The Boys A Memoir of Hollywood and Family PDF Free Download

The Boys A Memoir of Hollywood and Family PDF

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“What was it like to grow up on TV?” Ron Howard has been asked this question throughout his adult life. in The Boys, he and his younger brother, Clint, examine their childhoods in detail for the first time. For Ron, playing Opie on The Andy Griffith Show and Richie Cunningham on Happy Days offered fame, joy, and opportunity—but also invited stress and bullying. For Clint, a fast start on such programs as Gentle Ben and Star Trek petered out in adolescence, with some tough consequences and lessons. The Boys A Memoir of Hollywood and Family PDF

With the perspective of time and success—Ron as a filmmaker, producer, and Hollywood A-lister, Clint as a busy character actor—the Howard brothers delve deep into an upbringing that seemed normal to them yet was anything but. Their Midwestern parents, Rance and Jean, moved to California to pursue their own showbiz dreams. But it was their young sons who found steady employment as actors. Rance put aside his ego and ambition to become Ron and Clint’s teacher, sage, and moral compass. Jean became their loving protector—sometimes over-protector—from the snares and traps of Hollywood.

By turns confessional, nostalgic, heartwarming, and harrowing, THE BOYS is a dual narrative that lifts the lid on the Howard brothers’ closely held lives. It’s the journey of a tight four-person family unit that held fast in an unforgiving business and of two brothers who survived “child-actor syndrome” to become fulfilled adults.

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The Authors

The Boys A Memoir of Hollywood and Family PDF

Ron Howard has made a lifelong career in television and film, winning numerous accolades and awards as actor, director, and producer. He is cochair with Brian Grazer of Imagine Entertainment, which has recently partnered with National Geographic on Breakthrough as well as Red Planet.

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Top reviews

A unique memoir, with a back-and-forth narrative between the two brothers
October 13, 2021

The Boys follows the careers of Ron and Clint Howard, when they were two of the biggest child stars in Hollywood (Ron for Andy Griffith, of course, and Clint for Gentle Ben), and through Ron’s role as Richie Cunningham in Happy Days and his directorial debut for Grand Theft Auto.

This memoir had a difficult task, in that the lives of Ron and Clint are not that dramatic or sensational. They had terrific parents who were actors themselves (albeit less successful and somewhat frustrated), and whose midwestern sensibility and values guided them through the challenges of being very young and successful child actors. Clint does struggle with substance abuse, but for the most part there are not huge meltdowns or scandals. Yet the book manages to be compelling, for a number of reasons.

The love of family is an obvious one. The brothers also spend a lot of time talking about the craft and business of being an actor, which is perhaps the most interesting and enlightening part of the book. For example, in Chapter 1, “The Accidental Actor”, Ron describes how his father fashioned a fake boom microphone out of a bucket and a string, in order to get Ron acclimated to being around a real boom mic and not get thrown during an audition. The instruction: “Don’t look at the bucket.”

But the best part (or design decision) of the memoir is that the brothers take turns writing different sections of the book. They have different voices and sensibilities, and different writing styles. So there’s an energy to the book as they talk to each other and react to each other across the pages, and they both write with an honesty and humility that is refreshing and appealing. Of course, Ron has the more interesting career, given his roles in Andy Griffith, American Graffiti, and Happy Days, and his later career as a director. And he writes well. But Clint is the better writer. He has a strong voice and style that is straightforward and non-fussy and non-breezy, but still funny and interesting. Together, the dueling narratives push the story along and keep it always entertaining, while grounding their stories in the values that their parents fostered.
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Interesting Insight to Ron and Clint Howard
October 13, 2021

As a senior citizen and still a continued watcher of the Andy Griffith Show, I have a fascination with the inner workings of a show that continues to air 60+ years later. The cast of that show along with the dialog were the results of great casting, acting and writing. I rarely find shows like this today.
Ron and Clint were the best child actors I have ever witnessed in my 70 years which is why I was interested in this book. It is rare that child actors survive it and endure the lifestyle, becoming better people for it.
I find through this book that both Clint and Ron’s success as child actors were unique mostly because of the right parents, teaching them and guiding them to be the actors and who they are now.
I have almost completed the book.
As a senior and not having grown up with violence and profanity, I grow tired of it in books and films today. I don’t see that violence and profanity are needed to produce good results.
This is what makes this book good and find it interesting but positive. There is a lot of funny comments as well and found I laughed out loud unexpectedly.
Thanks Ron and Clint for the inside look. Well done and with continued expectations of professionalism and diplomacy.

Stories of life growing up as child actors, from two Hollywood brothers
October 12, 2021
This book has 24 chapters, and a total of about 395 pages in the digital version, not including the Index. There is also a “Photos” section at the end of the book, with about 48 pictures of the Howards and their family.

The Foreword is written by Bryce Dallas Howard, and she expresses the importance of family, and how much of an influence her father, uncle, and grandparents have been on her life.

Throughout the book, Ron and Clint Howard alternate back and forth, each describing events from their own perspective. In the Introduction, Ron Howard contemplates what his life might have been like if his parents had made different decisions. He also explains that their own ideas about their life were changed after the passing of their father, when the brothers began to sift through some of their parents old belongings, looking for things to include in the the memorial service. Clint offers his own thoughts on their life, with a slightly less optimistic point of view about what could have been.

Over the first few chapters, the brothers describe their parents’ own acting ambitions, and how they decided to move out west to California to pursue their dreams. They explain how their parents met, and how much they cared for each other. They cover their parents life in Oklahoma, and their father eventually changing his name from Harold Beckenholdt to Rance Howard. They talk about their parents’ first baby Mark that was stillborn, and how hard it was on them to lose a child. Ron describes his early acting days as a child actor, and some of his early memories of Dennis the Menace and Andy Griffith. He recalls the birth of baby Clint, and what it was like to have a little brother. There are many stories about the brothers’ experiences with the cast of the Andy Griffith Show, and memories of what the studio environment was like. Ron also recalls struggles in school, as he later realized he had a learning disability.

Throughout the rest of the book, Ron and Clint each recall events in their life, and how they shaped their individual personalities. It is interesting to read about how they sometimes had different perspectives, and how Clint’s own career was affected by the success of his brother.

Overall I enjoyed this book. Some of the chapters might not be as exciting for younger readers, especially if you aren’t familiar with any of the shows or actors that the brothers are describing; but I think that they do a good job of keeping it interesting by switching perspectives back and forth. It is nice to read a positive co-memoir from these brothers, and inspiring to see how important being a good parent was/is to members of this family.
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Retro Kimmer
Loved every second of this book!
October 15, 2021

I grew up watching these folks on tv. I feel like I have known them forever. Ron is 2 years older and Clint 3 years younger than me. I loved Ron’s straight forward honesty. But the surprise for me was how
Clint’s writing is so sharp and FUNNY! They really know how to tell a story. Buy this book! 5 stars

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