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Canada is well-known for its comprehensive health system. The Canadian health system covers universal health support to all, which means people do not have to pay for specialist consultations and follow-ups. Whether you are a Canadian citizen or a resident, Medicare offers primary care that is publicly funded. The Medical Council of Canada offers international medical graduates (IMG) permanent residency but applicants must have years of practice experience and medical residency training. Before applying for licensure in Canada, you will need to know if your profession is in demand or not. Well…the good news is YES! Doctors and physicians are in the highly demanding category after the Covid-19 outbreak. Read along to know how you can have a successful journey in Canada in 2022.

Apply for Canadian immigration as a doctor:

The Canadian labor market has shown 13% of employment growth from the year 2016 till now for physicians, surgeons, and medical healthcare. On average, medical doctors get 50% more job opportunities with a three-fold increased graph while general physicians acquire 57% of new jobs. On the other side, the Canadian government is accepting applications for the replacement of positions at a 43% rate. So overall, it is a really good time to immigrate to Canada and live your life along with your family.

Doctors and Nurses Immigration

Eligibility and process of Immigration:

There is no need to open the nutshell so hard as I am simplifying the immigration process for you. Here are the six steps to apply for Canadian permanent residency in 2022: 

  1. Being a physician or medical graduate, check your eligibility and NOC details for fast processing. Here, you must have valid immigration points to defend your visa application. You will need a complete set of educational credentials along with attestation.
  2. Create your profile on the Canadian website under the express entry pool. Here is the link to apply:
  3. Wait until you receive an invitation from the Canadian government.
  4. Then comes the time to submit the required documents and fee payments.
  5. After a green signal of your visa is approved, go for visa stamping and fly.

Being a doctor, you’ll need to submit your clear proof of work history, work hour reports, letter of national occupational classification, pay slips as evidence of work, and letterhead from the organization.

Requirements for doctors to work in Canada: 

There are extensive examinations depending on eligibility, a program of study, qualification, and certification. First is your language proficiency test, and two years of post-graduate assessment are conducted to check your grip over your profession. Also, depending on the territory or province you want to reside one must submit a return of service agreement. According to this, you’ll have to practice in lower class community for a particular time. If you pass all these steps, you will get a registered practitioner license from the Canadian government.

Immigration to Canada

Cost of Immigration and document verification:

All the fee payments need to be paid through credit cards as they are in the Canadian dollar. Various fee payments include:

  • For your educational degree, attestation fee charges are 215 CAD
  • Documents that are translated and verified charge 181 CAD per paper
  • ECA report costs you 137 CAD, MCCEE fee is 2365 CAD
  • The examination fee for MCCQE parts I and II from the medical council of Canada is 4,938 CAD.

Doctors must keep this money in their pockets to become Canadian-skilled workers.

The process to apply for medical practice License in Canada:

Getting a medical license in Canada is a complex process and still, there is no guarantee of a practice license. You must be familiar with the Canadian pipeline to practice medicine; the policy of an individual province or territory is the very first point you should have in your mind. Every province of Canada possesses its own registration process and time to accept your license application. Secondly, you must have to submit considerable statements to prove your financial position. Not only this but passing medical examinations is also mandatory to achieve a medical license. I am breaking through the whole process of registration to get a medical practice license.

  •  Is your Medical Degree recognized?

Doctors have to check the status of their medical school degree at the International Medical Education Directory (IMED). This is to verify the medical institute offering you a degree. Here is the link to the website you can check the details:

Preparation for Medical Assessments of license:

It’s the time you will start your preparation for the examination. Which evaluates your readiness for the Medical Council of Canada Examination (MCCEE). IMG’s doctors must check for percentile table and performance along with fees at the time of application.

  1. Create Electronic Portfolio: All the candidates submit their credentials to an electronic repository. This allows them to share all the details and documents with provincial territory regulatory authorities and then certify your authenticity for the next step.
  2. Payments and Fee Submission: This is the last step of your application, which you will submit at the time you apply for medical examination. The exact amount will be on your screen only then.
  3. MCCEE Test Locations: More than 70 countries are conducting MCCEE tests. All the IMG candidates who pass the MCCEE examination can now apply for a residency Visa through Canadian resident services.
  4. Regions to work as a doctor with a high pay scale: On this list, you’ll see Mississauga, Ontario at the top with 20% higher pay in comparison to other places in Canada. The second most Regina, Saskatchewan 14% higher wages, and the third are Calgary, Alberta 4% higher salaries.

Rest other places show a decrease or constant growth in the healthcare profession.

Visa categories for Doctors:

You can have three options to apply for Canadian residency:

    1. Federal Express entry visa residency:

This program is unique and accommodates all the skilled workers showing their interest to reside in Canada. This is basically a point-based system that offers you a permanent stay in Canada. You need a total of 67 points to win this visa within six months and enjoy your life in Canada with your family. Check your NOC, Canada to apply for FSW Visas.

    1. Provincial Nominee Visas:

Trained medical personnel opt for this class of visas because this program is specific to healthcare professionals, especially doctors. You can choose any of the two provinces to move to and work, one is British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP), while the other is Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP).

    1. Atlantic Immigration Pilot program:

This is a specific visa category for doctors who have received a job invitation letter from Canada that fall under this class. After acquiring a license from the medical council, even with a lower IELTS band, you can settle in Canada. The only compulsion of this class visa is your NOC profession of Canada.

    1. Nova scotia, 2018 Visa program:

This is another provincial stream for medical physicians and surgeons that offers the fastest visa processing in 5-10 days. This program has the compulsion of a valid job offer from Nova scotia Health authority or IWK health center.

Canadian Visa schemes

The Sum up:

Canada is a well-known state with beauty, technology, and reforms in all sectors. The Canadian healthcare system is a comprehensive one, offering free-cost treatments to all residents and citizens. Though it is very difficult to score higher on the board to get a medical practice license, but being a doctor with a valid Canadian medical license you can work at the best salary of $ 45,000 per year. Your dedication and commitment to your professional career are the assurance of the validity of your licensure.

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