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Understanding the Centers in Human Design PDF

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Understanding the Centers in Human Design PDF-​Utilizing the Human Design Centers as an Opportunity for Growth.

Are you a coach or therapist with a basic knowledge of the Centers in Human Design but are ready to learn more? The Centers provide a clear and immediate map of where we have natural access to ourselves as well as where we are vulnerable to being influenced by others.

Perhaps you’re aware that the Open Centers are growth opportunities for you, your family, and your clients, but you want to know how to work with the Centers effectively to help people better understand themselves and move forward on their life path.

Following Robin’s bestselling foundational book on Type, Strategy, and Authority in Understanding Your Clients through Human Design: The Breakthrough Technology, prepare to step into the next dimension of Human Design. In Understanding the Centers in Human Design, you will take an unexpected journey that will dramatically shift how you see and experience yourself and your clients.

A psychotherapist turned Human Design coach and trainer, Robin Winn, LMFT shows how easy it is to understand yourself, your clients, and where to focus your work for optimal growth when you:

Discover the gifts and grapples of the Defined and Undefined Centers

Become skillful in working with the Centers

Help your clients understand themselves in new, evolutionary, and empowering ways

Deepen your understanding of the Centers and create profound and lasting growth opportunities by putting this knowledge to use now!

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Description of Understanding the Centers in Human Design PDF

A teacher or a professor can only wish to be able to get their hands on this Understanding the Centers in Human Design PDF masterpiece. It is renowned worldwide and a bestseller on online store for the subject of teaching and learning. Everyone should be reading this book if the want to enhance their teaching and learning skills all the same and be able to make a significant impact on the future of the world. This book has all the indispensable ingredients required to make you the top notch cream of teachers and learners the world has to offer for students anywhere regarding the subject. Download now.

The Authors

Understanding the Centers in Human Design PDF

Kelly Minter is passionate about women coming to know Jesus Christ through the pages of Scripture. Encouraging women along this journey, Kelly speaks, writes and sings throughout the United States and overseas. Her roots as the oldest of four and as a pastor’s daughter, Kelly has had a love for Scripture ever since she was a child.

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Top reviews

Rugby in 2016! “I looked at other reviewers’ comments before adding my own. I didn’t want to reiterate what other’s had already written even though I kept thinking; “Ditto”, “Yes, exactly”, and mostly “That’s what I was going to point out”, which is basically all the 5 star reviews up to this posting. …So, what could I add that brought a different perspective as to why another person gave this book a 5 star review and recommendation.

I’m not a therapist. Nor do I have any formal training in the subject. What I do have is years of being seen by therapists for ‘anger’, ‘unhappiness’ & ‘rebellious’ issues during adolescence and teen years. I also remember my frustration and anger at not being understood and the numerous failed attempts to ‘fix’ me. The last caring therapist I saw I told her, “Please throw out all your books and formal training. Listen to what I’m saying and tell it back to me in a way that I can understand so I can make the unique steps towards “recovery” (the term at the time), in a way that is specific to me”. Now, if it were today, instead of asking her to throw away her books and training, I would now ask her to read Robin’s books; Understanding The Centers in Human Design as well as her first book “Understanding Your Clients through Human Design” which on page 20 of Center’s book, she offers a free digital copy of.

Having these navigational tools my therapist then could run my chart and we would proceed with sessions unique and specific to my Human Design. We could have recognized that my type as a Manifestor with an Emotional Authority explained many of my anger and high highs and low lows that were the presenting issues. I could see that there wasn’t anything wrong with me, as my intuition was screaming at me to listen too and that I wasn’t ‘depressed’ in the clinical sense or in need of medication. But also I knew that I didn’t want to live with these re-occurring emotions as well. At the time, though, we were all doing the best with what we had to work with.

How many other adults and/or children are in therapy are believing and being told they need to be fixed, (by a family member, or themself) or that there is something wrong with them? When many of the times, an understanding of the information Robin explains in simple, easy, life examples and clarity, could be the beginning, navigational, and additional follow through steps to support a client’s “healing” & journey to their authentic self. Also referred to as “Living true to their Design”.

Pausing here, and so there is no misunderstanding as to what I’m presenting, I am in NO WAY discounting or implying negativity towards the profession of therapy. They serve a vital and important role & function in our society. What I am offering here is, add Robin’s books to your training, knowledge base and library. I also encourage therapists to get their own Human Design chart read by any of the professionally trained Human Design specialist in Karen Curry Parker’s lineage.

The other reason for my seeking therapy later in life, was because of memories of, lets just say, unpleasantries. To that effect therapy was extremely helpful. I worked through all the ‘residuals’ as a result of those experiences to where I had no issues relating to them anymore. Yet, I was still dealing with, you guessed it, anger, ‘rebelliousness’, high highs and low lows. Wait, I thought these emotions were a result of my childhood experiences which I had worked through. Why, then, are they still so present in my life?

Here’s the thing…. Had I not been introduced to Human Design through Karen Curry Parker’s teachings and also had my HD chart read by HD specialists trained with her, I would still be thinking I had more hidden unresolved reoccurring issues that need to be resolved. That, there was still ‘stuff’ related to my childhood experiences that I still needed therapy for. I can’t tell you how discouraging that was to think. Am I ever going to be able to just live my life without the constant need of therapy?

My relief was felt when I had my reading and subsequent studies about HD as taught by Karen Curry Parker, that I began to understand more about living true to my design. And now, thankfully, presented from a therapist’s understanding and use by Robin Winn in her books.

Now, I understand that the anger is a conditioning theme common with Manifestors as well as my high highs and lows lows is also common for my Defined Solar Plexus and my specific gates and channels that are defined or open off them. As part of understanding Human Design I also received a strategy as to how to work with this information. Please accept this is a very basic example as to the depth one can go in understanding themself through Human Design.

But my point being, no amount of therapy was ever going to ‘resolve’ the emotional experiences I was having because that’s how I’m hardwired. Understanding my Human Design, my Type, Open / Defined Centers and so forth has brought me to a place of inner peace.

I think it’s important for me to clarify that as Manifestors we have a creative flow, that when it’s interrupted we react to that interruption. To me it feels like being rear-ended by a semi-truck and trailer. The anger is the response to that interruption. Read the books, this will make more sense.

Thank you to all the therapists out there; for your dedication and training and care of your clients. So many of us have come through horrific, tragic, sadness, PTSD, & so forth- because of our time with you and all that you have committed your lives to helping us with. And by all means it is encouraged to seek therapy if you, the reader, are are at a critical place in your life. Find the help by a professionals – maybe the one you find will have read and refers to Robin’s books as part of their resources towards your treatment as well.

Robin, thank you for both your books as invaluable resource and navigational tools for therapist, clients, as well as anyone who wants to understand themself more and what it means to “Live True to One’s Design.” With understanding comes compassion and freedom from labels and the need to ‘fix’ what isn’t meant to be fixed. The clarity you bring to the complexity of Human Design makes it accessible to everyone and is a deep sigh of relief to my soul.

Looking forward to your paperback release of Understanding The Centers as well as your future books.

I submit this-
With Respect and Gratitude.

PS. I make numerous references to Karen Curry Parker because there are different versions of teaching HD. I find her teachings and those of her students, inspirational, forward moving and away from some of the more depressive descriptions and verbiage of what is often referred to as Traditional Human Design. I want the reader to understand that the Human Design I’m recommending is based on the Quantum Alignment System and Quantum Human Design (TM) teachings led by Karen Curry Parker.”

Monika “I’ve been studying Human Design for two years…
In my experience, one can learn the basics of system, but to understand it, to get to the really juicy stuff, one continually re-explores this core information in a cyclical manner digging a little deeper each time. With this in mind, I’m always excited to explore new ways of understanding these energies & archetypes within this body of knowledge.
Winn’s book, “Understanding the Centers in Human Design” is a wonderful addition to my studies! Although I’m familiar with how the centers function & express, the depth explored within this book is quite enriching!

Winn clearly & concisely explains the basics of HD & where to acquire ones chart so new students can dive in as well as more seasoned learners. The author then continues on to delve quite deeply into each center explaining how it functions & interacts with other energy dynamics. The information is clear as well as personal as Winn weaves in their own narrative & experience allowing the reader to connect with them more deeply & open their own curiosity to the sensitivity & empowerment available in this method of self exploration.

I very much appreciate this depth & focus upon each center as most HD books covering the system more broadly generally provide a page or two on each center before moving forward through other aspects of chart interpretation. Winn’s focus upon each center as the theme of the book provides a richer experience, allowing the reader to really get comfortable swimming in the depth the author shares to get cozy within our own personal experience with the expression of these energetic centers.

I really appreciate the manner in which Winn presents the information, exploring the centers broadly then the differences in how the defined & undefined centers feel, interpret & express these energies. The author offers thorough yet accessible interpretations providing core information as well as journal questions, meditations, and self-exploration tools ensuring the reader feels like an active participant in this learning. Winn’s overarching theme encourages the reader to feel empowered with this information, to better understand oneself as well as others in their life to witness, honor & feel sovereign with a new level of awareness to truly “Transform Pain into Possibility””

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