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True Crime Case Histories PDF-12 True Crime Stories of Murder & Mayhem . Eighth Book of the True Crime Case Histories Series (2022)

True crime books are not like other genres. I like make certain the reader knows what they’re getting into. Real true crime is not CSI. It’s exponentially more horrible. True crime fans who have been reading these books for years already know this. Even television documentaries will skip over the truly gruesome parts of crime stories. In my books, I don’t skip over the details no matter how disturbing they may be. My intent is to give the reader a better glimpse into the mind of the killer.

There are twelve stories in this volume of True Crime Case Histories. One particular story in this volume was sent to me by several readers in the Michigan area. The news of a young woman’s savage death in 2018 was front-page news in Michigan, but the rest of the world may not have heard the story yet.

Volume 8 features: Longer stories, more photos, a bonus chapter, and an online appendix with additional photos, videos, and documents. Volume 8 of True Crime Case Histories features twelve new stories from the past fifty years.

A sampling of the stories include:
In this volume, you’ll read some stories that take place as recently as a few years ago while others date back as far as the 1930s. There’s the story of a young Russian immigrant who came to the United States seeking the exciting lifestyle he’d seen on television, only to be stabbed, set on fire, and left to die in the desert by his own friends.

There’s also the story of a brawny railway worker who couldn’t control his steroid-fueled rage. After killing two people and being sentenced to life in prison, he continued his rage behind bars.

There’s the story of a young woman who was abducted while sunbathing along the Ohio River. A witness across the river saw the abduction in progress and identified the abductor, but after more than twenty-five years, the girl’s mother still searches for answers.

Some stories made major news headlines, like that of the awkward farm boy from British Columbia who preyed upon desperate prostitutes, killing as many as forty-nine women while leaving almost no trace of their remains.

Plus many more disturbing stories.

The stories in this volume are shocking and exhibit human behavior at its absolute worst. Pure evil. However, these things really happen in the world. We may never understand what goes on in a killer’s mind, but at least we can be better informed.

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True Crime Case Histories Volume 9 is due out June 2022 and will feature 12 more short stories of; True Crime, Murder & Mayhem, Serial Killer Biographies, and True Murder Case Files.

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Any lawyer who aspires to be the best in the world must resort to this book as it is a treasure for those who read it and excell at their studies and in their professional lives in a speed and manner that no other of their field can accomplish. It is a must read atleast once for all advocates and lawyers.

The Authors

True Crime Case Histories PDF

Jason Neal is a Best-Selling American True Crime author
 living in Hawaii with his 
Turkish-British wife. Jason started his writing 
career in 1989 as a music industry publisher and 
wrote his first true crime collection in 2019.

As a boy growing up in the 80s just south 
of Seattle, Jason became fascinated with 
true crime stories after hearing the news of
 the Green River Killer so close to his home. 
Over the coming years he would read everything
 he could get his hands on about true crime
 and serial killers.

As he approached 50, Jason began to assemble
 stories of the crimes that have fascinated him
 most throughout his life. He’s especially
 obsessed by cases solved by sheer 
luck, amazing police work, and 
groundbreaking technology like early 
DNA cases and more recently reverse 

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Top reviews

B. McKee “The crimes covered in this volume are truly disturbing, especially the ones involving children. How can anyone believe their actions are right when others are horrified by them? We don’t need horror books and movies when such real life horrors exist. As you can tell, I just finished reading the bonus story in this volume.

Mr. Neal’s writing style brings these crimes to life in a way that you care about the outcome. I have to cheer when the prison door clangs shut on these real life monsters, keeping them away from us, our children, our loved ones.”

margot “One must be impressed at how Helen Joyce, a financial writer, dived headfirst into this mare’s nest of controversy. Her career experience gives her a clear, readable prose style, and a willingness to attempt mind-numbing thickets that most people would prefer to ignore.

However this also means her presentation is often overly simplified, much like the glib casuistry that characterizes cover stories and leaders in The Economist. The book is like a PowerPoint presentation where the bullet-points are demonstrable nonsense. At one point she claims that phenotypic females with anomalous XY sex-chromosome conditions—there are a number of these—occur about once every 20,000 live births. But a cursory summation of the commonest XY female conditions suggests a frequency of at least 3 per thousand. Then she discusses a specific intersex condition (here abbreviated as 5-ARD), one in which ostensibly female children turn “male” around age 12. She tells us this oddity occurs most frequently in “regions of South America.” Actually the locales that usually get cited are Hispaniola in the Caribbean (q.v. “guevedoces”), and New Guinea. An editorial fact-checker might have been useful here, but apparently commercial publishers have done away with them, along with copy editors.

If the book is “about” anything, it’s a review of tabloid sensationalism. Instead of deeply ruminative porridge, Joyce serves us a smorgasbord of ephemeral hash from the last few years of bog-media. Again and again she gawps at the figure of Jazz Jennings, alias Bloshinsky, the dusky youngster from Florida whose mismanaged sex-change got broadcast through reality TV and kiddie books. Then there’s Keira/Quincy Bell from north of London, another mixed-race youth, who took testosterone from 18 to 22 before publicly expressing regret, thereby becoming a poster-child for a certain political faction. And on to Maya Forstater, a tax accountant who tried and failed to get a regular job at an American think-tank where she’d done some consulting gigs. When the London office didn’t hire her in 2019, she filed an industrial-tribunal complaint that she had “lost her job” because she liked to share her rarified “philosophical beliefs” via truculent, off-color social-media posts.

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