PLAB 2 Exam structure, results and general information

PLAB (professional and linguistic assessment board examination) part 2 is the next step towards obtaining a license for practicing medicine in the UK after passing the part 1. Part 2 test is taken exclusively in the UK. This article PLAB 2 everything you need to know has all the details regarding the exam structure, contents and result criteria.

Part 2 is also called “Objective structural Clinical Examination” (OCSE). this exam is a bit shorter but tougher than part 1. It comprises a combination of 18 mind scratching scenarios that are sure to make you wonder. The time period for each scenario is 8 minutes. You will be provided 2 extra minutes at the start to read the instructions, patients report and to gather your will. The total test time is 3 hours roughly. Two breaks comprising 10 minutes each will be provided in between.

The necessary requirements are of course you should have passed part 1. You can attempt part 2 for a total of 4 times and must attempt it within 2 years after passing part 1. In case you fail part 2 all four times you will have to re-attempt and pass part 1 and also in case you did not pass part 2 within 2 years of part 1 you have to pass it again. These are rare cases if you have studied hard so have a little self-confidence.

Each scenario in the test consists of 3 domains


PLAB 2 everything you need to know

Number 1 (technical, data compiling and assessment skill)
In this domain you are supposed to obtain the patient’s history, then perform a physical examination of the same and make up a worth representing diagnosis which will be judged.

PLAB 2 everything you need to know

Number 2 (clinical management ability)
In this domain, you inform the patient about his current medical condition by producing a sophisticated management plan suitable for his lifestyle.

PLAB 2 everything you need to know

Number 3 (social skills)
This is the most important step as in this the examiner examines every move you make and how you make it. Be it approaching the stations or linking up with patients and the type of questions you ask and in what way you ask them, how you behave with the patients, how you handle problems be it ethical, social or economical. How you motivate or demotivate them towards certain habits.

The patients you examine are all bluffs. They do not have any disease and may give you a hard time as they may be trained to give it to you. Don’t make silly mistakes. Don’t perform or provide anything you would to a patient in real life. You must learn the common practical skills prior to the test for example blood pressure check, vein puncture, inserting a canola or drug dosing calculation.


The results of the test are available four to six weeks of the date and you are provided the exact date of the result on the day of the test. You can review your test by writing a mail to the General medical council provided at the time on their website.

That’s almost it about PLAB part 2. You must give a look at my article in part 1 before you read this. Any comments regarding the topic are highly appreciated and any question asked hopefully answered.


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