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Discover practical steps you can take today to live a life focused on things that matter, from the bestselling author of The More of Less and The Minimalist Home.Things That Matter By Joshua Becker PDF

Things That Matter points the way to free ourselves from the distractions of everyday life so that we can build the lives we seek to create.”—Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project

Do you want to live a meaningful life—with very few regrets—and make a positive difference in the world? But is culture distracting you from doing so? Perhaps moments, days, and years go by without you stopping to ask yourself, Am I living out my true purpose? Even if that question whispers to you, are you brushing it aside because you don’t know what to change in life’s busyness?

In Things That Matter, Joshua Becker helps you identify the obstacles—such as fear, technology, money, possessions, and the opinions of others—that keep you from living with intention, and then he provides practical ideas for letting go of those distractions today so you can focus on what matters most. He uses practical exercises and questions, insights from a nationwide survey, and success stories to give you the motivation you need to

 identify the pursuits that matter most to you
 align your dreams with your daily priorities
 recognize how money and possessions keep you from happiness
 become aware of how others’ opinions of you influence your choices
 embrace what you’re truly passionate about instead of planning that next escape
 figure out what to do with all those emails, notifications, and pings
 let go of past mistakes and debilitating habits

Things That Matter is a book about living well. It’s about overcoming the chatter of a world focused on all the wrong things. It’s about rethinking the common assumptions of today to find satisfaction and fulfillment tomorrow.

How do we get to the end of our lives with minimal regrets? We set aside lesser pursuits to seek lasting meaning. And we discover the joy of doing it every day.

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Description of Things That Matter By Joshua Becker PDF

At anytime given any circumstances, if you come across this book Things That Matter By Joshua Becker PDF you must not waste your time to read it even if it takes you a lifetime. This unique masterpiece has all the ingredients that are required to help you out in any difficult time of your lives. This book for self help has been read and reviewed by thousands of customers and has been one of the leading books for life and how to spend it. It is a must download and must read for anyone of any age and who lives anywhere on this earth as it will make life much easier to bare and comfortable to live. Self help books are the reason why there are innovations and products that ease life of today. It inspires people to achieve what is unthinkable and do what is undoable until it is done. A must read, cannot emphasize more.

The Authors

Things That Matter By Joshua Becker PDF

Joshua Becker, the bestselling author of The More of Less and The Minimalist Home, is the founder of Becoming Minimalist, a website dedicated to inspiring others to find more life by owning less. The website welcomes over 1.5 million readers each month and has inspired millions around the world to consider the practical benefits of owning fewer possessions. He is a contributing writer to Forbes and has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, HuffPost Live, and the CBS Evening News. Joshua and his family live in Peoria, Arizona. This text refers to the hardcover edition.

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Top reviews

 The language is extremely vulgar

December 6, 2018

I think this would have been a much better read if he could have left out a large amount of the foul language. I understand it’s who he is and most likely how he talks in real life, but it was over the top. I’ve read other books by military members or Navy seals and always know I’ll have to over look a lot of language, but this was really excessive and over powering in this book. I wanted my boys to read this book and I love to share good books on social media and/or with my friends, but I won’t be encouraging anyone to read this book simply because the language is really too intense. To a point where it’s vulgar and embarrassing to recommend. Was disappointed. 🙁
 Interesting story, Dangerous methodology

January 24, 2019

I bought Can’t Hurt Me after tuning into the Rich Roll podcast recently when David Goggins was a guest. I’d also heard him about a year ago so was already familiar with his story. As a 55 year old competitive female endurance athlete, I thought I might glean some useful tidbits and possibly some inspirational insights from the book. Although the in-depth description of Navy Seal training was interesting, and the book was well written, I have to say that for a guy who writes incessantly about feeling “stupid” and prejudiced against, he doesn’t do much to rise above (or lead by example) by lacing every page with non-stop profanity. I intensely disliked his various descriptions of female genitalia as a synonym for weakness. I get that it was Drill Sargent talk during Seal Training but Goggins defaults to it as self talk whenever he’s experiencing a low point in a race, and that’s on him. It’s actually disturbing that he can drum up adrenaline that way. In addition, while some of the points of this book are valid (as in how much time people waste on social media and watching television, yet complain that they don’t have time to exercise ), Goggins seems truly addicted to pain and suffering and doesn’t actually seem to be able to feel any other emotion. He is self-proclaimed “the badest mother-f*****” on the planet, and those words are repeated over and over throughout the book. Yawn. He perpetually overtrains with zero regard for how it’s affecting his body. No wonder he crashed and burned and trashed his adrenals. He’s lucky to be alive. This was more an autobiography of a tormented man who can’t feel happiness so seeks out endless pain to validate his existence, and is cheering the reader on to seek out the same. I understand the mental game of endurance but feel Goggins takes it to an extremely unhealthy level. You only get this one body. If you unnecessarily destroy it, what then?Things That Matter By Joshua Becker PDF
 This book is powerful!

December 1, 2018

I’ll keep this short and simple… this book will not give you motivation… It will instead give you the tools to change your life once and for all. It’s so powerful I purchased the hard copy and the audiobook. Extra note: the audiobook comes with lots of great bonus material in every chapter…. it’s worth getting even if you have a hard copy. Buy it, read it, listen to it, share it.change your life.Things That Matter By Joshua Becker PDF
 Life Changing

November 30, 2018

As David gets vulnerable and reveals his life story. I began to cry as he detailed his brutal childhood. It got me thinking I don’t have any excuse to be mediocre… Soon after that David tells to story of getting to BUDS and has me laughing as he explains the physical brutality that he learned to laugh his way through. It got me thinking again, I don’t have any excuse to be mediocre. All through this book, David’s life experience revealed that everything is a mind game and the more I can find a reason for being, then motivation, willpower, opinions, and fear all become irrelevant. The audio book has commentary between chapters that brings these stories to life. David does an incredible job and this book has changed the trajectory of my life. The 10 challenges are underway and I am excited to see where they take me. You will cry, you will laugh, you will ask yourself “am I capable of more?” and if you are like me, you will say yes and get to work… FWIW, I highly recommend this book
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