself have some pharmacology mnemonics you might be interested in.

Avoid Panicking

The worst thing a student does is panic before the exam. Although its human nature to stress themselves in utterly important situations but that hormone surge is not good for the mind. Staying calm is the key just like it is for a sniper. Careless mistakes are made when a candidate panics and careless mistakes cost the most.

MCCEE and MCCQE exam pro tips


Research about the exam

Get to know more about the exam online. The internet is the biggest source of information and knowledge in this century. Get to know about the updates and the patterns and the sequence of the exam. The best dates to take the exam. The best times to take the exam and also like I said before the best course for the exam. Get in touch with doctors who passed MCCEE or MCCQE and get to know how they did it, How much time is required minimum and maximum. Understand where to look and where not to look.

Glucose level critical

Before every exam take my word for every exam not just MCCEE or MCCQE but this one is for all of them. You need a proper glucose level to keep flowing through your body and mind in the exam, Overloaded you can slow yourself down, deprived of it and you may not even think properly. Have a nice breakfast before you go for the test. Not too heavy and not too light, make it perfect just like you want your result to be.

Practicing questions

Use Qbanks as MCCQE is also an MCQs based exam and all MCQs based exams have some patterns hidden in them that make it easier for you to understand them. After every chapter or topic or course, you finish, try to work on practicing questions from QBanks as they have proved fruitful to those who ever used them. the Qbanks available for MCCQE exam are

  • USMLE WORLD step 2 CK
  • USMLE WORLD step 3
  • Kaplan Qbook step 2 CK
  • Kaplan Qbook step 3
  • First AID step 2 CK
  • Ottawa notes with CD

MCCEE and MCCQE exam pro tips

Do not disrupt your schedule

You must have made a routine to prepare for this exam. these exams take a lot of time they’re not your usual profs. people take around a whole year to prepare so routine is critical. If you ever due to unfavorable conditions get away from your routine for a long time or do not study for like a month and have a large gap in between then the first thing you have to do is to rearrange yourself with all the information that you may have lost. Revise all that you had prepared first and then continue forward.


Do not completely isolate yourself from the outside world as this weakens your imagination and your grasp of new knowledge, moreover it also causes depression over a long course. Take time to party for a day in 2 weeks for example. Rejoice yourself and come back fresh to fight. Take 2 Sundays or 4 a month if you are not that of an introvert already. Keep your windows open for fresh air, do not get infected or diseased as we know a sick person is not in full potential especially when you are nearing your exams, eat healthily.

Do not back down

The last thing you should know is that if at the end you feel like you are left out on a little knowledge that you think might take more time or you do not have the confidence to just go out there, then go out there because before every test a student feels like they know nothing but when those words pass by in front of your eyes you start to remember everything and you mind runs with the time, a lot of students worldwide have scored than they ever expected in exams, remember a topper can never know he/she’s a topper unless they take the exam. Confidence is the key to success in everything. Stay Confident and take the leap of faith and if you were unsuccessful, there’s always another chance next year.


These were some of the MCCEE and MCCQE Exam pro tips for you folks, If you feel like I left out on some, do not forget to mention them in the comments below and I would add them in the updated version. In the meantime, if you want to know about

MCCEE, MCCQE part 1 or MCCQE part 2, just click it.


  1. Hi Hamad,
    Thanks for taking out time to write this article. Please I am preparing for the 2019 MCCQE1 exam, I am actually looking at getting the Ottawa notes but not sure of a legitimate source to get it, i checked the website, it doesnt really appear legit as they did not include any contact to reach them. do you have any suggestions for me. your kind response is highly appreciated.

    McDonald John


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