MCCQE part 1 summed up

MCCQE part 1 summed up

MCCQE Part 1 Summed Up

Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE) is an exam that tests the medical knowledge and clinical skills of medical students and awards them in the form of The Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada (LMCC) to practice medicine in Canada, After they have passed Both their part 1 and part 2. This article is focused solely on part 1 and everything about it.

MCCQE part 1
The examination is based on MCC Objectives. Organized under the Can MEDS roles, MCCQE is a necessity for practicing medicine in Canada for IMGs. The MCCQE part 1 is scored independently of MCCQE part 2. You must pass both parts to obtain the (LMCC). MCCQE part 1 is the only national standard for medical schools across Canada and, therefore, is administered at the end of medical school and thus any candidate who wishes to practice medicine in Canada must at the minimum pass this exam.

You can apply for MCCQE at and your account will guide you through the rest of the process and the documents needed to be submitted with the application. If you apply after MCCE you may receive a quick notification for acceptance of your application otherwise It may take time.
Late applications have extra fees to be paid if you go past the deadline.

Application Fee
Online application for the next session will be after Thursday, July the 12th and upto Monday, July 23rd 2018.
Normal Fee: $1105
Late Fee: $1658 (includes 50% late fee)

Exam Scheduling
The MCCQE part 1 Exam is held twice a year, in spring and fall. The exam is offered strictly only in two languages, English and French. However in 2019 the exam will be held four times a year and upto 5 times per year in 2020. After your application at you get to choose your centre.

Exam Centre
You will be asked to choose 3 exam centres in order of preference and if you choose only one centre that does not improve your chance to get into it. You will receive the notification afteron.
As space is limited on each examination day so it is a first come first serve basis so be fast to apply when the scheduling dates open for your desired centre. If you do not schedule your examination date during the given scheduling period for MCCQE part 1, they will manually assign you to one of the remaining available.
You can change your centre if you wish to by a written request to

Following are the exam centres for the Upcoming MCCQE part 1 exam
ALTA : Calgary and Edmonton
B.C : Prince George, Vancouver and Victoria
Manitoba : Winnipeg
Newfoundland : St. Johns
Nova Scotia: Halifax
Ontario : Hamilton, Kingston, Mississauga, Ottawa, Toronto
Quebec : Montreal
Sask : Saskatoon
The centres are subject to change at anytime.

The MCCQE part 1 is a one-day computer-based test. Time limit is four hours in the morning session. 210 MCQs are to be answered which are divided into 7 blocks with no negative marking. Of the 210 questions 35 are pilot questions that is they do not count towards your scores. An average of 1 minute and 14 seconds is best to be used for one MCQ.

MCQ sample questions at this site

The afternoon session provides 3.5 hours for the Clinical Decision Making Component, Which consists of 38 cases with short-menu and short-answer 65-75 questions. Of the 38 (CDM) cases, eight are pilot questions and do not count. And average of 5 minutes and 50 seconds is considered best for each case. However cases with more questions may require more time.

CDM sample questions at this site

Pilot and non-pilot questions are not marked so you should try your best on all questions.
You can take a break during the examination but that time wont be extra and will be taken out of your official test time. However there is an official lunch break between the morning and afternoon sessions.

MCCQE part 1 summed up

The following topics cover the exam completely
1- Clinical Decision Making
2- Family medicine
3- Medicine
4- Obstetrics and Gynaecology
5- Pediatrics
6- Population Health, Legal, Ethical and Organizational Aspects
7- Surgery
8- Psychiatry
Canada QBank offers a comprehensive set of 4 (four) complete Qbanks for this exam. Online subscription is required.

Scoring Criterion
Total score is calculated by combining both MCQs and CDMs. Each correct answer has 1 point and wrong as 0. Some CDM questions may have multiple parts and provide more than 1 point.
Total score is recorded on a scale of 100-400 with a passing score of 226.

MCCQE part 1 summed up

Each candidate receives two score reports. The statement of Results (SOR)which has your final result and total score as well as the minimum passing score for the exam. Additional information about the scores and subscores is provided on the Supplemental Information (SIR).

MCCQE part 1 summed up

You can apply for MCCQE as a medical student or a graduate.
Your medical school should be recognized by the committee on accreditation of Canadian Medical Education (CACMS) or the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) (in the US) for you to appear in the exam. However if your school does not make it to CACMS or LCME then you have to appear in the MCC exam first before you apply for MCCQE part 1.

Note if you are a Canadian student or a US medical student you will also be required to submit your copy of a valid passport.


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    • Applications are open. Final date applications wtih late fee is 23rd july. Test will be held between 29th october – 5th november

    • You have to pass MCCE exam first if you are not from Canada. After that you can apply for part 1 not directly.

  1. Aoa. What is the scope of canadian residency for pakistani graduates?? Like recent trends?? And any community of pak doctors there?

    • Well it is tough but not impossible. You have to go through All three tests mcce mccqe part 1 and 2 and then they have this quota system for IMG’s where you have to fit yourself. Do not know about the community of Pak doctors there though.

  2. Thanks for the information. I got my MD degree in Taiwan and I passed MCCQE I 20 years ago in 2001 but could not get a match then. I keep practicing medicine in Taiwan all these years. Is my MCCQE I result still valid?

  3. I am an MBBS doctor from Bangladesh and I will get Canadian PR visa as my husband is Canadian citizen.So can I apply for mccq1&2 and if I pass can I practice as a general physician in Canada?

  4. Hello ,I did mbbs in India and I have applied for pr which I will get shortly ,do I need to give mcce or I can give part 1 directly??


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