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1000 Facts about Historic Figures Vol 1 PDF

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1000 Facts about Historic Figures Vol 1 PDF-Henry VIII’s body literally exploded during his funeral.
Martin Luther King had a pillow fight on the day he died.
Osama Bin Laden loved Mr. Bean and Super Mario Bros.
Pope Francis used to be a bouncer.
Muhammad Ali starred in a Broadway show.
Saddam Hussein played Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You during his 2002 campaign.
Julius Caesar was never the emperor of Rome.
Nelson Mandela said meeting the Spice Girls was “one of the greatest moments of my life.”
The last thing Walt Disney said was “Kurt Russell.”
Sigmund Freud tried to cure his daughter of being a lesbian.
John F. Kennedy went out with Hitler’s ex-girlfriend.
Abraham Lincoln took part in 300 wrestling matches. He only lost once.
Michael Jackson tried to buy Marvel so he could play Spider-Man.
Isaac Newton invented calculus when he was 25. He didn’t tell anybody for four years.
Donald Trump tried to make a cartoon about him saving the world from aliens.
Charles Manson never killed anybody in his entire life.
Genghis Khan’s army killed 11% of every human being on Earth.
Charles Darwin though the world was constantly growing in size.
Historians believe they figured out the identity of Jack the Ripper.

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1000 Facts about Historic Figures Vol 1 PDF

James Egan wrote 52 books in 52 weeks and has currently written over 80.

He has recently written How to Psychologically Survive Cancer, dedicated to his wife and father who battled with illness.

Five of these books went on to become #1 best sellers in the UK.

He is from Portarlington, Co. Laois in Ireland.

He has recently moved to Hampshire with his wife.

His Twitter is @jameswegan85. Follow to see daily updates about his books

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Top reviews

DCE “the author left out some important facts such as:

– the reason malcolm x changed his last name to x;
– that the king family ran a civil trial against martin’s actual killers, seeking $1 in damages as the litigation was to prove that Ray was not the killer. The court ruled against the true killers but this gained nearly no coverage in the press including in this book;
– Michael Jackson’s 2nd wife’s link to Australia (oi oi oi) and the fact that MJ underwent his plastic surgery transformation to avoid seeing his father’s semblance in the mirror and that his doctor was convicted over the Rx cocktail that killed MJ;
– more info about the rosetta stone (surely not an actual random artefact but a calculated “discovery”:
– Ghandi’s experience of discrimination was in Sth Africa’s apartheid;
– jesus’ virgin birth was actually prophesied in the old and new testaments so as soon as the Hebrew bible was canonised, or at least the gospels which tell of the virgin birth were canonised, the virgin birth was canonised (not the year the author states over 1000 years later!);
– the koran features more references to Jesus’ mother, but not technically to Mary, than the bible, including a whole chapter 9. but it’s called surah’t Miriam, the name of Moses’ sister. it would seem the writer of koran confused the names Mary and Miriam.
– in 2 of the few references to Mary in the bible, someone from the crowds is scalded by Jesus and shut down for truing to invoke homage or special status to Mary – proving Mary worship is heretical in Jesus’ opinion (but she is by whom all world religions including Islam will unite);
– the Koran was written by Jesuits as clearly evidenced by the multitude of apocryphal stories resurrected for the koran. They also named Jesus “Issa” because they were still referring to Jesus in latin as Isus in 600-700 AD when all of this was occurring;
– on the 20 year anniversary of Dianna Spencer’s death, french authorities revealed therey was another vehicle in the tunnel which had hit the balustrade and contributed to the crash, and had been repainted by the owners
of the car hoping not to get caught as there was paint on the conc k loop pool rete of the tunnel from their vehicle…
k did dad dz
and many more that were too important to leave out. i know all can’t be included, but the most important least known facts should be included otherwise it becomes a wikipaedia summary.

i’m well ready so i found this book to be entertaining and interesting. but I fear if you are less across the facts, whether you might end up with the wrong idea about some
important events in history but still give
it 4 star. well done”

R. Bennett “I liked a lot of the facts that were provided, although some left me scratching my head. Provide any sources to verify “facts?” Would it be too hard to believe all facts that are presented are true without some kind of proof (other than just because “I” the author said so!) to accompany them? And the writing style is definately English as a Second Language – word usage, spelling, punctuation, etc. – all demonstrate that this is a self published book by a foreign language speaker who “thinks” he or she is proficient at English and James Egan is definitely a pen name for someone who wants to present themself as an native speakers. I really wanted to like this book, but found most of it was difficult to accept as is due to the things I have mentioned. If you want to spend your money supporting these poorly written books, go ahead! But I suggest reading the reviews and go with something that is worth both your time AND money!”
K.L “I hesitate to say that the person who compiled these lists of facts is an author. He isn’t. Anyone could have compiled this list…I just like to read lists like this. Not great books, but interesting. Some of the information I had questions about because I read about some of these people in long winded books. These books come free with Kindle unlimited…I certainly wouldn’t pay good money for these. To me it’s like reading the cereal boxes in the morning with breakfast…okay to while away the time. I would definitely tell students not to use this as a source to be cited. It isn’t dependable. I just noticed another person who read this book complain about the English…it isn’t very good.

If you like trivia, this is an okay read…but that is it.”

P.Wood “It would have been nice to give this a ‘5 Star’ rating, as most of the facts are fascinating and illuminating. Unfortunately the poor use of English spoiled it for me, and in my opinion, this book (along with many other Kindle works I have recently read) sets bad examples for any budding writers/students. (Was a proper proof reader used?)
I get the feeling that most of the facts are from genuine source’s, but the naive, simplistic and erroneous ‘accepted’ assertion that Lee Harvey Oswald was the sole assassin of JFK and Police Office Tibbit (documented tests showed he hadn’t even fired a gun that day), just dented my confidence a little.
Having said that, I shall still read the next Volume in the series and will probably enjoy that just as much!!”
Reference: Wikipedia

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