AMC Vs PLAB (The Ultimate Comparison)

AMC vs PLAB the ultimate comparison

                              AMC Vs PLAB (The Ultimate Comparison)

Australian Medical Council (AMC) is the ticket to practicing medicine in Australia and on the other side of the ring we have the Professional and linguistic assessment board examination (PLAB) for practicing medicine in the UK. These two giants have long been a dream of almost every IMG. AMC vs PLAB the ultimate comparison, this article here contrasts them side by side in the most epic of the comparisons. So here we go its AMC Vs PLAB (The Ultimate Comparison).

AMC vs PLAB the ultimate comparison

 AMC                           PLAB                                  


  • Medical Graduate (recognized)
  • 1 year internship
  • IELTS or TOEFL (7.0 overall)
  • Medical Graduate (recognized)
  • 1 year after graduation
  • IELTS (7.0-7.5 overall)

                                                        Exam Contents

  • AMC 1 is the Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) comprised of MCQs which are 150 in total and 120 have to be attempted at least compulsorily.
  • AMC 2 is Clinical Assessment (the clinical exam) consists of 20 stations out of which 16 are for assessment and the other 4 are a sort of break in between.
  • In PLAB 1, You are provided 200 single best answers on a paper and you have to choose the right option out of the total 4 options provided.
  • PLAB 2 is also called (OSCE). it contains 18 mind scratching scenarios.2 breaks are provided in between the total. Each scenario has 3 domains that are further explained in my article on Plab 2 all in all.


                                                          Time Duration

  • 3.5 hours for the CAT
  • 3.3 hours for The Clinical test
  • 3 hours for PLAB 1
  • 3 hours for PLAB 2



  • Community medicine
  • Medicine
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Pediatrics
  • Psychology
  • Surgery
  • Community medicine
  • Psychology
  • Pediatrics
  • Surgery
  • Medicine
  • Obs and Gynae


                                                      Fee Structure

  • CAT ($1800-$2100)
  • Clinical examination ($2400-$2800)
  • 1070 Euros


                                                     Exam Centres

  • AMC does not conduct the test anywhere in Pakistan the nearest location being Dubai and Singapore. All other well-developed countries have Scheduled tests around their cities.
  • PLAB can be taken in Pakistan, UAE, The UK, Ghana, Nigeria, India, Egypt alongside other developed countries so it is a Pakistani friendly test in comparison.


AMC vs PLAB the ultimate comparison

                                        AMC vs PLAB Difficulty Level

We know already your eyes popped out the moment you read this heading, well this answer remains long unanswered. AMC and PLAB both are quite on the same level of difficulty there really is no precise winner or loser at this point but we can talk about the fruit. PLAB is much more fruitful than AMC, except, If you love Australia.

                                                Job Opportunities

  • AMC lags behind in the job opportunity area as it is really difficult the get a job for IMGs in Australia. You have to do volunteer work and have some experience and relations in order to get accepted by a hospital. It takes time but its worth the effort.
  • PLAB though covers a wide area of the world in just one go but it is not as easy to get a job as easy it is to pass this test. It is just a licensing exam and that does not make sure you get a job but there are people out there that can’t be more successful in their medical field because of PLAB.


                                                  Number of Attempts

  • Unlimited attempts, However, Each time the priority is given to those with fewer attempts if they lag a tad bit behind those with a higher attempt number
  • 4 attempts for Both PLAB 1 and PLAB 2


                                             Points to be Mentioned

AMC is the Australian Medical Council Exam. It is the licensing exam for IMG’s to practice medicine in Australia. It is composed of two parts, AMC 1 and AMC 2. After Passing Both parts you can apply for residency, however, you can apply for a job even after AMC 1 but your chances are slim. AMC 2 provides you the eligibility to work as a Senior or Junior house officer.

Your past work experience and degree won’t get you a job. If you are new to the country, .You must involve yourself locally in any way possible and interact with the local community. If you stick to your own desi Community, it simply is harder to get your big break. Don’t be idle. Do any job and work anywhere to survive. Volunteer work is held in high regard so find time to volunteer anywhere. Spend lot of time in a cover letter and in addressing the selection criteria for each job you send it. Cut and paste won’t work.
It is hard as you have to start from scratch and it takes time but its worth it because you get to work in Australia. That’s your residency. You do get paid for supervised practice after AMC 1. After AMC 2 you have to find a job yourself.


PLAB which is known as the Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board is a licensing exam for IMG’s to practice medicine in the United Kingdom. Comprises of two parts known as PLAB part 1and PLAB part 2. Passing both parts you become eligible to apply for the General Medical Council, UK. You can work as a junior house officer if you have not completed your internship and they can apply for Foundation program F1 posts, however, after internship they can work as senior house officers and can apply for F2.


After completing your MBBS and passing IELTS, you have to clear both steps of PLAB and register yourself with GMC within 2 years. Now you are eligible to enter into Foundation program and you can apply for the F1 posts. But it may become difficult for you because it is hard to find any F1 posts so you should complete your internship back in your home country. Well if you have completed your internship then you are eligible for the F2 posts but these are also limited but. The solution is you should apply for a NON-TRAINING (Paid) job and after attaining experience in that kind of learning you get your F2 competencies signed you can apply for CORE TRAINING. After your completing your core training if you want to enter specialty training, you have to pass MRCP.


Hope this article answered your questions regarding AMC vs PLAB and which one is for you. Those unanswered can be dropped down below into the comments section. Thankyou



  1. My query is: I have already scored 7.5 in IELTS which makes me eligible to attend PLAB. As PLAB is cheaper than AMC, I was thinking of getting GMC registration first then go to Australia to work. Has anyone tried this way before? I fear if I try for AMC, my IELTS score wont be valid as AMC registration might take more than 2 years. What do you suggest?

  2. Same thinking . As afar as I know
    u do need to work 12 months in uk to apply via competent pathway in Aussie. So u don’t need to study for amc. But not sure whether to get job if go by this pathway
    Hopefully somebody who went through this pathway will come out to share their experience.?

  3. I passed both AMC exams and now have experience of 6 years of Australian GP practice, and now I wanted to practice in UK, so is it possible for me to get the General Medical Council recognition on the bases of AMC exams or I need to give PLAB.


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