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The Gift of Fear By Gavin de Becker PDF

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A Special Kindle Edition of The Gift of Fear By Gavin de Becker PDF, with a new Foreword by the author.

A stranger in a deserted parking lot offers to help carry a woman’s groceries. Is he a good Samaritan or is he after something else? A fired employee says “You’ll be sorry.” Will he return with a gun? After their first date, a man tells a woman it is their “destiny” to be married. What will he do when she won’t see him again? A mother has an uneasy feeling about the nice babysitter she’s just hired. Should she not go to work today

These days, no one in America feels immune to violence. But now, in this extraordinary groundbreaking book, the nation’s leading expert on predicting violent behavior unlocks the puzzle of human violence and shows that, like every creature on earth, we have within us the ability to predict the harm others might do us and get out of its way. Contrary to popular myth, human violence almost always has a discernible motive and is preceded by clear warning signs.

Through dozens of compelling examples from his own career, Gavin de Becker teaches us how to read the signs, using our most basic but often most discounted survival skill – our intuition. The Gift of Fear is a remarkable, unique combination of practical guidance on leading a safer life and profound insight into human behavior.

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At anytime given any circumstances, if you come across this book The Gift of Fear By Gavin de Becker PDF you must not waste your time to read it even if it takes you a lifetime. This unique masterpiece has all the ingredients that are required to help you out in any difficult time of your lives. This book for self help has been read and reviewed by thousands of customers and has been one of the leading books for life and how to spend it. It is a must download and must read for anyone of any age and who lives anywhere on this earth as it will make life much easier to bare and comfortable to live. Self help books are the reason why there are innovations and products that ease life of today. It inspires people to achieve what is unthinkable and do what is undoable until it is done. A must read, cannot emphasize more.

The Authors

The Gift of Fear By Gavin de Becker PDF

Gavin de Becker is a three-time presidential appointee whose pioneering work has changed the way our government evaluates threats to our nation’s highest officials.His firm advises many of the world’s most prominent media figures, corporations, and law enforcement agencies on predicting violence, and it also serves regular citizens who are victims of domestic abuse and stalking.De Becker has advised the prosecution on major cases, including the O.J. Simpson murder trial.He has testified before many legislative bodies and has successfully proposed new laws to help manage violence.” –This text refers to the library edition.

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Top reviews

Lo Faszt

January 2, 2019

Years ago, I had a strange encounter. My car was stalled in heavy traffic, I pushed it onto a side street (I’m a guy) and tried to restart it. A guy showed up (older and slender) offering help. I refused his help but the hung around trying anyway. Said he saw me and had his wife drop him off to assist and she’d be back in a minute. She never came back for him. I got the car started and felt obligated to give the guy a lift, he lived two streets over.

When he got in the car, I suddenly felt DANGER radiating at me from the passenger seat. It actually felt like a heat lamp burning my skin, a physical presence I’d never felt before or since. I went to FULL RED ALERT, and was on edge until I got him to his house. I let him out with the car in reverse and my foot ready to stomp the gas. He held his hand out for a shake I didn’t feel like, but we’re trained to BE POLITE so I took it. This wussy looking guy had a grip like iron. As I left, the danger feeling stopped and I eventually forgot about it.

Fast forward to finding this book. As I read it, that incident came back to mind. I realized he had lied repeatedly and tried to manipulate me, taking advantage of my society-trained compulsion to be “nice” to a pushy stranger. My subconscious noticed all the things I ignored, added them up and decided he was trouble. Bigger trouble than I’d ever met and it made damn sure I paid attention.

And that’s exactly what this book teaches you to do. LISTEN to your instincts and OBEY them, don’t endanger yourself to “be polite” to someone who makes you nervous. That danger signal may have saved my life, and I’m not an easy target.

I have bought, loaned and given away at least ten copies of this book. Everyone thanks me profusely and passes it on to someone else they care about. Get it for you, get it for a loved one. Get it for the women in your life, who are unfortunately preferred targets for criminals. Ignore the second half, it’s all about workplace and profiling. But the first half could save your life, or that of someone you love. BUY IT NOW.

 Do not recommend. It was published 20 years ago and has not been updated.

September 2, 2018

This book was so hard to read. The writing is boring and I found myself screening through the pages and skipping entire chapters. Furthermore, it was published in 1998 and has not been updated. A lot of the examples (stalkers, or other dangerous situations) included people sending, receiving mail. Like snail mail! Who receives regular letters anymore??? No mention of the Web, email, forums, how it can be used to find info about us. How to be careful with the people we encounter online, dating websites…
The world has changed a lot in the past 20 years. The dangers or the way we should be using our intuition or protect ourselves have changed and evolved. But this book has not evolved or being updated at all.
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