Music Theory From Beginner to Expert PDF Free Download

Music Theory From Beginner to Expert PDF

Features of Music Theory From Beginner to Expert PDF

This book also features the links to audio examples (hosted on external website). These examples allow you to hear the relevant music theory concepts and understand them better! Music Theory From Beginner to Expert PDF

Have you ever wanted:

  • To know how music theory can make you a better player (on any instrument)?
  • To understand how music works, why we have 12 notes, how they relate to each other and why we use intervals with imperfect resonance?
  • To understand how music theory is not just some made up rules we invented out of thin air; how it’s actually based on the natural laws and stems from natural occurrences, like overtone series?
  • To unlock the mysteries of notes, intervals, music scales, modes, keys, circle of fifths, chords and chord progressions, rhythms and other important concepts in music, and how they all relate to one another?
  • To get a deep understanding of scales, modes and chords, where they come from, what are the different types that exist, how they’re built, and how to use any chord or scale in your playing?
  • To learn how to form, name and play any chord that is possible to play?
  • To learn how rhythm works and how to master your rhythm and timing skills that will make you sound like a pro on any instrument?
  • To understand harmony and the magic behind all the beautiful music that you love and how you can (re)create it by yourself?
  • To get a wider perspective on tonal harmony and how melody, harmony, and rhythm work together?
  • To understand composition and improvisation, and how to use voice leading and chord inversions to create beautiful harmonies?
  • To get a grasp on the advanced concepts (such as modal playing, atonality, polychords and polytonality, free music, etc.) that usually only advanced jazz musicians may consider using?


  • Have you ever had trouble learning music theory or thought that it was unnecessary, boring or too hard to learn?
  • Have you perhaps thought using intellect will be bad for your playing?

If you find yourself in any of this, then this book is the answer you’ve been looking for. It covers pretty much everything that anyone who plays or wants to play music should know. It is the book to have if you want to become a better musician, and have by your side as an immensely useful reference of knowledge.
This book is structured in a way that makes it very easy to follow, digest and internalize all important concepts that constitute music theory. What’s great is that you don’t have to be a college musician in order to understand and use any of this – anyone can do it, even a total newbie. It also doesn’t matter what instrument(s) you play, nor your current level of knowledge and playing ability, because music theory is universal and all about what sounds good together! Anyone can benefit from it. It explains the WHY and HOW, and it is your roadmap – a skill and a tool, guided by your ears, for creating your best music.
This is the most comprehensive and evergreen book on music theory that you can find – a book you’ll wish to study and refer to often, and keep it forever. You’ll also wish to gift it your friends and discuss about its content with other musicians.
It will give you what is necessary to become an expert in music theory without frustration and feeling overwhelmed in the process, and this in-turn will have immense benefits to your playing and musicianship!
But don’t take my word for it, use the Look Inside feature by clicking on the book cover to get a preview of what you’ll find inside.
Get this book now and solve all your problems with music theory!

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Description of Music Theory From Beginner to Expert PDF

As difficult as innovation is today. Music Theory From Beginner to Expert PDF is a text that is present in the form of inspiration that will broaden the minds beyond what an artist or photographer can see. This is one of the masterpieces that is recommended by all the great artists to be changing their visualization of the world of today. In the minds of someone that truly appreciates what this text has to offer lies the secret of changing the way everyone lives in this world. Art is the most influential subject of todays world and at all times has it been the foundation stone for change in this universe we live in. A must read and learn for all artist and especially photographers.

The Authors

Music Theory From Beginner to Expert PDF

Nicolas is an experienced guitar player and the best-sellingauthor of a range of books covering the topic of music and playing guitar. Heis most well-known for his insightful and uniquely presented studies of musictheory, covered in the books: Music Theory – From Absolute Beginner to Expert,and How to Read Music for Beginners. Together, his books have helped over 100000 people worldwide to understand and use music theory, and supported them ontheir music playing journeys.

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Top reviews

Too much for a beginner
January 7, 2019

This book advances too fast. This is not a book for a beginner. Picture a book that is titled Math: From beginner to expert. Now picture yourself picking up that book in textbook form and reading through it. Without solid fundamentals you will run out of gas shortly after the first chapter or two. You simply cannot absorb, learn, and retain the material as a beginner to progress through this book. I feel like the author is knowledgeable and experienced in music theory. Please do not think you will absorb the material as you read through the book. Now, if you are a musician or have been involved in music for a while, this may be your book. There is a ton of material. I applaud the author for writing and distributing the material, but bare in mind beginners should break down the material of music theory over several books.

Lance Miller
The most useful music theory book I’ve read
November 27, 2018

This book is the best explanation of music theory I’ve ever come across. Well worth it if you have gaps in your understanding of music.

I’m a bass and lead guitarist that’s played for years simply by ear. This year I bought several books and spent more time reading and learning than endless noodling on my guitar. This book turned out to be the one that changed the depth of my understanding. Of all the books and videos I’ve studied, this book and David Byrne’s “How Music Works” are now my basis for a more complete understanding of music and my guitar playing.

This is not a useful book for a beginner. If you are an expert you don’t need it. DON’T BUY !!!!
March 3, 2020

The book is misleading saying beginners to expert. Misleading is just a nice way to say it’s a lie. If you are a beginner don’t buy this book. If you are an expert you don’t need this book. I am disabled and now I have to drive across town to return a book that should be picked back up at my door. You only get 1 star so I can post. Waste of my time waiting now I have to go out more waste of my time and money for gas and being disabled also will be in pain to get this worthless book back to get my money back. The only thing I could see this book good for is to put under a wobbly leg of a table. JUNK !!!!

I found the explanations thorough and easy to understand
January 25, 2017

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review.
I found the explanations thorough and easy to understand. Scales, chords – how they are built and how they relate, chord substitutions, modes, inversions and extensions all became more clear to me and will give the aspiring songwriter a wealth of ideas to explore and have fun with.
Not that you need to be or want to be a songwriter to benefit. All players should know the information in this book.

Being such a broad and deep subject, it’s impossible to cover all of the aspects of theory in a single book but this little gem certainly has enough that anyone wanting to get a grasp of the more important/fundamental concepts of music theory will be well rewarded.
I don’t often rate anything 5 stars but Nicolas’ book comes close to that standard for me.

The (very minor) faults as I see it are an occasional mis-spelling and such, maybe auto spell raised it’s ugly head once or twice.
I want to re-read it and update this review as I didn’t bother making any notes while reading but all in all I would highly recommend this book to anyone with no knowledge on the subject, or someone like me with a more intermediate understanding.
I’m sure there are professional players who could gain a lot from reading it.
I’ll be looking at Carter’s other books and hope their quality are as good as this one.
I’m very impressed with this book and want to help encourage more from this author so I also paid for a copy.
It’s that good.
Read more

Best Music Theroy Book I have – Worth its weight in Gold
January 10, 2020

Best Music theroy book I have seen. It explains things in an easy to understand format. No fluff. Everything is explained in a logical maner without expecting you to know anything yet not insulting your intellegence. The knowlege can be applied to any musical instrument, but seems primarily targerted toward guitar and then piano. It is concise without being terse or leaving out important details. I was able to understand more reading this book for 3 hours than I have with other theroy books. You can use it as a reference book that you can dive into when you are trying to make sense of something. You won’t get lost or over your head in theroy trying to remember some detail you may have forgotten because the book is written extremely well. I also had a question that I emailed to the author and I got a responce within a day or two. I like the book so much I gave a copy as a gift. The book is well organized. I only wished that I could have discovered it sooner!

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