Physicians and Doctors immigration to China 2023

China is one of the leading countries around the globe that offer its citizens medical insurance, which includes all sorts of treatment and medications. The Chinese get maximum benefits under publicly and privately funded insurance like primary, specialty, traditional, or prescribed medications. Immigrating to China will be much easier after having qualifications from Chinese institutes. China has introduced reforms in medical education, health, and clinics where foreigners are highly encouraged to graduate from China’s Medical schools. More than 4000 foreign students are currently studying to obtain a medical degree, diplomas, and specializing in Chinese medicines. Here is the guide to practicing medicine, working, and staying in China on a short-term and long-term basis.

Healthcare system of China:

China has advanced in almost all sectors. Their healthcare system has got much higher levels because of free medical services to the citizens. Publicly funded insurance covers mental health, traditional, and allopathic treatments plus providing prescribed drugs. On the other hand, private insurance has given a broad spectrum to financially average citizens and ex-pats to have treatment from private clinics, which has brought health to all the people residing in China

Primary health care services have become common in rural areas. China has staffed clinics and hospitals with community doctors and other health providers including nurses, physicians, and family doctors all are serving.

Overall healthcare setting of the Chinese is to a higher level of advancements.

Physicians and mbbs doctors immigration to china

Doctors and Medical Registration:

Health authority or health governing body holds checkpoints for medical registration of national and international medical graduates. Their medical license rules and regulations vary from city to province according to human rights basis. The medical license from the Chinese government is location specific

If you have secured US medical license, you must keep that active and translates it into Chinese medical license indication expiry and date of validation.

However, if you graduate from Chinese medical school, you will need to fulfill residency training and pass the Medical Licensing Examination. While if you’re a foreign licensed physician, you have to pass the exam of “Foreign physician practicing certificate” to practice medicines granted by the Ministry of Health. Clinics, hospitals, and recruiters will help you obtain a valid medical license.

A notary public is an authority that provides an affidavit or attestation aiming at the process of verification of your documents. After the notary, an apostillation certificate is needed, issued by the governing body for using the medical licensure outside the country. 

Notary and Apostilled documents are further verified and authenticated by the Chinese Consulate aiming for the acknowledgment of the documents.

Job Hunt and Scope:

After successful arrival to China, you need to hunt for a job yourself. The best way to do so is to make a list of renowned clinics in the town or city you are wishing to reside. Look for the English version of their websites and forward your resume directly. While applying do ask about the MSH, AXA, AIA, and Cigna insurance being offered or not this is to know the legal status of those hospitals because these are well-known legal insurance companies.

In your application, offer a WeChat mode of transition for further communication. Another way to work in China is to avail yourself of recruiting agency job offers. Thousands of international medical graduates are finding amazing opportunities around the globe including in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, China, Canada, and the Caribbean, but are not limited to these. Recruiters not only help you secure a good job position but also help you with paperwork, licensing, and immigration in China.

Medical Clinics for Foreign Physicians:Physicians and mbbs doctors immigration to china

Some of the foremost medical clinics that accept international physicians are Jiahui HospitalParkway HealthUnited Family HealthGlobal Doctor, and International SOS. However, different cities have different growth and scope of jobs. 

It is important to understand, that employers can offer jobs to foreigners, as in medical institutions as qualified but independent individuals. However, it is completely forbidden to practice medicine individually in the country.

Employment Process:

Being a physician or qualified medical graduate, and applying to a medical institution, you will need registration from the Heath Administrative Department, which permits you to practice in China. The documents required to secure permission are:

  1. Medical Proof of your qualification like degrees, transcripts, and medical license.
  2. You need to submit your identity status, ID cards, Driving license, or any other valid document.
  3. Bareheaded half-length passport pictures.
  4. Certification of a foreign-qualified person
  5. Work Visa indicating the time of entry and exit.
  6. Valid foreign medical license or certificate of practicing right
  7. An affidavit showing legal liability by the medical institutions
  8. A medical certificate for physical fitness from the authorized medical laboratory.
  9. No criminal record certificate.
  10. Entrustment agreement, (If medical institutions handle registration procedures for foreign doctors).

Language Requirement:

Language is an important, element that will help you to settle in China. In China, many clinics and hospitals offer jobs in the English language for international and ex-pats. But majorly you have to learn to speak Mandarin Chinese this is because the mode of communication is Chinese based. Whether you are going to work or to study, you need to be fluent in the Mandarin language because, in the hospital, you have to communicate with the local citizens of China.


Physicians and Doctors need an employment visa that is valid for one year. The employers are responsible for renewing work visas every year. This is easy and simple because China opened its doors to the medical market after the agreement with WTO. Inducing reforms is no doubt a great initiative for foreigners to practice medicine in China. The country’s growth and development in the medical sector are commendable. That’s why China has the most advanced level of technology.

Sum up: Foreign doctors or physicians have great opportunities in China where they can feel the colors of Chinese culture. If you graduate from a Chinese medical school, then your stay will be successful. Amazingly, there are no hard exams or tests like PLAB or USMLE. Employers are helping to obtain registration and work in clinical settings in China.

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