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The anatomical description of the human body outlines its morphology, answering mainly the question of “”how it works””. Therefore, a detailed layout is displayed on the anatomical board, where every element is analysed thoroughly. A description of the body as such does not trace the real body: the unity of the corporeal reality is closely connected with the entirety of the person, whose body is in the necessary condition to be able to carry out actions which are peculiar to it. As the reality of the body is to be an acting body, then a description that captures the real physical entity in its fullness must go through the acts that the subject does with his own body, which is always living a symbolic, intentional and emotional at lifestyle. In this volume, we present the first version of the “”philosophical”” anatomy of the body, which outlines through a survey the intentional acts of humans, or the true reality of man and his body. From this new perspective, the unity and entirety of the body are highlighted: the body is what a person has to feed, what makes someone play sports and music, dance, pray, work, and what allows me to carry out all those actions which make someone feel realised as a person. This new conceptual approach brings us on a phenomenological level when describing this data, and thus the acts of the living body. A new perspective, from which the corporeality takes shape as a living entity, and not as a set of substance and accidents, or an aggregate of organs, or a transcendent spiritual unity. About the Living Body PDF

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For students of all the branches of medicine and surgery and health professionals that aspire to be greater and better at their procedures and medications. A renowned book by those who have read it and learnt from it. Many have already ordered it and is on the way to their home. Whether you work in the USA, Canada, UK or anywhere around the world. If you are working as a health professional then this is a must read..  The most reviewed on book About the Living Body PDF is available for grabs now here on our website free. Whatever books, mainly textbooks we have in professional courses specially Medicine and surgery is a compendium in itself so understand one book you need to refer another 2-10 books. Beside this there are various other text material which needs to be mastered!! Only reference books are partially read but all other books have to be read, commanded and in fact read multiple times.

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  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Nova Biomedical; 1st edition (March 8, 2016)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Hardcover ‏ : ‎ 155 pages
  • International Standard Book Number-10 ‏ : ‎ 1634843576
  • International Standard Book Number-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1634843577
  • Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 12.6 ounces
  • Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 6 x 0.75 x 9 inches

Reviews From Customers

Mari J
Typos galore in this so-called “Revised” edition
October 15, 2019

I would have given this book four stars if not for the numerous typos, including missing question stems, which makes the practice questions at the end of each chapter frustrating to use. The organization is also not ideal… I would recommend using a different resource. I am halfway through my ob/gyn m3 clerkship and using this book has slowed me down; which is a shame because I think with a little reworking, it could be great- the content is in there somewhere, but the organization (in terms of pathology, work up, grouping common differentials together to compare and contrast, etc) leaves a lot to be desired.

Great book, up to date with current practice guidelines
November 2, 2019

I love it, the book is up to date with current recommendations and research regarding current OBGYN practice guidelines. it reads like a condensed textbook but it is totally doable and there are questions after each chapter.
I have mentioned things in this book to my preceptors and they are impressed by some of the things that I knew; it is especially helpful for preceptor’s questions when they ask you to master a certain topic, and I find this book has helped me nail a lot of the questions on U-WORLD.There are some things the book goes in a little “too” in depth though; I am using it in conjunction with First Aid for step 2 CK portion on obstetrics and gynecology for a “summary” of the summary. I am not seeing a ton of the typos that everyone is talking about. Still highly recommend the “revised’ edition.

Update: did well on shelf exam too.

July 14, 2018

Blueprints maintains its rep for having detailed books, which has pros and cons – it doesn’t have many gaps, but it comes at the cost of being a little verbose and having too much discussion of primary literature (could consider footnotes or appendices instead).

One big criticism – in some chapters, multiple review questions are missing question stems… a question sometimes comes out of nowhere (what is the best next step?) after something has clearly happened (e.g. patient started bleeding out) but the question stem is nowhere to be found. This is a lot worse than mere typos and undermines the usefulness of the review questions

Comprehensive, Time-Consuming, Hard to find key facts
December 29, 2021

Pros: If you are studying for your shelf and looking for a thorough primary resource with extra practice questions this is a pretty decent book.
Cons: It definitely is time consuming to go through during the wards and I only finished up the OB chapters before I finally stopped. Additionally when I tried to go back to cross reference material with other sources it was hard to find key facts. Kind of wish this book had headings or titles which make it easier to find stuff. It also goes into excess detail explaining statistics/studies which were not high yield for the shelf exam.

Elias Alejandro Ghafoor
A MUST-HAVE for your OBGYN Core Rotation
October 10, 2020

Current MS3 here:
OBGYN was my first rotation, and after just completed the rotation in full, I can say confidently that BluePrints OBGYN edition was an amazing guide, and provided such helpful explanations and details that helped me throughout my rotation. I’m a firm believer in understanding concepts before blindly memorizing, and I greatly appreciate how in-depth and thorough this textbook was

The revised edition needs to be revised again!!
August 8, 2019

This is a great resource, and I would fully recommend it to any other 3rd year MD student on OB/GYN rotation.

BUT, my Lord does this book contain so many typos, oddly written sentences, random punctuation in the middle of sentences and question stems that are missing prompts. It’s as if an editor didn’t even look over it! Some sentences have to be read a couple times to make sense of what they’re saying because they’re so poorly written. I would stick with a used 7th edition instead of getting a new 7th Revised edition, which was supposed to correct the misprints and typos of the 7th edition! 3/5 just because the book is so poorly edited. Content is 5/5.

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