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If you’ve ever tried to learn scales on your fretboard or understand all the notes to the point where you can confidently play great sounding solos in any key all over your guitar neck – and you failed to do so – it’s not your fault.

Traditional methods can work, but they usually take you YEARS of cold-hard practice… Now there’s finally a NEW, unique way for you to master the fretboard in just 10 weeks or less…

It’s called the ‘Guitar Pattern Recognition System’ and thousands of guitar players, from all walks of life, are using the ‘GPR System’ to INSTANTLY see the perfect notes light up right across the fretboard – allowing them to play unforgettable guitar solos, in front of an audience of any size with complete confidence.

The thing is – we think and see in pictures, right?… What the GPR System does for you is take mental imagery you already know and project patterns onto your fretboard – once you see these patterns, you cannot unsee them… making all the notes on your fretboard, and how they all link up, unforgettable.

But be warned: Discovering the GPR System is like learning how a magic trick is performed…The mystery of how the greats do what they do, will now make complete sense to you. You’ll see and use the very same tricks & tools guitar legends have been using all these years, right in front of your face to write, play and perform your favorite songs & solos.

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Top reviews

Gary “I’m a beginner (and a slow learner!) so it’s taken more than 10 weeks to process the enormous amount of info Charlie has stuffed into this course! I was already sort of familiar with the CAGED system but ran out of understanding, but he has a great way of breaking information down into manageable chunks, has a friendly delivery and a logical order to the lesson structure.

Whilst learning, I’ve found it’s very easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of notes, scales, shapes etc on the fretboard,but 10 weeks with Charlie and I can actually ‘see’ the fretboard, shapes, patterns, runs. Just to add, I’ve had so so many lightbulb moments in this course alone, it’s really a wonder how simple it actually is when it ‘clicks’. A few simple concepts and everything just falls into place, almost as if it’s obvious!

The VIP membership is aggressively advertised, and the emails are plentiful (a minor annoyance easily dealt with) but it is also unbelievabley good value with a huge array of excellent courses and tutors. Oh and a massive positive Facebook community, frequent lesson drops, giveaways etc for about 100 bucks a year. It’s an absolute steal at well over 200hrs of lessons it’s basically guaranteed to make you a better player for less than 50cents an hour! Please note: I am not associated with GMM or sponsored by, nor have I been asked to write, I’m just enthusiastic for these guys – pretty much better than any other ‘system’ I’ve trialed over the last year. I learnt stuff – no easy feat! 100% would recommend chucking a couple of dollars his way.”

john moore “It’s like being given the ability to paint the most beautiful portrait using paint by numbers, it makes something that is usually made unnecessarily complicated perfectly simple and it really worked for me. I now know how to traverse the entire fretboard forwards, backwards, up and down, how to transpose songs into any key, how chord progressions are built, how modes work and how to use them. Very usefull for anybody of any exeperience, if you are an experienced player who struggles with or “thinks” they don’t know music theory (you’ll see why I put that if you use this product) this will be a game changer for you, if you are new to guitar this will be an invaluble tool that will help to keep you occupied when you hit that inevitable plateu where you feel like you are no longer progressing (which you are really just in smaller increments) as it will give you the ability to be a musician not just a player of a musical instrument and that is no exageration, regardless of you’re physical ability to play you will know how to create proper, proffesional sounding music and melodies and that will help to keep you picking up your guitar which is the most important step after all. Going by personal experience I cannot recomend this product enough! I have explained fragments of this to co-workers also learning and built for them a mountain of understanding from just a grain of sand because of it’s simplicity. They went from knowing of the modes to understanding the modes and how to transpose them into the correct key in about 5 minutes – literally. One had been playing for over 20 years and didn’t realise that he already knew most of the information because it was taught to him in such a complicated and convoluted way his mind switched off and didn’t bother even trying to absorb the information, now he knows how to give his solo’s different feeling, ebbing and flowing through different emotions and it really shows, he’s is simply a much better more nuanced player. Got a bit carried away with this review but I could honestly keep going!”

Ryan Abbott “Before I started playing the guitar, I played other instruments and had a solid understanding of music theory. What I couldn’t do, was make sense out of the fret board, and that was really holding up my ability to play and create music on the guitar. I kept getting books and scrolling YouTube looking for answers, but I only found snippets of information that only explained a tiny portion of it and sometimes it seemed like they conflicted with everyone else’s snippets. I hit a wall of frustration with all the different ways to play the guitar and how all the ways to do it were both the best and the worst at the same time, depending on who the source was. The information in this book is the same information as the course I took from the author called, Master The Fretboard, from Guitar Mastery Method. I was finally able to play all over the neck, locate target notes, write my own solos, see the relationship of chords and scales, and play the modes! It changed how I played the guitar and listened to music. There are still things to learn about all the ways to use the information in this book after you’re done with it, but if you don’t understand this first, none of the rest of it makes any sense. Do yourself a favor and get this book. It will change your relationship with your guitar forever!”
BadRick “I had been playing guitar for years, mostly backyard / campground cowboy cords and sing-alongs and I could learn a solo and play it but I was missing something… I didn’t know the fretboard notes or how they connected so I could never improvise when playing with friends. The GPR System showed me what I was missing and the way it’s laid out and taught, step by step is nothing short of amazing. Halfway through the system, I was improvising with friends in both major and minor keys and actually making music that sounded good. When I got into the modes it was like another light bulb went off. I was always weary of “The Modes” because everyone talks about them like they’re the holy grail or something. At any rate, Charlie makes them easy to understand and easier to play. I’m now going to jams out in my area and playing live with other musicians. Most importantly for me, I am able to play and improvise with my daughter who is a professional musician. How fun is that for a Dad!! So if you want to learn the fretboard and have the ability to solo in any key, do yourself a favor and get this book. The GPR system is very intuitive and one of the most satisfying things I’ve learned in a long, long time.”
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