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Unlimited Memory PDF by Kevin Horsley-Kevin Horsley Broke a World Memory Record in 2013…

And You’re About to Learn How to Use His Memory Strategies to Learn Faster, Be More Productive and Achieve More Success

With over 300,000 copies sold, Unlimited Memory is a Wall Street Journal Best Seller and has been the #1 memory book on for more than two years. It has been translated into more than a dozen languages including French, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Ukrainian, and Lithuanian.-Unlimited Memory PDF by Kevin Horsley

Most people never tap into 10% of their potential for memory.

In this book, you’re about to learn:

How the World’s Top Memory Experts Concentrate and Remember Any Information at Will, and How You Can Too

Do you ever feel like you’re too busy, too stressed or just too distracted to concentrate and get work done?

In Unlimited Memory, you’ll learn how the world’s best memory masters get themselves to concentrate at will, anytime they want. When you can easily focus and concentrate on the task at hand, and store and recall useful information, you can easily double your productivity and eliminate wasted time, stress and mistakes at work.

In this book, you’ll find all the tools, strategies and techniques you need to improve your memory.-Unlimited Memory PDF by Kevin Horsley

Here’s just a taste of the memory methods you’ll learn in this book:

  • The 3 bad habits that keep you from easily remembering important information
  • How a simple pattern of thinking can stop you from imprinting and remembering key facts, figures and ideas, and how to break this old pattern so you’ll never again be known as someone with a “bad memory”
  • How to master your attention so you can focus and concentrate longer, even during challenging or stressful situations
  • How to use your car to remember anything you want (like long lists or information you need to remember for your studies or personal life) without writing anything down
  • Simple methods that allow you to nail down tough information or complex concepts quickly and easily
  • How to combine your long-term memory (things you already know and will never forget) and short-term memory (information you want to remember right now) to create instant recall for tests, presentations and important projects
  • The simple, invisible mental technique for remembering names without social awkwardness or anxiety
  • How using your imagination to bring boring information to life can help you dramatically improve your attention span and recall
  • An incredible strategy for remembering numbers (the same system Kevin used to remember Pi to 10,000 digits and beat the world memory record by 14 minutes)
  • How to use a mental map to lock in and connect hundreds or even thousands of ideas in your long-term memory (this method will allow you to become a leading expert in your field faster than you ever dreamed possible)

If you’re ready to harness the incredible power of your mind to remember more in less time, this book is for you.

About the Author

For over 25 years, Kevin Horsley has been analyzing the mind and memory and its capacity for brilliance. He is one of only a few people in the world to have received the title of International Grandmaster of Memory. He is a World Memory Championship medalist, and a two-time World Record holder for The Everest of memory tests. Kevin is also an author of four books, and the designer of a mathematics game with the Serious Games Institute at North-West University Vaal Campus.

His work has been featured in The Oprah Magazine, Time, Forbes, Inc., The Huffington Post, ELLE, Longevity and on numerous TV and radio shows.

Kevin is an International professional speaker and has spoken in many different countries. He assists organizations in improving their learning, motivation, creativity and thinking.

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Description of Unlimited Memory PDF by Kevin Horsley

A teacher or a professor can only wish to be able to get their hands on this Unlimited Memory PDF by Kevin Horsley masterpiece. It is renowned worldwide and a bestseller on online store for the subject of teaching and learning. Everyone should be reading this book if the want to enhance their teaching and learning skills all the same and be able to make a significant impact on the future of the world. This book has all the indispensable ingredients required to make you the top notch cream of teachers and learners the world has to offer for students anywhere regarding the subject. Download now.

The Authors

Unlimited Memory PDF by Kevin Horsley

For over 30 years, Kevin Horsley has been analyzing the mind and memory and its capacity for brilliance. He is one of only a few people in the world to have received the title International Grandmaster of Memory. He is a World Memory Championship medalist and a two-time World Record holder for The Everest of memory tests. Kevin is also an author of four books and a times table game designer with the Serious Games Institute at North-West University Vaal Campus.

Kevin is an International professional speaker and assists organizations in improving their learning, motivation, creativity, and thinking. You can learn more about Kevin at www.kevinhorsley.com.

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Top reviews

WilloughbyReads “When I first saw this book, I was very skeptical. There is a very bold insinuation made in the title. But because it was on sale on Kindle for $1.49 the day I bought it, I decided it was worth the purchase. A few days later, after finishing the book, I am ready to call this one of the best and certainly most useful non-fiction books I have ever read, and I am a very avid reader.

If you allow this book to change the way you learn, then this book is easily worth 20x the cover price for the keys and tools Horsley provides you with because you’ll finally be able to overcome that old adage that claims that we only use about 10% of our brains.

Like most of us, I’ve always just accepted the limitations that seem inherent with owning a brain, and I’ve become satisfied that I’ll never be able to use more than “10%” as if it is not even realistic to tap into significantly more than that. However, this book invites you to throw away those limitations and strive for more. And Horsley’s methods are not difficult to put into practice. They only require commitment, practice, and review. He compares it to taking your mind to the gym for a regular workout.

Some of the strategies that he teaches near the beginning of the book may sound familiar to you, but read on. All the way through to the end. Have fun with the book. Practice what he is teaching you at each and every step along the way. You’ll find some of the methods more useful to you than others, but you will find all of them legitimately helpful. Use any information that you want to learn as your training material, and you will see for yourself that these methods work. I’m not even going to give you any examples in this review because you really need to experience it for yourself.

I will say this… usually, after I read a book, I never read it again. Not so with this one. This book is worth my reading every week because I want to practice, learn, and remember all of these methods. Horsley says, “Your mind is the only computer in the world with this characteristic: the more you put into it, the more it holds.” His methods illustrate this truth very clearly.

I only wish I could have discovered this book when I was in high school or college. The great thing about learning though is that you always have opportunities to learn more, and all of us could use these methods to be more successful in any area of our lives, personal or professional. This book is going to open up an unlimited world to you, if you are willing to make some changes in the way you think.”

“I got this book for going back to school. I’m making a career change (at 32), and going into Nursing, which as anyone knows is no small feat. And lets just say that I wish I had this book all through grade school. We learn so much, but are never taught HOW to learn, and definitely not taught how to retain material for later use (kinda silly isn’t it?). This book teaches it all!

It starts off with getting your thinking correct, and how to get out of your own way and reframe what you think about, and how you think about things. Then goes on to concentration. This part was HUGE for me, as I have a case of ‘monkey mind’, and find concentrating and laser focus to be non-existant…..that was until I read this book. Then he goes on to give you many examples for how to learn, file, organize, and get information back, as well as HOW OFTEN AND EXACTLY HOW to review material for maximum retention and recall. Now as a college student this was gold!

I’ve gone from taking days and weeks to get material by saying it over and over in my head (which isn’t effective and Kevin points out why), and then never really remembering half of what I’ve wasted all that time repeating to myself……to going to taking mere hours to study something, and just the next day being able to recall everything, forwards AND backwards.

I actually feel like I’m cheating by using this system. But don’t be fooled…..you have to put in the work. It’s not a magic pill. But to me it doesn’t feel like work because the material is fun.

Do yourself a favor and get this book, if it wasn’t for you memory, who would you be?”

Sarugumo “I’ve been interested in the memory and ways to improve and hone it since I read ‘Use your Head’ by Tony Buzan many years ago. In fact the author of this book was influenced by a Buzan book too.

This book explores the reasons to improve your memory and explains how it takes dedicated practice to see a positive result. Much like going to the gym, exercising the memory sees incremental improvements as you continue using the techniques.

Various memory techniques are taught here, like the well known Mind Palace technique, as well as variations upon this, using transportation and your own body to create mind pegs.

The author also teaches methods to remember large numbers and how to remember decks of playing cards. These are always good for a party trick and to strengthen your memory in general.

There is plenty to learn and keep you engaged in this book, although I wish there had been a dedicated chapter on memory techniques for language learning, which was my primary reason for buying this. I’m not entirely sure if the techniques taught here would be ideal for long term goals like this

That aside, I enjoyed reading this and whilst I already knew many of the techniques taught within the pages, I feel it’d make a good introduction to this topic.

This is short, accessible and offers up some useful tips. Worth a read and also worth practicing some of the techniques espoused by the author.”

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