Tarnished Tainted by Ruin Series Book 1 PDF Free Download

Tarnished Tainted by Ruin Series Book 1 PDF

Features of Tarnished Tainted by Ruin Series Book 1 PDF

He was supposed to protect me. Instead, he made me fear the dark.
He was supposed to love me. In the end, his love was
sickening, cruel and filled with malice.Tarnished Tainted by Ruin Series Book 1 PDF

Five years ago, the only bright lights in my world were extinguished.
One decision. One text. One sentence and my fragile life shattered.

I never expected the depravity and lies that greets me when
I return to Montecito, leaving me with one goal…
To flee and never look back.

Everything changes when three gorgeous guys crash into my life.
They’re determined to mark me as theirs, and make me
question everything I hold true.

But when the ghosts of my past and future collide, who will be left standing?
Me… or the monster who coveted me for all of the wrong reasons,
turning me into what I am today…

*Tarnished is the first book in the Tainted by Ruin Trilogy and cannot be read as a standalone. It is a Dark High School Romance where the FMC has multiple love interests and contains scenes that may be triggering to some. Including : sexual assault (minor), physical abuse, bullying, & self harm. Recommended for readers 18+.

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Description of Tarnished Tainted by Ruin Series Book 1 PDF

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The Authors

Tarnished Tainted by Ruin Series Book 1 PDF

Indie Black is a brand new baby author, taking a plunge into the book world. She’s a California native who prefers tacos over sushi, the beach over the mountains, and books over anything else. She’s a certified water snob, dog lover and will try just about anything that tastes like bubblegum.

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Top reviews

Lucid Quill
 Indiana has me insatiable!!

July 15, 2021


Let me…just…exist…for a minute.

Ahem. Where was I for the hostage negotiation wherein my heartbeat was taken in exchange for the right to read this book?!? My HEARTBEAT! This thumpy bumpy thing was all OVER the place. Especially the last few chapters. I hate conflict so much 😭 but I also love resolution which makes conflict a necessary evil.

AND CONFLICT THERE WAS!! Indiana, tragedy soaked Indiana, was bombarded with conflict. Reading her go through her turmoil was heart wrenching. Her walls would falter and she’d finally live a moment for herself and then some cosmic jester would toss a chaos grenade and everything crumbled. She’s so friggin’ strong given the circumstances though, she’s written magnificently!

All of these characters are stunning. Everyone is balanced so well and honestly for once I have no idea who will be what. Like, who’s going to be in the harem? Sometimes it’s obvious but this time around I can’t be sure. It’s killing Smalls. I need all the man candy.

Speaking of, favorites, I’m a sucker for a favorite. I get that it’s a why choose scenario but I always end up with one. If you know anything about past favorites you might assume it would be Maddox, he’s great more on him in a moment, but really I’m rooting for the probable underdog on this one. Jameson St. James. That’s right, the A1 a**butt. 😐 I. Adore. Him.

I can’t say why, maybe the little hints that he really cares, I’m not sure.

Maddox had an excellent head start, even Weston struck my fancy a bit, but man he really irked me after a bit. I have a pretty good idea of what may have happened, what he did, so I’m still hopeful but I’mma be mad for a second first. He can sit in the dog house while Jagger takes a sliver of the spotlight. Yeah, that guy, I’m INTRIGUED!

Y’all, I could go on forever. All the things. Just read these books, I know we despise cliffhangers (me at least) but books almighty, these are going to be must reads!!

Jess McDaniel
 What a debut!!!

July 15, 2021

Oh my god… talk about a debut! This book was absolutely amazing! It was darker than expected, but I always welcome that darkness in books. The amount of details that are put into the abuse and self harm scene’s make you feel like you are living them with Indiana.

Indiana isn’t your typical high school senior. She’s had a lot of trauma in her life and she’s hanging on the best she can. Whenever I feel like things are looking up for her and she’s making strides, something else knocks her back down. I am rooting for her so hard!

That cliffhanger though 😱😱😱 I totally was not expecting that, at all. These authors have thrown me for a loop because I thought for sure I had some things figured out, but there’s more to the picture than what we’ve been given.

For those who love dark books, I highly recommend this. Do read the trigger warnings before reading and do not expect this book to be light. It is dark, raw, depraved and so, so delicious. I couldn’t put this book down and I did not want it to end so soon. I absolutely cannot wait for more in this series!

Liz K
 Disturbing but captivating

February 21, 2022

Finally picked this up and got into it and I will say while it kept me captivated in the story, it was also very disturbing at certain points. Do pay attention to the trigger warnings. There are some very graphics scenes of the fmc’s brother molesting her and his growing obsession. There is physical abuse of the fmc as a minor by her foster parent.
Indiana (fmc) really goes through some dark times leading up to her current placement in a new Foster home, and the writing US really good so you essentially go through those moments with her.
I typically seek out h’s who are really strong, can give as good as they get. Indiana is softer than my typical but there is no denying she is strong. She’s extremely broken by her past but she faces overwhelming odds and can’t be fully broken. She walks alone through large portions of this book, bullied at school, stalked, hated, but she never crawls. She is sweet, a little shy, a little inexperienced, sometimes frozen by fear but there is no denying her fierce spirit and she keeps going under weight most would buckle under. I definitely found myself liking and rooting for Indiana.
You’re left with quite a few mysteries in this first book, including who is ultimately going to be in the harem. Thankfully book two is already out and book three is not far behind. I’ll definitely be continuing on.
Jessica F
 It pulls you in from the beginning

November 8, 2021

I want to start by saying I love book and the writing. It pulled me in and kept me hooked from the start. Excited for the next book. My lack of 5 stars really comes from 2 things.

One: the fact that it seems Presly becomes Preston a few times throughout which threw me off for a minute.
Two: where the book went with Maddox and the way he started treating her out of nowhere. I know he’s a teenage boy and I know sometimes people act totally out of character when dealing with their own issues but it was like 0 to 60. Given his original description and the way he was with her it just really bothered me that he was made into what he was. Im hoping something happens in the next book that makes up for this and explains it because I went from loving him to not caring if he’s around. Might have been better if it was written in multiple POV so we could get insight on what’s causing this and maybe I wouldn’t be as upset with the change. I think she let him get away with too much but I was able to reconile that with her age and just having gone through what she did and what that does to a persons self worth. I would have preferred not to have such a huge change in Maddox and probably would have given 5 stars without it. However, I’m willing to see where the author is taking this and stay open.

Kindle Customer
 Didn’t keep my interest

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on August 7, 2021

This book, for me, was too slow and seriously lacking in plot points. I made it to 58% and had to stop. The characters were well built and it was well written, if not a little fanciful for my tastes.
The stalker was also very cliche as were her bullies. Where was the story and a little action???
My other big issue was the way trauma was handled. Indiana, the fmc, had been through hell and to me, the lasting effects of it were unrealistic at best. I feel as a writer, if you are going to cover such dark trauma, it needs to be done very carefully as young people, possibly looking for outlets for their own issues, will gravitate to such work. Therefore I feel it is irresponsible to write a character like this who is portraying that trauma should not be talked about, and that it’s something you should be ashamed of. I also feel that the way this character was able to instantly be fine and fall into bed with a guy right away creates a bad example and a very poor image of what victims of abuse have to live with.
Obviously this is my opinion but I have very personal experiences and work with other victims daily. I would worry about anyone taking this story as a real life account of surviving because I don’t think it even comes close. If you have not survived such darkness, I don’t think you should be writing it.
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