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Speed Reading with the Right Brain PDF

Features of Speed Reading with the Right Brain PDF

Speed Reading with the Right Brain PDF-DON’T JUST SPEED READ. SPEED COMPREHEND!
Not the old speed reading tricks about “saccades”, “eye-span widening”, or “finger waving patterns.” Discover how to comprehend faster, so instead of simply seeing words faster, you’ll READ FASTER!

Forget about using your finger as a pacer, or trying to suppress sub-vocalization.
Boost focus and concentration by engaging the power of your right brain visualizing skills.

Reading happens in your brain, not your eyes. That’s why reading speed only increases when you comprehend faster. This book will show you how, by focusing your attention on ideas instead of words.

Improve reading speed and comprehension
Learn to read ideas, instead of just the words
Practice with 20 phrase-highlighted exercises
Develop visual and conceptual thinking skills
The first realistic approach to speed-reading: “speed-comprehension”

A totally unique system of specially-formatted speed reading exercises make it easy for you to read complete phrases at a time, which allows you to concentrate on larger ideas instead of just words, which in turn, allows you to apply the special visual and conceptual talents of the right-brain to your reading.

Phrase-highlighting helps you read in whole phrases.
Visualizing focuses attention on the ideas of phrases.
Looking for ideas to visualize helps you find phrases.
Once you master this right-brain approach to speed reading, you will not only get through written material faster than you ever thought possible, but you will also assimilate ideas more deeply and enjoy better reading retention.

Are you ready to grab the attention of your imagination with visual and conceptual images?

Now is the time to improve reading skills, improve reading speed, and improve reading comprehension. In this information age, the more you know; the more freedoms, interests, and opportunities you’ll have.

The more books you open; the more doors you open to your future. The sooner you get started with this book; the sooner you will be on your way to changing your reading experience forever.

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Praise for Speed Reading with the Right Brain:

“When I read the reviews for this book, I thought they’re probably from the friends of the author. I was naturally skeptical after having read many books on speed reading. It’s funny that now I’m one of the people giving it a 5-star rating, and will probably add to the skepticism.”
~ book reviewer

“I’m a college student pursuing a career in neuroscience. Using these techniques, I was able to go from 230 wpm to 450 wpm just after reading the book alone. I actually comprehend far more than before and remember all I read, even in complicated textbooks. Truly a book worth any price. I believe the techniques Dave uses are the future of not only reading but all aspects of memory and the mind.”
~ book reviewer

“The author is really being very truthful in every chapter! Thank you very much DAVID BUTLER for this WONDERFUL, DIFFERENT and a MUST READ BOOK!”
~ book reviewer

“This is not the Evelyn Wood method repackaged. It is an entirely different method.”
~ book reviewer

“A year ago, I struggled through 1-2 book per month. Today I’m reading 1-3 books a week.”
~ book reviewer

What Are You Waiting For? Open Your Mind to the World of Speed Reading and Buy Your Copy Today!

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Description of Speed Reading with the Right Brain PDF

A teacher or a professor can only wish to be able to get their hands on this Speed Reading with the Right Brain PDF masterpiece. It is renowned worldwide and a bestseller on online store for the subject of teaching and learning. Everyone should be reading this book if the want to enhance their teaching and learning skills all the same and be able to make a significant impact on the future of the world. This book has all the indispensable ingredients required to make you the top notch cream of teachers and learners the world has to offer for students anywhere regarding the subject. Download now.

The Authors

Speed Reading with the Right Brain PDF

David Butler is a best-selling author who has always had a fascination with the success mindset. As far back as 3rd grade he was curious as to how people learned. This led him to wonder why teachers taught the way they did. Why did math involve so much memorization? Why did reading require so much recitation? Why was history so full of names and dates? So little time seemed to be spent really understanding these things though.

Partly from what he perceived as his own poor memory, he looked for deeper, conceptual understandings of new information, as a way to make the information stick better.

As a parent, he found this conceptualization method of learning also helped his children to understand the world better, and made learning more enjoyable. It also gave them an independent mindset and a more aggressive interest in learning than the typical techniques of simply memorizing and regurgitating information passed down by adult experts.

Now that David is retired and his children have grown, he’s had time to put these ideas into words and share them with others. But this has been a two-way street, as the feedback and reviews from readers has helped him understand much better the real power of a success mindset — which seems very much associated with independent thinking; thinking and learning for yourself, not accepting facts unless they truly make sense to you, and chasing your interests by reading all you can.

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Top reviews

Donald P. Jane “Not counting this book, I own 5-speed reading books. I have read all of them and followed all of the instructions in each book. None of them, not a one, worked. This book caught my eye because I own Drawing on The Right Side of The Brain, which is an excellent book. I read this book and followed all of the instructions and exercises in it. The right side of the brain method worked very well. So I thought it might just work with reading also.

I found this book to be very interesting. The concept and material is very different from any other speed reading book I have read. The idea seems pretty straightforward and easy to implement. This book does not regurgitate any of the old, useless material found the overwhelming majority of speed reading books, all of this information is new. I find the theory to be very practical and sensible. This is my initial review of the book since I have only just moments ago finished reading it for the first time. Yes, that’s right, I intend to read it a second time to work on the examples again for practice. I also intend to make use of the right side of the brain free “phrase reading” course online given at the end of the book to help me thoroughly test this theory. So my initial take on this book is worth 4-stars, which could change either up or down depending on the results of my fully testing the theory in actual practice. When I have completed my test I shall update this review accordingly. This is not the Evelyn Wood method repackaged. It is an entirely different method.

I have been working with the free tools that the author has on his website. I find the method easy to implement and the tools are quite useful to my progress. I am having good success with this method, which is something I cannot say about the previous five books I have read.”

W. Cooper “I’ve taken the Evelyn Wood course and another online speed reading course and bought another program promising to boost my reading speed. None of them worked for the reasons that David Butler surveys in Speed Reading with the Right Brain. I’m happy to say that in only about three weeks my reading speed has gone from an average of 210 WPM to 400—with excellent comprehension. His method actually works. It takes practice, obviously, but it’s not tiring or frustrating as other speed reading programs struck me as being. What’s completely different about Butler’s method is that he puts good comprehension first. You learn to parse texts into phrases (groups of words) that communicate single ideas and then to visualize and conceptualize their meaning. Speed develops on its own as a reader’s ability improves in translating the meaning of phrases into mental imagery. I’ve started reading my own material in this way, and it’s been a revelation. Highly recommended.”

Mindset Editing Productions “I was a voracious reader as a young girl. For all the reading I did, I became an unconventional thinker and adventurous adult. But, over the years, the art of reading took a back seat to the technical manuals and personal development guides that come with #growningup. I’ve bought books, moved books, stored books and now that I have a personal office, I have real library.

The other day, I sat in my chair wondering which book to pull off the shelf. It occured to me that of all the books I owned, I’d only read the entirety of less than half. Why? Because reading had become a drag, something un-fun. And to add, my eyes have weakened and tire out which frustrates me.


Somehow or other, this book caught my eye. I put it in the cart and forgot about it. My wife needed to hit a price point for free shipping and bought it for me. Surprise!

Dude, Duuuude. This book is seriously a big freaking deal.

I used to pride myself in being like a grammar nazi. I could spot a misspelling in 6 languages but I didn’t know how to speed read. And now, I don’t give two shits about that.

I’m all about the ease and satisfaction of quickly understanding the ideas composed of word phrases. Total paradigm shift happening here!

Einstein, by Walter Isaacson, has been around the world with me but I never even got through the first chapter. Finished it yesterday. I have a stack of books on my desk before me and I AIN’T SCARED! I’m so excited! You don’t understand how much inofrmation you can process easily until you shift gears and trust that you’re hella-smarter than you thought. The exercises are not all easy but the rate of progress is remarkable.

Give this book to anyone and everyone in your life, especially to parents with school age kids. This book provides the tools necessary to leverage the power of information for your best interests.

And reading IS FUNdamental.”

TN “The texts used as exercises are mostly from classic novels using old English which is not suitable for me at least, as I won’t engage.
The word-grouping selection those exercises is bizarre and I don’t quite understand the logic behind it.In the kindle version I cannot see any references to any of the information the author provides, which makes me wonder where he is getting all the Intel from and its legitimacy.

I am giving 2 stars and not only 1 because some of the information could be valuable to know, providing it is true… Which I’ll have to find somewhere and cross-reference it myself.

Overall, all the book summarises in one simple concept: when you find “a big white elephant” in a text, don’t just read the words and treat them independently but use your creativity (right brain) to imagine that big white elephant and make it part of the overall story/context. Apparently this helps you group simple concepts in bigger ideas, improving your comprehension and thus your speed reading since the faster you comprehend, the faster you’ll read. For other more abstract concepts like “happiness”, “friendship” etc, just think of what those represent for you (all its characteristics) and “attach” it in a visual form to the big picture.

That’s fine, but 100 pages (exercises inclusive) would suffice to explain that.”

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