Work Hours and Salaries of Healthcare Professionals in Different Countries

Salaries and Workhours of healthcare Professionals In different Countries 2022

Are you a healthcare professional who is looking for something more promising, a greener pasture? Would you like to know more about preferred countries for practice in terms of financial and other benefits? Are you interested in knowing salaries and working hours of healthcare professionals in different areas of the world? If yes, then this article is for you where we will explore the medical professional’s salaries and their workhours for 12 different countries.

Reality and expectations from Health care professionals:

Medical professionals carry many responsibilities on their shoulders and risk their own lives to save the world. They are the backbone of a healthy and dynamic world. Across the globe, in different economies, how well government looks after its people is marked by the exploration of its GDP budget allocation into the healthcare system. No matter! You are a pharmacist, doctor, technician, nurse, or any other health practitioner; your salary in comparison to your workload is low in many countries around the world.

Many countries are trying to boost the salary rewards for such professionals because they invest lots of energy, time, and money to get their medical degrees and training. Some countries are paying really well to their health professional, making a fair deal for their working routines. Let’s discuss where can healthcare professionals get high compensation in return for their services.

Salaries of Healthcare Professionals

If you are a doctor, general practitioner, or medical specialist this article about salaries and work hours of healthcare professionals around the world is especially for you.

Let’s jump in:

  • General practitioners are doctors who do not specialize in the field of medicine and have to refer patients to certain field specialists.
  • Medical specialists are doctors with specialized expertise in a specific area of medicine, such as pathologists, cardiologists, surgeons, or internists.

Average salaries and working hours of healthcare professionals in 12 Different countries:


For doctors, the Netherlands is one of bliss where medical professionals see it as a dream place to work. That’s because of high wages, exceptionally great working conditions, shorter work hours, and paid holidays. In Netherland, doctors/physicians earn around 11,300 EUR monthly. While the average salary range lies between 4240-18,900 EUR. You can expect an average of 40 hours of work a week and an increase in salary with experience.


Australia is the second leading country that pays its healthcare professionals extremely well. Most professionals look for immigration opportunities to Australia due to better working conditions and advanced support. Being a healthcare specialist, you can earn around $247,000, while general practitioners earn $91000 approx. If you are the one, you have to work 42 hours a week.

Basic salaries of doctors in Australia


It has an excellent healthcare system, like all other Scandinavian nations. It is the only country that pays general physicians more than specialists. Denish specialists make around $91,000, while general practitioners make up $109,000 annually. Exceptional primary care doctors perform a duty for 40 hours a week. Denmark is somehow facing a shortage of primary care doctors due to the early retirements of many doctors.


It is one beautiful country with beautiful cities and infrastructures, but the country is not at all preferred by healthcare professionals. In Belgium, specialists make around $188,000 while it’s quite low for General Physicians ($61000). Also, doctors work 51 long working hours a week.


In Ireland, specialists earn on average $143000, while general practitioners get $90,000 annually approx. However, the pay rate is not too high compared to other countries. The Ireland doctors are allowed for private and public consultations. They are expected to work 48 hours a week.


Luxembourg not only pays its bankers and accountants well, but they pay their doctors exceptionally well. Doctors are earning $357,300 annually. While General practitioners earn around $278,900 annually, and specialists can earn $352,300. Luxembourg government offers other benefits like transportation and housing to their healthcare professionals. You have to be on board for 48 hours a week and experience high competition because of the small population.


It is among the best places for doctors to work, as the government strives hard to provide good healthcare and education to its citizens. Their doctors get good salaries to maintain high living standards. On average, the medical specialist makes roughly $130,000 annually, and the general practitioner’s annual wage is up to $ 116,000. For healthcare professionals, 50 hours a week are the standard hours.

how to become a doctor in Switzerland

How to become a doctor in Switzerland

The United States of America (USA):

To practice medicine in the USA, doctors need to pass three-part UMLE exams. In the USA, a general practitioner earns around $223,000, and a specialist makes $329,000 annually. The USA offers fringe benefits other than monetary benefits to doctors for professional growth. They can balance work-life loads by working from 40-60 hours a week.

Residency Chance comparison in USA, Australia and Canada


In Canada, doctors have to cater to larger patient groups due to a shortage of doctors. Contrary, there is a long waiting time for patients as well. Mostly, doctors migrate to the United States for better pay and working environment.

The general practitioner makes around $107,000 annually, and the specialist earns roughly $161,000 annually. Moreover, doctors enjoy malpractice insurance along with other health benefits. They are compensated with a handsome salary for working 48-53 hours a week.

United Kingdom:

The UK is another European country that provides perfect working conditions for doctors. Doctors are highly paid but with long working shifts. Most hospitals face issues of being understaffed, so it will be a good choice for immigrant doctors. In the UK, citizens enjoy good healthcare and fast delivery system after the introduction of the NHS. Doctors also enjoy impressive compensations. General practitioners earn roughly $85,250, and specialists earn $174,068 annually. Another edge for doctors is they can earn extra income by Locums or private practice. UK doctors enjoy good pensions along with other life assurance remunerations. Working routines range from 40 hours a week.

New Zealand:

It is one of the popular immigration destinations and a great place to work. New Zealand supports foreign-trained doctors (Foreign-trained doctors make up almost 42% of its doctor category).

New Zealand is dedicated to offering decent salary packages to doctors for improvement of their own healthcare system. The average doctor’s salary in New Zealand varies with seniority. The resident doctors earn up to $100,000, a general practitioner up to $ 180,000, and specialists receive $300,000 annually. Also, doctors enjoy great working conditions with holidays and health benefits. Working hours are not so long i-e average 38 hours a week. Also, a doctor will be paid handsomely for their extra hours.


France is the perfect country for living and is an ideal place for working. Apart from its beautiful cities and sweet dialect, attractive salaries for doctors are their vision. In France, you can find pharmacies on every corner of the street. General practitioners potentially earn $92,000 annually while specialist doctors get an average of $149,000 with 52-60 hours of work a week.

Summary of Salaries and Work Hours of Healthcare Professionals:

Every healthcare worker wishes for a meaningful and rewarding medical career from all perspectives. Doctors may not have chosen medicine for only financial reasons. However, earning a handsome compensation can aid them in giving a healthy lifestyle to their families. After all the struggles like studies, exams, and calls, every doctor needs to be compensated rightly. If you are a healthcare person and planning to immigrate for a better life, think wisely before jumping into the pool.


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