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Follow the Money PDF-As seen on The Ben Shapiro Show!

Follow the Money exposes the labyrinth of connections between D.C.’s slimiest swamp creatures—Democrat operatives, lying informants, desperate and destructive FBI agents, Obama power brokers, CIA renegade John Brennan, George Soros, and more—who conspired to attack Trump by manufacturing one bogus scandal after another.

Bestselling author, podcast favorite, and Fox News contributor Dan Bongino delivers the third and most shocking of his acclaimed series chronicling the Deep State war against Donald Trump. Starting with the Trump impeachment hearings, Bongino works forward and backward to piece together the connections of a vast, well-funded cabal of wealthy Democrats and D.C. swamp elite to the non-stop deluge of manufactured scandals launched specifically to attack, destabilize, and ultimately remove Trump and his administration.

Zooming in on Ukraine, Bongino unspools a complex sequence of corruption—from the miraculous “discovery” of a mysterious black ledger that linked financial transactions to Trump campaign insider Paul Manafort and cast a shadow over the entire Trump team, to Joe Biden’s unexamined quid pro quo interference with Kyiv politics as he threatened to withhold a loan unless a prosecutor was removed from office. The former Secret Service agent exposes how Glenn Simpson, the corrupt cheerleader behind the lie-filled Steele dossier, wrangled millions from top Democrat donor George Soros to meddle in Ukraine politics. Bongino also reveals Soros’s desperate multimillion-dollar plan to stop Trump’s re-election.

Using FBI documents, Bongino reveals the outrageous actions of Robert Mueller’s investigators, who sat on evidence that proved the supposedly damning Trump Tower meeting between a Russian lawyer and senior campaign officials was nothing more than a twenty-minute waste of time for all involved. Other chapters delve into the disturbing presence of Obama’s fixer, obstruction angel Kathryn “Kathy” Ruemmler, who represents a rogues gallery of Russiagate political operatives; the FBI’s inside source on the National Security Council, Anthony Ferrante, who dedicated himself to the fruitless task of trying to prove the Steele dossier was legitimate; and “Special Agent 1” Stephen M. Somma’s curious obsession with Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, which was stoked by a Flynn-fixated paid operative named Stefan Halper.

Flynn is the centerpiece of one of the book’s most revealing chapters, in which Bongino deconstructs the FBI’s elaborate takedown of Trump’s National Security Advisor, revealing how and why the three-star general was set up not once…but three times. Bongino also returns to the last, desperate attempt to derail Trump—the impeachment trial—and uncovers Adam Schiff’s lies and the Ukraine-call whistleblower’s multiple secret ties to never-Trumpers and Schiff himself. In the final chapter, Bongino unveils the newest front to stop Trump: the unleashing of COVID-19 from China and how the disease mutated from a killer plague in Wuhan to a weapon to destroy America’s economy and, with it, Trump’s re-election chances.

Follow the Money displays dizzying detective work from a truly relentless, passionate, and patriotic reporter. An astonishing chronicle of the relentless war to destroy Donald Trump and his administration, this exposé is a must-read for anyone who wants to unravel the most shocking and corrupt campaign to unseat a sitting president in American history.-Follow the Money PDF

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Follow the Money PDF These are the best books for lawyers all around the world.

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Follow the Money PDF

Former Secret Service Agent, Security Consultant, Radio Host, 2012 Republican Nominee for US Senate & 2014 Republican Nominee for US Congress (MD). Author of “The Fight” available here and NYT Best Seller “Life Inside the Bubble” available here:

Dan Bongino’s public service career began with the NYPD in 1995. After joining the US Secret Service in 1999, Dan received a Department of Justice award for his many investigations and arrests while assigned to a financial fraud task-force.

In 2006, Dan entered into duty with the elite Presidential Protective Division during the administration of President George W. Bush. Dan became one of the earliest tenured agents to be given responsibility for an operational section of the protective detail and he remained on protective duty with President Barack Obama.

One of their most distinguished agents, Dan’s assignments included the coordination of President Obama’s visits to Prague, Jakarta, amongst a myriad of terror threats, and finally as the lead agent responsible for President Obama’s visit to an active war zone in Afghanistan.

Upon resigning from the Secret Service in 2011, Dan began a grassroots campaign for the US Senate in Maryland against the state’s deep-rooted Democratic establishment. Despite overwhelming odds, he defeated 9 opponents in the Republican primary and finished second in a three-way race in the general election. Dan ran again in 2014. This time for the US Congress against a first-term Democratic opponent who had recently defeated the Republican representing the district by an incredible 21 points, in a newly gerrymandered district designed for easy Democratic victories. Shocking nearly everyone, in a race that was universally declared “uncompetitive”, Dan won the race on Election Day, yet lost the election over the coming days by just 1 point as the absentee ballot count was finalized.

A New York Times Best Selling author of Life Inside the Bubble: Why a Top-Ranked Secret Service Agent Walked Away From It All, Dan provides expertise on international security and political strategy for outlets such as Fox News, CNN, MSNBC and others. Dan is also a regular guest host on the Sean Hannity and Mark Levin Radio Shows, along with his guest hosting on Washington DC’s WMAL radio.

Dan has his MBA from Penn State University, and his MA and BA from the City University of New York.

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  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Hardcover ‏ : ‎ 208 pages
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  • International Standard Book Number-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1642936599
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Top reviews

Judy S. “Listeners to the Dan Bongino Show podcast ( for details) may sometimes struggle to keep up with all of the interconnections and schemes perpetrated by the denizens of the DC swamp and their foreign fellow travelers.
In this book, he ties them all together, weaving the drips and drabs of information that have become known gradually over more than four years into a readily comprehensible whole. it is very readable, told in a narrative style, but interspersed with footnotes so you can delve into the original source material if you so choose. It is well researched and well documented.
If you read the Kindle version, you can click on a footnote and quite often find a live link to the web version of the article or report cited. Dan also ties this saga in seamlessly to his previous two related books, “Spygate” and “Exonerated,” both of which I highly recommend.
There is an Audible narration available, read by Bongino (the entire book, not just the introduction). If you have both Kindle and Audible versions, you can try “immersion reading” where the narration and text keep pace with each other. ‘s whispersync also allows you to switch between devices and never lose your place.
Why read this book?
The “Anti-Trump Cabal” and its activities, stunning as they are, are still only symptomatic of a deeper and more serious problem. This didn’t all spring up the day that President Trump was elected, nor will it dissappear when he leaves the Whitehouse, whether on Innauguration Day in 2021 or 2025. The capacity for these abuses of power was honed over decades. It will not just go away.
This is a cautionary tale for the ages about too much power being wielded by unelected and unaccountable officials who scoff at even Congressional oversight. Rules (such as the Woods Procedures for obtaining FISA warrants) meant to protect us all, while still letting agencies have tools to pursue terrorists and organized crime were ignored or circumvented. Foreign governments and individuals were utilized to gather information, largely to serve political ends.
We need to be able to trust these agencies and that the rule of law applies equally in this country. Their actions have shaken that confidence. Exposing them is uncomfortable, but necessary.
Bongino has employed the investigative skills he used as a Secret Service agent, handling multinational fraud and money laundering cases to do the one thing that can unravel the most complex schemes. He “Followed the Money.” As more details drip-drip-drip out, keep this book handy to refer back to. It is a great read and a great reference book.
Dan Bongino has done this country a great service in gathering and presenting this material. It is a labor of love, love for this country, love for his audience and love for his family, for whom he wants to preserve the freedoms we hold so dear. Share it with the people you care about.
– Judy the Archivist”

linda galella “It was perpetrated by Joe Biden and, of course, not formally investigated. Bongino finishes what he started in his first two books and completes the picture of how deeply George Soros was involved in corrupting the 2016 election of Trump. He’s back at it for 2020, using millions of dollars to buy ad time on T. V. to spread false information about COVID and the President in swing states. He started all this back in March when other people of means were using their wealth to help – help purchase PPE, build respirators, provide food, etc. This is only the 1st chapter!

Other chapters include: Debunking DJT Junior’s alleged meeting with Russian/Putin operatives, John Brennan, (Obama’s CIA Director who also has a book released today), The National INSECURITY COUNCIL, Obama’s Fixer, (Kathy Ruemmler), Case Agent 1, Mike Flynn, Whistleblower, The China Crisis

John Brennan is a link from earlier Dem presidents to Obama and the blatant misuse and corruption of the intelligence agencies of this country. The amount of disinformation that was spread by the intelligence agencies is really almost beyond comprehension. It was beyond the comprehension of the FBI & CIA for sure. The detail on their testimony is absurd – neither agency has a clue who a source is or if it’s valid. Truth is, they’re using each other’s lie as evidence! Two wrongs MOST DEFINITELY do not make a right!

The chapter on Obama’s fixer was most interesting and rather scary. This woman, Kathy Ruemmler, ran interference for Obama; not just from possible negative outside sources but also from inside the WH. Ruemmler had strong ties to Brennan, Clapper, Comey and Rice as well as working with the Clintons – BOTH of them. She represented Bill in his “I didn’t have sexual relationships” scandal. Representing sexual predators turns out to be a specialty for her. Read the book to find out who the pedophile/Spygate operator is.

Case Agent 1 and Mike Flynn chapters meld together with Stephen Somma being obsessively interested in General Flynn alongside paid operative Stefan Halper who’s also got a fixation about Trump’s former National Security Advisor; some weird bromance. Bongino moves on to carefully lays out the details to this story that shows Flynn was set up THREE times as Nat’l Sec Adv.

Other interesting bits include Schiff and his lies at the Whistleblower Debacle of a trial. That man is in it up to his unencumbered noggin. The pen ultimate chapter deals with the China virus and how it’s being used to thwart DJT in his efforts at re-election.

“Follow the Money” is a compelling read; well researched and documented, presented in an organized and accessible manner. Bongino’s writing is concise and not given to histrionics, triggering or emotional pandering. At 168 pages of text and 20 pages of notes and documentation, the book isn’t overwhelming. It is packed with information that many might not have every seen or heard before. I certainly learned a few new things; always a good thing”

Serenity… “This is the second book I have read that was written by Mr. Bongino. It is written extremely well and the author has end notes that verify his written words. When reading this book, it was almost like a fictionalized account of corruption. How in the world did portions of our00governemnt sink to being so corrupt and evil? It actually made me sad to read some parts of it.

Being a Chief Petty Officer, USN, Ret, I was particularly interested in the chapter concerning General Michael Flynn. This chapter contains so many familiar names…..President Obama, McCabe, Yates, Rice, Kislyak, and so many more ..up to and including Judge Sullivan. This is still not resolved despite the efforts of Gen. Flynn’s Attorney Powell. This chapter includes not only the events that occurred but also contains the ‘why’. Three separate setups are also explained in detail. Seriously, it reads like something out of a fictionalized script for a movie…

Starting in the Ukraine, the author illustrates the corruption and sets the tone for the remainder of his book. Am still shaking my head over some of the details that are provided.

Many topics are covered including the attacks against Trump. All of the pieces are tied neatly together by the conclusion of this one. The entire gamut of corruption we have been living through these past few years is covered.

Another stellar read by this author and facts are presented…not lies. Truly appreciate the research that went into the writing of this book.

Most highly recommended.”


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