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It’s time for a black exit.

Political activist and social media star Candace Owens addresses the many ways that Democrat Party policies hurt, rather than help, the African American community, and why she and many others are turning right.

Black Americans have long been shackled to the Democrats. Seeing no viable alternative, they have watched liberal politicians take the black vote for granted without pledging anything in return. In Blackout, Owens argues that this automatic allegiance is both illogical and unearned.

She contends that the Democrat Party has a long history of racism and exposes the ideals that hinder the black community’s ability to rise above poverty, live independent and successful lives, and be an active part of the American Dream. Instead, Owens offers up a different ideology by issuing a challenge: It’s time for a major black exodus. From dependency, from victimhood, from miseducation—and the Democrat Party, which perpetuates all three.

Owens explains that government assistance is a double-edged sword, that the Left dismisses the faith so important to the black community, that Democrat permissiveness toward abortion disproportionately affects black babies, that the #MeToo movement hurts black men, and much more. Weaving in her personal story, which ushered her from a roach-infested low-income apartment to1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, she demonstrates how she overcame her setbacks and challenges despite the cultural expectation that she should embrace a victim mentality.

Well-researched and intelligently argued, Blackout lays bare the myth that all black people should vote Democrat—and shows why turning to the right will leave them happier, more successful, and more self-sufficient.

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Blackout by Candace Owens PDF Candace Owens is a political commentator and host of The Candace Owens Show. She is the founder of the national #Blexit movement and tours the country delivering speeches to capacity crowds. Originally from Stamford, Connecticut, she now lives in Washington, DC.

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Top reviews

Catie “Candace presents shocking statistics, quotes from famous historical figures and politicians, and offers a new perspective on the social reforms put forth by democrats that she argues, not only hampers the black community and holds them down, but keeps them enslaved and has been for decades.

I was skeptical at first to read this book. for various reasons – mostly the hype around Candace right now, but Candace really came through with evidence and claims that parallel several books I’ve already read. One notably and fresh in my mind, “The Forgotten Man,” by Amity Shlaes which I put down for a moment to leaf through Candace’s book. There are, of course, parallels to Thomas Sowell’s work and rightfully so. As he does make his material digestible, Candace will target a fresher audience while also making it approachable.

She also tackles arguments that I couldn’t get over coming from being a democrat myself. Social issues like abortion where I’ve always sat on the fence and used to say that I was pro-choice, but against using it as a form of birth control, and single-parent homes (I studied psychology and childhood development in college and knew the statistics of single-parent households vs two-parent families, but felt obligated to the left because of the exceptions) Candace gave me a clearer view on those internal struggles I’ve had for years. I thank her for also bringing up questions I hadn’t even thought about before.

Personal Note – I, too, had suffered from a victim mentality and how freeing it is to take responsibility for one’s actions and choices, and therefor, taking control of one’s own life. I hope this helps others free themselves of this burdening mindset as well. It’s the best takeaway in this book, in my opinion.”

Austin Birrell “Candace Owens can come off aggressive. However, if you actually listen to what she says, she is full of common sense. She is a no nonsense voice in a world that is loud and distracting. If you listen to her, she really does care about everyone living in America and is trying to show them how to make their own decisions instead of following the herd. This book is a fantastic guide on her “wokeness” and journey. No matter your political beliefs, it is healthy to read a book that either reinforces your beliefs, challenges them, or creates new ones. This book should be on everyone’s shelf.

She is Candace Owens: unapologetic in her beliefs, delivery, and execution. There has never been a better time to try and understand race relations in America. With many books available, this is a must read for a well rounded education on the topic. If you read with an open mind, it may open your mind.

Candace Owens came and spoke at my school. Contrary to what the media says, she is respectful, warm, knowledgeable, ope-minded, and a free independent thinker. I couldn’t be more grateful to have her voice in the arena. Thank you Candace!”

Calissa Simmons “As I expected, Candace Owens’ book is PERFECTION! It’s extremely well written & I can practically hear her voice in my head as I read it. As a black woman I can relate to so many of the things that she’s covered in this book, such as the the trap of being on welfare. It reminded me of my own mother telling me once “Welfare mamas make welfare babies” as a warning to not get dependent on the system to provide for me & my daughter (I was a young single mom at the time). I also love what Candace has written regarding modern day feminism being no friend to the black community. She reminds us of the Emmitt Till tragedy whilst warning against the dangers of a “believe all women” mentality… Candace just hits the nail on the head on so many important issues! I think this is a MUST read for everyone, not just black Americans! Every few pages I just found myself getting excited & texted a friend about what I’d just read! This book is definitely needed right now, given the current state of affairs in our country & it certainly solidifies my position as a PROUD CONSERVATIVE BLACK WOMAN!!!”
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