Sparks of Genius By Robert S Root Bernstein PDF Free Download

Sparks of Genius By Robert S Root Bernstein PDF

Features of Sparks of Genius By Robert S Root Bernstein PDF

Discover the cognitive tools that lead to creative thinking and problem-solving with this “well-written and easy-to-follow” guide Sparks of Genius By Robert S Root Bernstein PDF (Library Journal).

Explore the “thinking tools” of extraordinary people, from Albert Einstein and Jane Goodall to Mozart and Virginia Woolf, and learn how you can practice the same imaginative skills to become your creative best. With engaging narratives and examples, Robert and Michèle Root-Bernstein investigate cognitive tools such as observing, recognizing patterns, modeling, playing, and more.

Sparks of Genius is “a clever, detailed and demanding fitness program for the creative mind” and a groundbreaking guidebook for anyone interested in imaginative thinking, lifelong learning, and transdisciplinary education (Kirkus Reviews).

“How different the painter at the easel and the physicist in the laboratory! Yet the Root-Bernsteins recognize the deep-down similarity of all creative thinking, whether in art or science. They demonstrate this similarity by comparing the accounts that various pioneers and inventors have left of their own creative processes: for Picasso just as for Einstein, for Klee just as for Feynman, the creative impulse always begins in vision, in emotion, in intuition. . . . With a lavishly illustrated chapter devoted to each tool, readers quickly realize just how far the imagination can stretch.” —Booklist

“A powerful book . . . Sparks of Genius presents radically different ways of approaching problems.” —American Scientist

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Description of Sparks of Genius By Robert S Root Bernstein PDF

This book is one of the best selling books for the subject of science and math for all
Students and professionals around the world who aspire to achieve excellency in their courses and field for better understanding and teaching their pupils and themselves. It is a must read atleast once a lifetime
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The Authors

Sparks of Genius By Robert S Root Bernstein PDF Free Download

Robert Root-Bernstien is an associate professor of physiology at Michigan State University. He is the recipient of a MacArthur Fellowship and is the author of Rethinking AIDS and Discovering. Bernstien currently lives in East Lansing, Michigan.

Michele Root-Berstein is the author of Boulevard Theater and Revolution in the Eighteenth-Century Paris, which won the Sierra Best Book Award from the Western Association of Women Historians. She currrently resides in East Lansing, Michigan. –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

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Top reviews

Disappointed because I expected science, not an author waxing poetic about her thoughts, beliefs, and life experiences. This has too much feels and associated filler, because IMHO, it’s an autobiography/memoir w free-floating blather about meditation and/or various philosophical ramblings. It took me a long time to finish this book.

The audiobook is no better than the Kindle version. In many ways, it was worse, because the blathering is more annoying when narrated.

When reading this review, please keep in mind that I was expecting to read about forensic sciences, and I’m amongst the minority of reviewers.

Magnificent work of art and love that has given me enormous insight and fuel to study broadly things of interest in many fields of study. Incredibly well researched. Passionately presented. Voluminously referenced. One of the overall finest books I’ve ever personally read. There come along a very few books that instill so much scope in educational development. A must-have for youth learners, or those of any age! Fire up the engines of your heart and mind and imagination. And so it begins…
Robert Morris

April 10, 2013

I agree with Robert and Michele Root-Bernstein: “By half-understanding the nature of thinking, teachers only half-understand how to teach and students only half-understand how to learn.” If true and I am convinced that it is, the knowledge exchanges to which the Root-Bernsteins refer include both formal and informal education. Whatever the nature and extent of the given teaching-learning situation, “it is imperative that we learn to use the feelings, emotions, and intuitions that are the bases of creative imagination. That is the whole point of gourmet thinking and education.”

Since this book was published more than a decade ago, there has been significant research conducted on metacognition – especially creative thinking — that adds to the support of several of the Root-Bernsteins’ key points. For example, as they explain, “Creative thinking in all fields occurs preverbally, before logic and linguistics comes into play, manifesting itself through emotions, intuitions, images, and bodily feelings.” Only by formulating a new conception of knowledge can we formulate a new form of both formal and informal education. The Root-Bernsteins wrote this book to explain how to do that. More specifically, they studied some of the world’s most creative thinkers in the arts and sciences, then share in this book what they learned from them.

Consider these two quotations, first from Paul Horgan: “Illusion is first of all needed to find the powers of which the self is capable”; then from Albert Einstein: “In creative work, imagination is more important than knowledge.” However, as the Root-Bernsteins’ affirm, they are both important, in fact [begin italics] interdependent [end italics]. “Fantasy and imagination suggest how the world might be; knowledge and experience limit the possibilities; melding the two begets understanding. Without the illusions of the mind, a clear grasp of reality is impossible, and vice versa.”

I am greatly indebted to Howard Gardner and his research in the field of multiple intelligences. The Root-Bernsteins may have had that concept in mind as they conducted their own research for this book. They may also agree with a paraphrasing of Walt Whitman’s affirmation in “Song of Myself,” that human beings are “large,” they contain “multitudes.”

When I first read the book and then re-read it recently, these are three of the subjects of greatest interest and value to me:

o There is a common set of thinking tools at the heart of creative understanding that need to be mastered: observing, imaging, abstracting, recognizing patterns, forming patterns, analogizing, body thinking, empathizing, dimensional thinking, modeling, playing, transforming, and synthesizing (what Roger Martin describes as integrative thinking). The Root-Bernsteins thoroughly discuss each, citing various creative thinkers and including their own thoughts about how they use one or more of them.

o The Root-Bernsteins stress “six important points about these thirteen tools” (Pages 27-29), noting that most people can at least try to “unite Illusions and Reality into Understanding through the medium of Tools for Thinking.”

o In Chapter 16, after having “teased apart the threads of creative thinking and rewoven them into a synthetic understanding of innovation,” they shift their attention to explaining “a new kind of transdiciplinary, synthetic education.” First they note, “we need not change [begin italics] what [end italics] we teach. At synthetic education requires only that we change [begin italics] how [end italics] we teach, bearing eight goals in mind.” (Pages 316-319)

Those who read this book with appropriate care will be generously rewarded by the substance and quality of the content, brilliantly presented by the Root-Bernsteins in their lively and eloquent narrative. After reading and then re-reading Sparks of Genius, I have concluded that “the whole point of gourmet thinking and education” involves a never-ending process of exploration and discovery rather than any one head-snapping insight, a process best viewed as a journey. Think of Robert and Michele Root-Bernstein as your travel agents, then as you expert guides. Bon voyage!

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