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Emotional Agility By Susan David PDF

Attributes of Emotional Agility By Susan David PDF

The counterintuitive approach to achieving your true potential, heralded by the Harvard Business Review as a groundbreaking idea of the year.Emotional Agility By Susan David PDF

The path to personal and professional fulfillment is rarely straight. Ask anyone who has achieved his or her biggest goals or whose relationships thrive and you’ll hear stories of many unexpected detours along the way. What separates those who master these challenges and those who get derailed? The answer is agility—emotional agility.

Emotional agility is a revolutionary, science-based approach that allows us to navigate life’s twists and turns with self-acceptance, clear-sightedness, and an open mind. Renowned psychologist Susan David developed this concept after studying emotions, happiness, and achievement for more than twenty years. She found that no matter how intelligent or creative people are, or what type of personality they have, it is how they navigate their inner world—their thoughts, feelings, and self-talk—that ultimately determines how successful they will become.

The way we respond to these internal experiences drives our actions, careers, relationships, happiness, health—everything that matters in our lives. As humans, we are all prone to common hooks—things like self-doubt, shame, sadness, fear, or anger—that can too easily steer us in the wrong direction. Emotionally agile people are not immune to stresses and setbacks. The key difference is that they know how to adapt, aligning their actions with their values and making small but powerful changes that lead to a lifetime of growth. Emotional agility is not about ignoring difficult emotions and thoughts; it’s about holding them loosely, facing them courageously and compassionately, and then moving past them to bring the best of yourself forward.

Drawing on her deep research, decades of international consulting, and her own experience overcoming adversity after losing her father at a young age, David shows how anyone can thrive in an uncertain world by becoming more emotionally agile. To guide us, she shares four key concepts that allow us to acknowledge uncomfortable experiences while simultaneously detaching from them, thereby allowing us to embrace our core values and adjust our actions so they can move us where we truly want to go.

Written with authority, wit, and empathy, Emotional Agility serves as a road map for real behavioral change—a new way of acting that will help you reach your full potential, whoever you are and whatever you face.

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The Writers

Susan David, Ph.D., is a psychologist on the faculty of Harvard Medical School; cofounder and codirector of the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital; and CEO of Evidence Based Psychology, a boutique business consultancy. An in-demand speaker and advisor, David has worked with the senior leadership of hundreds of major organizations, including the United Nations, Ernst & Young, and the World Economic Forum. Her work has been featured in numerous publications, including Harvard Business ReviewTime, Fast Company, and The Wall Street Journal. Originally from South Africa, she lives outside Boston with her family.

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Reviews From Customers

Explains the “why” but could go deeper on the “how”
October 30, 2016

I wanted to love this book, but I only just liked it. I got some good pieces of information out of it, but nothing too revolutionary. The biggest takeaway is something I knew already but something that was good to read in the way the author presented it, and that’s the fact that negative emotions aren’t bad to have. You can learn from them and use them to guide you to living a life that’s more in tune with your values and soon you’ll feel less negative emotions once you’re operating all on the same frequency with yourself. I wanted this book to go deeper, though. I felt the explanations of how to do something, how to help yourself really get unstuck, stopped short.Emotional Agility By Susan David PDF

An issue I personally have is knowing what my values are…I just simply don’t know them. It would have been nice if this book gave a bit more detail as to how one might be able to figure out their values, besides trial and error and listening to their emotional feedback. I value things but don’t act on them, and I’m not sure if those are still things I actually value. Maybe they’re just things I’d like to value, but it’d take a super big change in character for me to act on those values and I’m not sure how to do that (this book didn’t help with that). Since I’m focused on those as my values, I’m ignoring whatever the hell my real values are. But without those values in place, I don’t know what I’m left with. Maybe I’m a terrible person who doesn’t value much? Who knows, I don’t.

Labeling emotions was a helpful exercise that I took away from this book; it’s good to not place blame or judgment with how you feel and let things just *be* what they are without trying to force them into something else. That said, I read this book because I know changes need to happen in my life and while I’m not going to try to force those changes, I’m still not 100% sure how to solidly guide myself into those changes. I’m well-versed with mindfulness and I know that a big element of suffering is our human tendency to attach expectations to things, and letting go of those expectations is important. Emotional Agility touches upon this, but I felt the author could again go further in explaining how one can let go. There can be a lot of emotional trauma and history that leads one to hold onto something for dear life, even if it’s hurting them to do so and they’re aware of that (such as a past love that has no chance of being mended back into a relationship). But just being able to let go doesn’t magically happen when you know that you should do it and why you should it (but oh, how I wish that were all it took).

If a workbook based on this book was released, that would probably be extremely helpful for people, such as myself, who are still feeling stuck. I know the actions to take but I’m still weary on how to take those actions. Even if I know what step one is, I might not know how to get to step one or act upon my motivation to get myself there. There’s a missing link, a disconnect, between where I’m currently at and how to start with what I want to change and embrace to ease my daily suffering with things. This is most likely my fault, not the author’s fault, but if the author was willing to put together a workbook to expand on this book, I would surely purchase it. Something to get the ball rolling and help me build up the momentum of being able to get unstuck.

This book has great ideas in it, it makes sense, it just didn’t get me in a position where I could do something with that information. Still a good read, and I recommend it for anywhere looking for a place to start if they’re feeling like the world is against them and they can’t keep their head above water.
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Ed Nottingham
Want to move from “rigidity to agility?” Read this book!
October 19, 2017

During a 25+-year career in clinical psychology, I emphasized the role of belief systems, attitudes, and thinking how this was foundational in overcoming undesirable emotional and behavior problems. When I moved from clinical practice to the corporate world in 2003, I focused on helping leaders become exceptional leaders and leader coaches. In the corporate world much of my focus has ben on the role of attitude.

How does that history relate to Dr. David’s outstanding book “Emotional Agility?” Too often people would ask if this approach was just “positive thinking.” Or, they would say “… but I’ll never be a positive thinker!”

I immediately fell in love with “Emotional Agility” when in the first chapter I read quotes from Dr. Victor Frankl’s “Man’s Search for Meaning” and then on page 10, “Those that tout positive thinking are particularly off base.” Developing “emotional agility,” overcoming problems, and more importantly living a rich and fulfilling life is NOT about positive thinking but more about realistic, healthy thinking. Unlike many books, Dr. David offers specific and straightforward steps to build emotional agility based on “showing up, stepping out, walking your why, moving on, and thriving.”

Another positive “hook” for me was her encouragement for people to accept and learn from ALL emotions including “bad” emotions such as anger. Being open to such emotions can not only help us learn from them but perhaps more importantly can give direction to move from these to other emotions that can have more positive impact. She also emphasizes that there is a “right amount of stress” (p. 180) since too often people think “I shouldn’t be feeling this way …” rather than recognizing that certain “negative emotions” can in fact help reach optimal performance.

Throughout her book there are boxes with important additional information and helpful tips (e.g., page 93 offers suggestions writing and emotional processing) that make this book even more valuable.

Even though I have taught undergraduate and graduate courses on similar content, have written a self-help book related to the role of thinking, have practiced cognitive-behavior therapy for over 25 years, and more, I found this book to be personally extremely beneficial and provided me with new insights and steps to help me be emotionally agile! For me, that is the strongest endorsement of a book.

Ed Nottingham, PhD, PCC
Consulting & Clinical Psychologist
Author, It’s Not As Bad As It Seems
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I’m On My Second Read!
March 14, 2017

I’m on my second read. Why? Because the content has become life-changing! I’ve read so many self-help books, and now I know why they didn’t work. They caused me to beat myself up. Instead Dr. David shares in “Emotional Agility” how to find your values and create “Self-compassion”. And, I suggest the Audible Edition. Why? Because it’s read by Susan herself and there is an emotion and emphasis that made me feel she was having a personal conversation with me. And I love her accent. Fasten your seat-belt!

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