Are you a medical student that dreams to practice medicine in Germany and living their life? Good read on.

Germany is what we can say quite an amazing country with a much healthier lifestyle compared to others which leads us to dream this dream. Doctors you are in luck as Germany does allow foreign doctors to practice medicine permanently or temporarily. I will cover both options in this article

There are certain conditions and formalities you have to fulfil before you can practice medicine in Germany.


The EU Blue Card introduced a revolution as it attracted a lot of professional highly qualified doctors to practice their specialty in Germany. Provided with various benefits the card has its perks over the normal work permit. Most notedly getting a solid chance at permanent residency. However, you have to have a heavy job offer of around 35000 Euros per year. But I would consider the Blue Card option if you were already well settled and had your life on track so coming on to the newbies. The “ residence permit for the purpose of gainful employment” is your way. It is the more popular work permit for Germany. Almost as good as the blue card but the process is slower.

Medical License

There is no specific union for the provision of any specific named medical work license in Germany. They simply call it “ The Approbation”. It’s the medical license that is permitted for Germany to work in Germany. It lasts a lifetime.
You need to have a concrete job offer before you apply for it. Alongside which you will have to score at least a B2 in medical german language. Yeah, that’s one of their strict requirements as doctors are all about how good they connect to their patients and language is the wifi to it. Besides that, you have to have equivalent qualifications in all fields as those of their level in Germany especially the ones that matter (medical diplomas and degrees). This process may take a long time during which you can temporarily work in Germany by applying for a temporary medical license they call “Berufserlaubnis” which allows you to work in Germany while your Approbation is being processed.

here is an article you might be interested into practice medicine in Switzerland in the meantime.


After this process, you can start working in medicine or in your area of specialty after you gain your approbation. You can start earning and within a short course of time the title “Facharzt” called medical specialist is what you will get. Your salaries will be expectedly high enough for you to earn a decent livelihood in Germany and make for years of life worth remembering. Don’t forget the main condition i.e Language. That’s all about practice medicine in Germany. DANKE and HAIL HITLER” squeaks”.


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