Medical Council of Canada evaluating exam (MCCEE) is an exam that provides you the first step towards eligibility to practice medicine in Canada. Although you have to go through an overall of three stages before you practice medicine in Canada but MCCEE is the first brick. It is a condition that needs to be fulfilled before an (IMG) international medical graduate can take part in MCCQE which is the next test for getting your Canadian medical license.
Criterion for Eligibility

A candidate must be a graduate or within 20 months of graduation of his medical course.
Must be of a recognized College by the world directory of medical schools
Application Procedure

You can apply for MCCEE any time of the year online. Fill in the application and the fee. You will receive a test authorization number after which you can select the center for your exam. Note that the MCCEE provides more than 500 test centers throughout the world. In Pakistan, they are exclusive to Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad only. Prometric is the universal partner that stand by them for evaluating this exam worldwide.
Exam And Contents

MCCEE is a four-hour digital computer-based exam that comprises a total of 180 questions designed to evaluate your basic knowledge about medicine and to provide you an outlook of how high or low you stand comparatively. All those 180 questions are multiple choice questions (MCQs). You surely have undertaken such questions previously in your life so no need explaining that. The subjects involved in those 180 questions roughly belong to your final years of medical college.

Medicine (including community medicine)
Obstetrics and Gynecology

You can have a glance at how tough or simple the questions are for you by finding them online. Some websites offer Demos too.
The exam is held mostly on weekdays though rarely may on Saturday and Sunday too
Test dates for the remaining sessions of 2018

September 3rd – 16th

October 29th – November 11th

Exam Fee

This is where it gets difficult for IMG not quite good on money. Which gives them a higher urge to be better prepared than those lacking genuine motivation to strive.
The overall fee is around 1800 US dollars so you should have burned quite a midnight oil they say before you embark upon this journey.

The results are available within 7 weeks after the last day of the exam session but what you get right now is the conclusion of this article.
MCCQE Part 1 comes on as a necessity after MCCEE and you can find all the information regarding that too on this blog. I hope this article answered all your questions and you can comment those unanswered in the comments section. Thank you.


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