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Forget the old concepts of retirement and a deferred life plan. There is no need to wait and every reason not to, especially in unpredictable economic times. For living more and working less, this book is the blueprint.The 4 Hour Workweek PDF

This expanded edition includes dozens of practical tips and case studies from people who have doubled their income, overcome common sticking points, and reinvented themselves using the original book. Also included are templates for eliminating email and negotiating with bosses and clients, how to apply lifestyle principles in unpredictable economic times, and the latest tools, tricks, and shortcuts for living like a diplomat or millionaire without being either.

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Do you aspire to make money and start a business that will make your life comfortable and easy to live. The this book The 4 Hour Workweek PDF is one of the best books you can rely on, recommended by the top moguls around the world. It has all the indispensable information on how to start or grow a business that surpasses all bounds of time and goes on to florish in any way. It does not matter what you want to start with, this masterpiece will guide you in all the decisions that you have to make to grow your business in ways that you have only imagined. A must read if you wish to make money and make your life more comfortable.

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The 4 Hour Workweek PDF

After appearing in many television shows, he gained attention when he was cast as Darkseid in the 2017 film Justice League, becoming the first actor to have been cast as the character in a live action feature film. However, Darkseid did not appear in the theatrical cut, meaning Zack Snyder’s Justice League marked the character’s first appearance in a live-action film. Porter played Darkseid through the use of motion capture and “went through a few different vocal gymnastics trying to figure out the voice”.

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Listening Length 13 hours and 1 minute
Author Timothy Ferriss
Narrator Ray Porter
Whispersync for Voice Ready Release Date December 28, 2008
Publisher Blackstone Audio, Inc.
Program Type Audiobook
Version Unabridged
Language English
Identification Number B0031KN6T8

Top reviews

 terrible for starting your own business and living your life

August 1, 2018

The author attempts to promote his working lifestyle for the reader broken down in four steps. I have to start by sayings this book is written at a very low reading level and a lot of needless filler.

The author breaks it down in four steps D E A and L
D is for definition and is probably the only part of the book of any substance. If you’re under 23, naive, and never stand up for self you might get something out of it. It’s mostly work mindset a lot of people have developed over a year or so in the work world.

E is elimination which is his time management section. Honestly there is some good advice , however,there are way better books on the topic. He advocates the low information diet which basically being willfully ignorant.

A is for automation. In this section he advocates for first automating/ outsourcing as much in your life as you can to save time and money.

But the main focus is setting up a business online that sells things of little value very overpriced and attempting to automate that. Having worked in online marketing, I can tell you the information here is outdated, vague, and not very thorough. If you want to set up a business online I would recommend reading a different book. He also advocates calling yourself an expert and teaching courses on topics you have no authority in. Ultimately, this is where the book falls apart as this is his central way to live the four hour work week, which if you take a look at his own life he isn’t living that way.

For L is for liberation and I took his low information diet and stopped reading.

Conclusion: this book is for naive, weak, dummies who hate their jobs and will take any terrible advice to give them hope. Ultimately this book is like his own online business which sold a product of little value he wasn’t an expert in. Which is what this book is.

N. Gramlich
 Read the negative comments…

February 1, 2019

They will tell you all you need to know.

Even starting the first chapter, I could feel my BS-ometer beginning to wiggle upward on the scale. About the time I got to the outsourcing – where he proudly admitted paying someone $4 an hour to do his work for him – then read the “result” from one of his readers where he (a chef) was able to hire some brown person to cook for him at $5 a meal… (leaving me to wonder if that chef would happily work for $5/hr to cook for someone else) that’s when I realized that this covertly racist and utterly lazy method of making/saving money went against my every moral fiber.

When I read parts of it to my husband, he shook his head and said it sounded toxic. Of all the other books you can read that will set your soul in the right place to earn money (“The Soul of Money” by Lynne Twist, “The Gifts of Imperfection” by Brene Brown) – this one screams selfish, greedy, lying, and morally-bankrupt. Half of the stuff in here I can’t even fathom working – outside of getting you fired. The concept of “It’s better to ask forgiveness than permission” irks me in so many ways – namely, that it takes a dire lack of respect to pull off. This book reeks of disrespect.The 4 Hour Workweek PDF

I’ll end by saying – read those negative reviews if you want a really solid look into what this book is about. Into the recycling bin it goes.

Jeffrey W. Fredericks
 I Took The Author’s Advice, In One Respect

September 18, 2017

An excerpt from the book:

“Practice the art of nonfinishing. This is another one that took me a long time to learn. Starting something doesn’t automatically justify finishing it. If you are reading an article that sucks, put it down and don’t pick it back up. If you go to a movie and it’s worse than Matrix III, get the hell out of there before more neurons die. If you’re full after half a plate of ribs, put the damn fork down and don’t order dessert. More is not better, and stopping something is often 10 times better than finishing it. Develop the habit of nonfinishing that which is boring or unproductive if a boss isn’t demanding it.”

This book has no redeeming qualities. So, I’ve decided to put it down, and I won’t be picking it back up. For this one bit of advice, I thank the author.The 4 Hour Workweek PDF

Maybe some people get something out of it. For me, it was a huge waste of my precious time. I like the concept of lifestyle design. I think it is a valid concept. However, his egocentric advice is useless to someone in a different stage of life. This book is NOT one size fits all.

I only hope I can get my money back.

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