MRCP Made Ridiculously Easy (18 Tips and Tricks)

MRCP made ridiculously easy 18 tips

MRCP part 1 is an exam that gets you the license to practice medicine in the UK. This article provides you MRCP made ridiculously easy 18 tips from students who appeared and passed this exam recently.

MRCP made ridiculously easy 18 tips

1- get to know the theory and the story behind the questions that you attempt and how the questions are made. video demos and Pastest are a considerable help.

2- Attempt as many questions as you can but consistently, i.e not after long pauses. 50-100 questions a day and more on weekends if you work.

3-practice makes perfect. be consistent in your studies and do not take pauses. do past papers all the time as time flies unnoticeable.

4- Concentrate on the subjects and topics that are relatively important. i.e Gastro, Cardio, respiratory etc. do not waste a larger duration of time on the comparatively less important topics.

5- use online lectures as they are very helpful and before the exam try the latest set of past papers to motivate yourself. Allocate time to each major topic.

6- Do not cover the hard part of the questions. do background reading, go deep into the core of the questions as they will be the real reason for your conceptual learning.

7- Try to study subject wise and not in a random manner. for example a day or two for Nephrology then Gastro etc. This helps you to recall easier as a different subject everyday throws a different world at you.

8- Advising again do as many questions as you can. Your familiarity with the pattern of the questions is your success. none of the question should feel unfamiliar to you.

MRCP made ridiculously easy 18 tips

9- Do not underestimate what your college experts or your guide partners tell you. they have been through it and they know how the test works. Highly recommended you look for guidance on the internet.

10- Do not neglect any subject. Especially the major ones as every subject is related to every subject in Medicine. Even toxicology can have a huge impact.

11- Attempting a lot of questions would hint you to some of the specific topics of the examiners as they appear almost every year or two. Do not miss out on those they are bonuses.

12- Trust Pastest. their pattern is highly similar to those in the actual exam.

13- Do not waste your time only on questions. they are your way to remember what you read. study first, attempt the questions later. they are just a source of revision and to stop you from stressing out in the exam as you would already know the pattern so they will provide you a familiar environment.

14- Watch videos, then make notes too to help you remember the larger part of the videos as you go through them. attempt questions at the end of each subject or topic you cover. they give you a rough result of what you know about it.

15- Do not learn the way of the question. understand the concept on how to get to the answer. there are questions that feel highly similar but their history of answers is something else. Clear your concepts not your words.

MRCP made ridiculously easy 18 tips

16- If you do not have time for past papers. Make time as some of the Pastest papers appeared exactly in the same manner in the exam. Go from most recent to older past papers.

17- Try to memorize your clinical skills as a story and not a task as clinical questions are the difficult ones anyone can solve the bookish ones by reading books consistently but there is a specific way on how to learn the clinics.

18- Most of the Students who passed followed this way of study. Videos, notes, books and then Past papers. Videos are relatively easy to grab. notes are your own production after which extracting book knowledge does not take time and finally, the questions are you revision.

That’s all Medicos for MRCP made ridiculously easy 18 tips. follow all these steps by heart along with sheer determination towards your studies and MRCP will not be a big deal for you.


  1. Please send me past papers and secondly which videos u prefer to cover theory topics as i m im habit of making notes..kindly help


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