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Think and Grow Rich is the number-one inspirational and motivational classic for individuals who are interested in furthering their lives and reaching their goals by learning from important figures in history. The text read in this audiobook is the original 1937 edition written by Napoleon Hill and inspired by Andrew Carnegie, and while it has often been reproduced, no updated version has ever been able to compete with the original. It has been used as a roadmap to achievement by countless individuals.Think and Grow Rich PDF

The 13 Steps to Riches described in this audiobook offer the shortest dependable philosophy of individual achievement ever presented for the benefit of the man or woman who is searching for a definite goal in life. It comes directly from the experiences of hundreds of America’s most successful men.

Hill interviewed 504 people, including Ford, Wrigley, Wanamaker, Eastman, Rockefeller, Edison, Woolworth, Darrow, Burbank, Morgan, Firestone, and three United States presidents. The process of conducting these interviews required an investment of 20 years of Napoleon Hill’s life.

This audiobook will guide many to success, and has sold millions of printed copies for nearly three quarters of a century. Yes, one can gather from the title that the starting place for wealth is in a person’s thoughts – and this title is the source for most of today’s motivational speakers. So why not go back to the original source?

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Description of Think and Grow Rich PDF

Do you aspire to make money and start a business that will make your life comfortable and easy to live. The this book Think and Grow Rich PDF is one of the best books you can rely on, recommended by the top moguls around the world. It has all the indispensable information on how to start or grow a business that surpasses all bounds of time and goes on to florish in any way. It does not matter what you want to start with, this masterpiece will guide you in all the decisions that you have to make to grow your business in ways that you have only imagined. A must read if you wish to make money and make your life more comfortable.

The Authors

Think and Grow Rich PDF

Oliver Napoleon Hill (October 26, 1883 – November 8, 1970) was an American self-help author. He is best known for his book Think and Grow Rich (1937), which is among the 10 best-selling self-help books of all time Hill’s works insisted that fervid expectations are essential to improving one’s life Most of his books were promoted as expounding principles to achieve “success.Hill is, in modern times, a controversial figure. Accused of fraud, modern historians also doubt many of his claims, such as that he met Andrew Carnegie and that he was an attorney. Gizmodo has called him “the most famous conman you’ve probably never heard of Think and Grow Rich PDF

Dimensions and Characteristics of Think and Grow Rich PDF

Listening Length 9 hours and 35 minutes
Author Napoleon Hill
Narrator Erik Synnestvedt
Whispersync for Voice Ready Release Date October 16, 2007
Publisher Gildan Media, LLC
Program Type Audiobook
Version Unabridged
Language English
Identification Number B000XJNDVQ

Top reviews

JB Reads A Lot
 Skip this book

December 1, 2018

If you’re looking for an edge in your pursuit of success, skip this book. 20 years ago I bought this book and it’s ideas hook, line and sinker; however, after spending two decades on application it’s apparent that the principles in this book are mostly nonsense. I am only going to take the time to highlight two pieces of misinformation in this book: visualization, and “the secret.”

This book touts visualizing your goals as a method to speed up/ensure attainment. Research shows that the opposite is true. Visualizing your goals and imagining how it would feel to have achieved them has been show to consistently reduce drive and motivation. This book is full of misinformation like this, that if diligently applied will be counterproductive.

There is “the secret” alluded to in this book, and the subject of a nonsense DVD and book by the same title. The most important warning that I can give someone younger, after 20 years of time wasted looking for secrets is this: the only free cheese is in a mouse trap. Secrets to success do NOT exist. Time spent looking for “secrets” or applying them is time that could be invested in getting better at the fundamentals of whatever arena you are in.

One of the most basic examples would be personal finance: the only people getting rich off the “secrets of wealth” are the people selling those “secrets.” Ultimately there are just a handful of things that matter in personal finance – get out of debt, live on a budget, invest in assets with a decent balance of risk & return, have a rainy day fund (and funds for other things you know are coming – Christmas gifts, college, etc.).

This book is selling a fantasy that appeals to deep biases that all humans have. Do yourself a favor, skip this book.Think and Grow Rich PDF


March 12, 2016

has done us a huge disservice by lumping all the reviews for the various “original” versions of this book together. The version I purchased (black cover with money on the bottom, kindle version) is riddled with errors where the publisher evidently SCANNED the book in and then didn’t bother to edit the results. Page numbers appear randomly in the middle of paragraphs, “m” appears where clearly “in” was intended and in some cases paragraphs just end in the middle of a sentence. This is a great book but some of the publishers have done a terrible job reproducing it and isn’t helping by grouping very different copies together in the same review group.

I hope to update this review when I find a less crappy copy of this book, but avoid the version with the black cover with money on the bottom. (See pictures)

Sanh Nguyen

May 10, 2018

The content is nonsense, tons of rubbish included in the book. Two reasons why i rated this book so low are:
1. In a large portion of the book, the author praises his own work. He even included a letter (which cover pages) of which only purpose is praising the book itself and have nothing to do with the content. By the time I read that the 13 principles in this book will make me rich, I’d realized that the rest of the content would be all rubbish, and my prediction turned out to be right.
2. The point he makes is all misleading. Whenever he addresses any point, the author COMPLETELY and DELIBERATELY hides the opposite side of the arguments and just continue praising the greatness of his point and support by various examples which, every now and then, are falsified.
Kyle Nicholson
 Timeless life lessons from one of the greatest self-development authors

July 21, 2016

Despite the age of this book, I found the underlying lessons it contained to be highly relevant to my life today. The most valuable ideas I gathered from this book:
1) You cannot acquire great wealth without a concrete plan for attaining that wealth, a serious passion that compels you to act on your plan continuously, and great faith that your plan will allow you to succeed.
2) Many of the world’s greatest achievers were passionate to the point of obsession, and in order to emulate their success you must cultivate a desire until it becomes an obsession.
3) Material success does not come solely as a result of knowledge acquisition, but rather from one’s ability to organize and transform specialized knowledge such that it can be delivered to a wide audience in the form of a product or service.
4) Persistence often makes the difference between success and failure. It is a state of mind that is essential to success and can be overcome through effort.
5) One of the common attributes of highly successful people is the ability to reach decisions quickly and to change them slowly. Most of us are the opposite.
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