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Empires of Light PDF Jill Jonnes

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In the final decades of the nineteenth century, three brilliant and visionary titans of America’s Gilded Age—Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, and George Westinghouse—battled bitterly as each vied to create a vast and powerful electrical empire. In Empires of Light, historian Jill Jonnes portrays this extraordinary trio and their riveting and ruthless world of cutting-edge science, invention, intrigue, money, death, and hard-eyed Wall Street millionaires. At the heart of the story are Thomas Alva Edison, the nation’s most famous and folksy inventor, creator of the incandescent light bulb and mastermind of the world’s first direct current electrical light networks; the Serbian wizard of invention Nikola Tesla, elegant, highly eccentric, a dreamer who revolutionized the generation and delivery of electricity; and the charismatic George Westinghouse, Pittsburgh inventor and tough corporate entrepreneur, an industrial idealist who in the era of gaslight imagined a world powered by cheap and plentiful electricity and worked heart and soul to create it. Empires of Light PDF Jill Jonnes

Edison struggled to introduce his radical new direct current (DC) technology into the hurly-burly of New York City as Tesla and Westinghouse challenged his dominance with their alternating current (AC), thus setting the stage for one of the eeriest feuds in American corporate history, the War of the Electric Currents. The battlegrounds: Wall Street, the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, Niagara Falls, and, finally, the death chamber—Jonnes takes us on the tense walk down a prison hallway and into the sunlit room where William Kemmler, convicted ax murderer, became the first man to die in the electric chair.

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Description of Empires of Light PDF Jill Jonnes

Of all the books out there Empires of Light PDF Jill Jonnes is one of the most worthy and praised book for the subject of engineering and transportation as is recommended by all the leading engineers and professional transporters around the world who so highly recommend to read this book atleast once a lifetime for anyone who aspires to be a part of these professions. It has all the indispensable and non essential ingredients an aspirant or student would want to have for themselves and is a must download for all.

The Authors

Empires of Light PDF Jill Jonnes

Jill Jonnes is a historian and the author of Empires of Light: Edison, Tesla, Westinghouse, and the Race to Electrify the World and South Bronx Rising: The Rise, Fall & Resurrection of an American City. She has also been an NEH scholar and has received several grants from the Ford Foundation.

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Top reviews

Could have been much more!
February 14, 2018

I am disappointed and would not recommend this book. It was a real chore to complete.
Disappointed because author Jill Jonnes picked a topic that should have been a sure thing. She obviously immersed herself in the lives of Edison, Tesla, and Westinghouse and knows the science at least well enough to write about it.
The problem with this book boils down to the author. The writing, book organization, and length are dreadful. First, the organization. It helps with a non-fiction book like this one to organize either chronologically (my preference) or thematically. This one is all over the place and it makes it very hard to follow. Next, the writing. Its tortuous. Jonnes seems to believe more is always better than less. This applies specifically to adjectives, but also to word count in general. We also endure repeated character descriptions (i.e. J.P. Morgan’s large nose…). We take turns down bunny trails. A few tie into the story, but a number have nothing to do with the story (for example, a scandal about Rev. Charles Parkhurst – no relation to the story). I eventually came to the conclusion that we get heavy doses of book filler. Which makes the final point. The book is too long. I don’t mean to be harsh, this story had (has) high promise. A good editor maybe could have helped turn this into a very good interesting book. It just didn’t happen.

Fred Raimondi
If you love inventors, inventing, and history, you’ll love this book.
December 19, 2016

I loved this book. As a fan of all three of the men profiled in this book – wait – actually, I wasn’t a fan of Westinghouse until I read this book.
If you had to compare Westinghouse to someone in 2016 it would be Jeff Bezos. Westinghouse valued innovation and people above profits. The other two men are equally amazing characters and make this a fascinating read.

Jill Jonnes did an amazing job. The research seems REALLY detailed. And since most of the players are gone, I’m sure she had to read VOLUMES of newspapers and books to get this amount of detail.

It’s an amazing chronicle of the early days of how electricity became a part of our everyday lives. What’s really amazing is how much Nikola Tesla created to really become the architect of our modern day electrical grid. If you’re interested in inventors and inventing, you’ll love this book.

As a kid, I knew nothing about Tesla. I lived close to many of the places chronicled in this book (Edison’s lab and home were in West Orange, NJ where I was raised) and used to visit the Edison National Historic site often. My grandfather actually worked for Thomas Edison and met the man (actually they called him “the old man”) on a few occations.

So as a child, Edison was my hero. As an adult I still admired Edison and his tenacity, but Tesla was really a genius. He saw the universe in a really unique way. That info is VERY clear in this book without any opinion from Jill Jonnes.

I understand there’s a movie underway chronicling the events in this book.
Although I’m not sure it’s really an adaptation of this book.

I loved it. I was sad when I finished it.

btw….I’m a fine artist and I drew the attached portrait of Tesla….on an iPad.
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Keith H.
Must read!
July 18, 2017

I started this book a couple of years ago and had a hard time getting into it. I didn’t get past the first couple of chapters and put it down. This year while on vacation I picked it up again and started to get into the good stuff. I could’nt put it down. It is a very interesting book and i learned a lot of things that I never knew. I am an electrical engineer and found this book to have a wealth of information about the beginnings of electric power distribution. It has more information about George Westinghouse and Nicoli Tesla than I have seen elsewhere.
Another great book by this authour is “Conquering Gotham” which is about the building of Penn Station in New York and the tunnels under the Hudson and East Rivers. She really does her homework and I think anyone interested in engineering will find both books very interesting.

George E. Dawson
January 29, 2018

“No more will men be slaves to hard tasks. My motor will set them free, it will do the work of the world.” [—Nikola Teslar] (Kindle Locations 1578-1579)

Although reading Empires of Light: Edison, Teslar, Westinghouse, and the Race to Electrify the World, by Jill Jonnes was a bit of a slog at times, its wealth of interesting anecdotes and solid information makes it a four-star read. From Thomas Edison’s promotion of his competitor’s, George Westinghouse’s, high-voltage AC current for the electric chair (for its negative publicity value), to the building of the huge turbines for the first hydro-electric installation at Niagara Falls, to the amazing electric dreams of Nikola Tesla—there’s plenty here to spark the imagination.

Recommendation: For keen insights into the dawn of the age, and of the business of electricity, this is an excellent place to start.

“Great indeed are the powers of electricity.” (Kindle Location 5681)

Random House Publishing Group. Kindle Edition. 7,512 Kindle Locations, 464 pages.

B. Mattucci
Compelling history
September 3, 2019

I found the story about Edison, Tesla and Westinghouse very compelling. The only problem was the book told a convoluted story and jumped around in time. I understand trying to tie the various elements of these 3 bigger than life individuals lives but the story wasn’t as effective in achieving this goal. Some of the story became tedious. The book does bring a very important element of America’s move towards prosperity by develop electrical central plants.

Excellently written history…
May 18, 2021

I always love well-written history 🙂 Sort of like well-written mysteries. Jonnes starts when Europeans had very little idea of what this “ethereal force” was, and travels through the first experiments with “statics” to the next stage with the discovery of the link between magnetism and electric current, to the invention of the AC dynamo and the beginnings of the electric grid. Along the way we meet three commercial giants: Edison, Westinghouse, and Tesla.

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