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API textbook of Medicine 10th Edition PDF is completely revised, updated and better illustrated. There are over 3000 pages with 1622 figures and 1460 tables. These large numbers of tables and figures have been used so that the information is easily understood and reading is facilitated. In this endeavour, many new additions have been done as compared to the previous edition. The book consists of 29 parts and each part discusses a group of disorders. In addition, 28 new chapters have also been added.

1. An entirely new part Future of Medicine, has been added. This part of the book deals with the anticipated progress in medicine which will be put to clinical use in the coming one to two decades or the advances that are being used in their early stages in clinical practice.

2. A new chapter on Disease Profile and Epidemiology of Communicable and Non-communicable Diseases in India has been added so that the reader has an ample understanding of the diseases commonly prevalent in this part of the world.

3. During the 9th edition, a new part had been added Clinical Approach to Key Manifestations. This has been further expanded and six new chapters have been added out of which one deals with the selection of the imaging modality which will be best suited to a clinical condition.

4. Part 4 of the book on Clinical Pharmacology has been re-oriented and new authors have contributed chapters. One of the chapters deals with National Formulatory of India in the National Health System.

5. The Part 7 on Critical Care Medicine has been thoroughly revised and to put adequate emphasis on cardiac resuscitation, a separate chapter has been devoted to Advanced Cardiac Life Support System.

6. The parts of the book dealing with various life-style disorders such as diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular diseases have been re-oriented for better understanding of the newer guidelines which have emerged.

7. A chapter on life-style measures, diabetes in the elderly and prevention of cardiovascular diseases have been added and discussed.

8. In the part dealing with gastrointestinal disorders, Pancreatitis has been divided into two parts—a chapter on Acute Pancreatitis and the other on Chronic Pancreatitis have been added, while Neoplasms of the Pancreas finds a separate chapter.

9. Similarly, Tumours of the Liver has been discussed as a separate chapter.

10. Chronic pulmonary disorders and sleep-related pulmonary disorders are increasing in prevalence and to address these issues the chapters have been thoroughly re-written and a chapter on Pulmonary Rehabilitation has been added in this part of the book.

11. Similarly, the management of stroke has been significantly modified and the chapters on Ischaemic or Haemorrhagic Stroke have been thoroughly revised and re-written.

12. A chapter on Oral Health and its relationship to systemic diseases has been presented separately.

13. For the first time, Futuristic Medicine and the problems of Space Travel have been delineated and highlighted.

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Description of API Textbook of Medicine 10th Edition PDF

This book for the subject of medicine is one of the best medical books a student can look upto for their studies in the field of medicine. All indian doctors and those who follow them know the importance of this textbook as it contains all the information about the diseases and conditions in the region and explains their diagnosis and treatment extensively into 2100 pages. It is a must download and read for all as a guide book. Master your medicine theory.

The Authors Message


The Association of Physicians (API) was established more than six decades back with the aim of furthering medical education, improving knowledge and helping other people to learn, along with the path to tread and unravel the mastery of disease and medicine.

The two objectives were to study with experience and imparting knowledge was very successfully carried out under aegis of API and ICP. This was the vision of our founding members that we should start doing research with Indian context as the basis and therefore the PRF was established after prolonged deliberation in the year 2016.

It is my proud privilege that I am entrusted with the task of channeling the research wing of API and ICP in our country with participation from large number of population and indoctrinating young doctors into the field of research. Any such effect if it motivates 5-10 doctors every year in field of research will be a major achievement for the Foundation, other significant aim will be to generate evidence in Indian context in Indian patients. Highlighting their generation and predisposition to disease and medicine, so that in the dream of individualizing medicine, we are not left behind the world.

This is a gigantic task in which teachers/researcher/ association members and the patient fraternity had to lend a helping hand so that the Foundation is worthy of its name and establishment. That is the guiding principle of Physician Research Foundation.

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