The Membership of Royal College of Physicians (MRCP) is a diploma of post-graduation in the field of medicine in the UK. There are three stages for getting this diploma
MRCP part 1
 MRCP part 2
This article, however, focuses entirely on part 1.
Objectives and Purpose

Part 1 is an entry-level test accessible to doctors only after a 12-month postgraduate experience in medicine. This test is the first step towards testing a doctors skills and ability for post-graduation.

MRCP part 1 comprises of 200 MCQs (multiple choice questions). All these are divided into two tests and each test has a time duration of 3 hours. The questions are specifically divided among different subjects as shown below.

Clinical Science                             25
Pharmacology and Toxicology        16
Cardiology                                    15
Hematology and Oncology            15
Endocrinology                               15
Infectious diseases                       15
Neurology                                    15
Nephrology                                  15
Rheumatology                             15
Gastroenterology                         15
Psychiatry                                    8
Dermatology                                8
Geriatrics                                     4
Opthalmology                              4

As visible, its mostly about medicine. So work upon that and you will most probably pass the test. Cardiology Hematology and Oncology are some of the toughest subjects the tables provide and are difficult comparatively requiring more attention but forget not all the others too have marks. Else than that the questions regarding clinical sciences mostly includes cell biology, molecular and membrane biology, psychology, Epidemiology, clinical biochemistry, and immunology. Cover all these subjects to your optimum level and you have no reason to not be optimistic about your result after the test.

Application Procedure

My MRCP(UK) is where you can apply for MRCP part 1. They ask you to submit a fee that is roughly around 600 Pounds (exclusively for part 1). After which you have to select a country and a city for your exam centre. You will receive an email of your confirmation on the one associated with the debit card or account you used for the payment.
Summarized motivation

After reading all of the above you should have an idea what MRCP part 1 is centered around (yes medicine). Alongside your basics. You can search the internet for videos or purchase them from a well-known source. Practice and consistency are all that you require as it is a tough test but you have been through tough all your life. Take your chances on PASS MEDICINE question as they really are a help. Find other related papers and questions and solve them. There are video guidance and lectures available for you to spend time upon and better prepare yourself for the exam. Your Dream awaits never give up on them. That’s all about MRCP part 1 medicos. Drop your questions in the comments. May you succeed on your journey.

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