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Named A Most Anticipated Book of 2022 by *Marie Claire* *Washington Post* *Vulture* *NBC News*  *Buzzfeed* *Veranda* *PopSugar* *Paste* *The Millions* *Bustle* *Crimereads* Goodreads* *Bookbub* *Boston.com*and more!

“The thefts are engaging and surprising, and the narrative brims with international intrigue. Li, however, has delivered more than a straight thriller here, especially in the parts that depict the despair Will and his pals feel at being displaced, overlooked, underestimated and discriminated against. This is as much a novel as a reckoning.”
—New York Times Book Review

Ocean’s Eleven meets The Farewell in Portrait of a Thief, a lush, lyrical heist novel inspired by the true story of Chinese art vanishing from Western museums; about diaspora, the colonization of art, and the complexity of the Chinese American identity.

History is told by the conquerors. Across the Western world, museums display the spoils of war, of conquest, of colonialism: priceless pieces of art looted from other countries, kept even now.

Will Chen plans to steal them back.

A senior at Harvard, Will fits comfortably in his carefully curated roles: a perfect student, an art history major and sometimes artist, the eldest son who has always been his parents’ American Dream. But when a mysterious Chinese benefactor reaches out with an impossible—and illegal—job offer, Will finds himself something else as well: the leader of a heist to steal back five priceless Chinese sculptures, looted from Beijing centuries ago.

His crew is every heist archetype one can imag­ine—or at least, the closest he can get. A con artist: Irene Chen, a public policy major at Duke who can talk her way out of anything. A thief: Daniel Liang, a premed student with steady hands just as capable of lockpicking as suturing. A getaway driver: Lily Wu, an engineering major who races cars in her free time. A hacker: Alex Huang, an MIT dropout turned Silicon Valley software engineer. Each member of his crew has their own complicated relationship with China and the identity they’ve cultivated as Chinese Americans, but when Will asks, none of them can turn him down.

Because if they succeed? They earn fifty million dollars—and a chance to make history. But if they fail, it will mean not just the loss of everything they’ve dreamed for themselves but yet another thwarted at­tempt to take back what colonialism has stolen.

Equal parts beautiful, thoughtful, and thrilling, Portrait of a Thief is a cultural heist and an examination of Chinese American identity, as well as a necessary cri­tique of the lingering effects of colonialism.

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Portrait of a Thief A Novel PDF

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For any enthusiast this book Portrait of a Thief A Novel PDF is one of the most renowned and lauded in the category where one finds mystery, throll and suspense. It is full of mind bending and blood speeding words and scenarios that will surely make you live life in another way. A must read atleast once a lifetime for anyone who comes across it and should partake it if it touches your soul. This books is just like your favourite movie. You can read again and again but it will not fail to entertain you anytime and anywhere. Read it now as words here will not do
Justice to this masterpiece itself.

The Authors

Portrait of a Thief A Novel PDF

Grace D. Li grew up in Pearland, Texas and is a graduate of Duke University, where she studied biology and creative writing. She lives in Northern California and attends medical school at Stanford University. Portrait of a Thief is her debut novel and is currently in development at Netflix, with Grace serving as an executive producer for the series.

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  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Tiny Reparations Books (April 5, 2022)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Hardcover ‏ : ‎ 384 pages
  • International Standard Book Number-10 ‏ : ‎ 0593184734
  • International Standard Book Number-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0593184738
  • Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 1.3 pounds
  • Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 6.26 x 1.29 x 9.28 inches

Top reviews

 Art heist with so many twists!

April 5, 2022

Things I love about Portrait of a Thief:-

1.) Unlocking historical backstories.
I love how the author inadvertently made me dive deeper into the history, background, and information about the zodiac heads, museums, and the people trying their hardest to restore the art and culture of China. This book took me longer to read because, aside from being a lengthy book, it also made me extrapolate each of the characters and their motivations.

2.) Intriguing controversies are placed front and center in the book.
The author places the reparation of these stolen artworks into the mainstream of this book to help bring in more needed action/attention to this cause. It is current and appropriate as countries, i.e., China trying to find and “bring back” stolen artworks for national heritage preservation. Initially, two zodiac heads were “withheld” after a failed sale (via auction), but the owners later donated them back to China.
This book refers to the previous wars (i.e., the Opium War) that happened in China, with pillaging being the norm and the looting/ spoils of were became trophies brought out of China.

3.) Ingenious plot twists.
The author does a great job setting the mystery and suspense in each scene and between the characters. The book is from the third person, omniscient – multiple characters, which is the best of all worlds in writing BUT withholds some pertinent details that engage readers to keep reading.
The crew got the “job” done with many moving parts, each character playing an important part. The task was daunting when it started. Heck, I thought it would fail when they even the concerning country! But the author weaved intricate layers and “hand-is-quicker-than-the-eye” moves that made me “re-read” a lot again to believe it. It was amazing!
Note: The heist isn’t complex since college kids have no idea how to do it or where to start. We see all the fumbling, yet they know a bit to try to get away (or not) in the end. The author made sure that readers focus on character development rather than the heist. Note that it’s the depiction of a thief (“portrait of a thief”) and the general conflicting moral compass for thieves.

4.) Impressionable characters.
There is a split in each character’s motivation for “taking the job,” which makes each character interesting from an outsider’s perspective. Each person’s motivations were randomly varied:- from patriotism to monetary, pride to curiosity, cockiness to boredom, or basically, as simple as “they just can do it” reasons. All these reasons make the story a lot more colorful. I can see now how this book was inspired by Italian Job or even The Thomas Crown Affair, with an artistic Asian flair.

I also love the internal struggles they have with their identity and purpose. Traditionally, kids pursue the pinnacle of their abilities and opportunities as they all transition to “adulthood,” or the after-college phases. Many things still haunt these characters – the sense of whose lives they are living for: duty to country, parents, or themselves. This duty is a dilemma faced by most, if not most kids in general. This book took me longer to read, mainly because of this element. I took to heart everything, and sometimes it would take me a day or two to absorb and reflect on the characters and their situations. This book takes my term “investing in the characters” a whole new meaning – this sets a higher bar for future authors who will make me have all “the feels” for book characters.

5.) The Ending.
Readers can see only parts of what is going on until the ending hits, THEN more twists happen that will ROCK your world. The book might reveal everything, but ultimately, the explanation and understanding have come from the reader and their relationship with each character.
I was speechless on how everything felt like a chessboard with checkmates happening at the end – just when readers think it was all over – infiltration with class and finesse. A lot of intricacies happened to have the ending work itself out. I appreciate it coming like a great flashback of the past wherein “secrets” were revealed spectacularly!

Overall, Portrait of a Thief is a gem of a debut novel from a new author! This book is a masterpiece that depicts so many internal struggles in each characters’ life. All the characters were stellar in their own right. This story will undoubtedly leave readers with long-lasting impressions on everything:- familial duty, nationalism, patriotism, identity, and individualism. The writing is impeccable and will grab readers’ hearts, minds, and attention even when you put it down for a break or when done.
I felt so raw after this book. There is the fear of losing one’s identity – cultural and personal due to migration, assimilation, and to the extent, “watered down” to the point of insignificance. I felt that preservation and honoring the past, good or bad, is vital to keep each person’s identity for everyone – past, present, and future. Art pieces like the ones in the book are what keep humanity grounded and real.

– Suspense at each turn
– Real and well-developed characters with intricate lives and

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