OSCE Examination (All the Information you need)

Objective Structured Clinical examination (OSCE) is a way of examination used internationally and nationally. USMLE, PLAB, MCCQE, and others are also a part of it. this article will help you get familiar with these exams and how they work.

Help needed for Objective structured clinical examination.

Contents of the exam
OSCE exams consist of clinical encounters named stations. these stations include specially trained actors that are specifically trained to mind boggle you.
To know how this exam works let us put you into it.

You are in the hall. A buzzer (mostly) sounds, you are called upon a station and given a specific time to read the question and the instructions. A whole lot of candidates watching you for any violation. Your heart definitely races and you read the question and the instructions more than once.

A second buzzer sounds and your time is up. You move on to the next station uninterruptedly with the same racing heart. Now there is a different person and a different case in this station you have to remember a completely different area of your studies.
You need to get the history of the patient, Your voice is low, Your hands are shaking it’s all natural and depends upon how serious this exam is for you. These patients are not really patients and most of the times they will provide you with some unimportant or deceiving information upon which you have to use your own for better results. these actors are also trained to waste your time by asking silly questions or due to fake ethical reasons. You have to use your words quite professionally.

The buzzer sounds again but you have not completed the station so you move on to the next one with the worry of the previous one which increases your chances of messing this one up too. You are unable to apply your fullest to this one.
These are the normal situations most of the candidates go through.

Tips for Success
The way you can avoid these disturbances is if you practiced them already. there are seniors out there and teachers who can help you out on the steps to take first and those to take last as even though you know everything but there are patterns to doing things that prove to be the most rapid and logically better resulting. Memorize the steps. Make contact with friends and strangers in your daily life or even patients. learn how to talk and speak in the most unnoticeable manner. think of the examiner and the patient as someone you already are familiar with. Do not worry about the previous stations as no one has ever scored 100 percent on the exam and there are points more specifically for your behavior and lesser on the result.

Help needed for Objective structured clinical examination.

Hope You understand how OSCE works now and you won’t feel separated the next time you encounter one. Drop your comments below for questions. ADIOS


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