MCCQE Part 2 (A short go through for Aspirants)

MCCQE part 2 a short summary

MCCQE Part 2 (A short go through for Aspirants)

MCCQE part 2 (medical council of Canada qualifying exam)is the next step after MCCQE part 1 for obtaining the licentiate of the medical council of Canada (LMCC) which allows you to practice medicine in Canada if you are anĀ  IMG. this article focuses strictly on part 2 of the exam however if you need guidance about part 1, you can look for it on the same blog.

Why this test?

MCCQE part 2 is an exam that calculates your clinical abilities, social skills and everything related to patient care and cure revolving around these two mains. it tests whether you are able enough to be a part of the doctors of Canada that are well known for their service and skills worldwide. whether you can stand amongst them shoulder to shoulder, skill to skill, outcome to outcome. you need to pass MCCQE part 1 before you can sit for the part 2.

MCCQE Part 2 (A short go through for Aspirants)

Exam Structure

MCCQE part 2 is a two-day exam that consists of a number of clinical stations. these stations are where you are presented to patients and now have to work your way to score. there are basically two types of stations. the Exam is conducted strictly only in two languages i.e English and French.


these stations as the name indicate are provided a total time of 10 minutes and are 5 in number overall. this is also known as the post-encounter probe (PEP). at these stations, you are obliged to diagnose the patient and provide a healthy and helpful management plan and while you carry out these steps the examiner observes how you carry them out.


these are the relatively easier stations and are 4 in number where you simply take the history of the patient and do a physical examination in the eyes of the examiner. time provided is 5 minutes for each.

How To Apply

MCCQE part 2 is a bit hard to reach than part 1 because of the limited capacity for each exam session. you have to apply for the pre-application list that occurs before the real application. there is a spring and a fall session for MCCQE exams. In short, there is a pre-application process you have to go through to find your eligibility for the exam. the process is explained in detail at

Exam Fee

$2520 is the application fee overall for MCCQE part 2. you can apply for the fall session now as applications are open. the test dates for which are 27th and 28th October 2018. results for spring session are available in June and for fall in January.

MCCQE Part 2 (A short go through for Aspirants)

Precis for Success

MCCQE part 2 is all about confidence, apart from knowledge of course. the more willing you are to plunge into it the better are your chances of survival. the more socially forward you are the better are your chances of survival. the more you think it’s difficult the better are your chances of departure. The exam overall is not tough for an average highly motivated IMG so all you need is to study hard and believe in yourself harder. Drop your questions in the comments as this is all I could guide you about MCCQE Part 2 (A short go through for Aspirants) . BONNE CHANCE.



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