Flakka the zombie drug, sideffects, behaviour and treatment

zombie drug

Nowadays there is a new drug that is taking over the world by storm named Flakka (the zombie drug). It is also called Gravel or Flocka. This new drug is used as a combination of crack and heroine but it is not that actually. It is gaining interest over the younger generation and the world of the addicts. 

What is flakka?

Flakka is becoming popular as the zombie drug. As the name indicates it causes zombie-like symptoms. The Forumula for the original flakka is alpha-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone. This thing that is causing zombie-like symptoms is not Flakka. Flakka was introduced early in the 1900s as a stimulant of the cathonine class. The three common names for this drug nowadays are

  1. Flakka
  2. Zombie drug
  3. Gravel (due to its white crystalline appearance)

The Zombie Drug

The drug popularly called flakka nowadays is actually Bath salts. They are a newer product of bath salts. Bath salts are in general, synthetic psychoactive drugs. These drugs are related to the cathonines. Every time a bath salt is made illegal due to harmful effects, its chemical structure is changed a bit and then made legal. The name remains the same so alpha-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone actually is flakka but changed. it is also called alpha-PVP.  It is a euphoria causing drug that addicts take for self-pleasure.

zombie drug

Mode of Use

Flakka maybe Smoked, Swallowed, ingested, snorted or injected. As it is a drug that will ultimately reach its destination and will cause the symptoms no matter what path it takes. The effects of the drug stay on for several hours. It is horrifying to watch. I will post a link to the video at the end.

Side effects of Flakka

First let me make you familiar with the word zombie. A zombie is a fictional character used in many movies, anime, and games. A zombie is generally a human eater or a carnivore that eats only human flesh and infects them. They move around in a weird way and have no sense of what they are doing or what the environment around them is. The drug is called zombie drug because it makes you a zombie

Flakka causes the following that makes people call them zombies

  • Jerking movement of muscles in a highly uncoordinated manner
  • Delirious thoughts of pleasure, Highness
  • Paranoia, causing fear
  • Extreme agitation(A mental state of extreme emotional disturbance)

Although all these are side effects of many drugs, but, the jerking movements involuntarily are what makes it unique and disturbing to witness.

Documented victims behaviours

Some of the victims of this drug have been documented using video cameras and they after the behaviour express themselves as they felt like they were being chased. Some say they were being attacked by a large group of people. This makes them run like crazy anywhere and everywhere. The people (commonly police) that have tried to restrain them have had injuries too because the behaviour is highly volatile. They are given sedatives at the spot to make it stop.

Complications of Flakka

Complications at the instant use of this zombie drug are of course

  • The excited state of the mind. This is a medical emergency as patients restrained struggle to free themselves, use anything they can to get the person out of their way, harming themselves and others. This struggle causes Hyperthermia which is a saturating factor to the body’s destruction along with increased movements. Muscles can be torn, skin can be ruptured. Blood pressure may rise to very high levels. The heart can be at risk. Dehydration occurs and rhabdomyolysis too. This can cause problems in filtering operations of the kidney and renal failure may occur. Some individual cannot be restrained unless shot by a taser (electrifying gun) and this is in itself harmful. If left for long all these symptoms may aggravate to death even.

The Outbreak of Flakka (zombie drug)

Until now the drug is restricted to some parts of the world but is gaining increased interest among addicts and the young. The Drug authorities and Law enforcement agencies, on the other hand, call this an emerging major drug-overdose outbreak that will soon rise to higher levels and cause life-threatening circumstances for the people.

Treatment and Rehabilitation

  1. The neurological symptoms can be depressed using Benzodiazepines
  2. The Cardiovascular involvement can be treated using low dose nor-epinephrines to stabilize the heart rate and blood pressure

However, the major help still rests in rehabilitation. Take good care of these addicts as this is a highly addictive and life-threatening drug. Keep away all times and do not let the victim alone unless proven he\she will never go for it again.

That was all about the flakka drug. Leave your questions in the comment below if you want to know more and in the meantime here are some other common diseases that are gaining popularity nowadays

Here’s the link to the video



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