Facts to know before going for AMC and Australia

things to do before taking the AMC exam

Things to do before taking the AMC exam

AMC (Australian medical council) exam is your pathway to becoming a doctor in Australia. like every exam, this too has its own ways and here I will share some tips on things to do before taking the AMC exam.

Is Australia worth it?

Many aspirants have this question in mind because it’s not only the test that matters but also the residency and other hardships that come along with it. Although there have been some changes in Australia that have led to more medical graduates locally in Australia for meeting the medical demands of the country, Yes they still cannot fully succeed in their purpose and the need for IMG’s is still a better option. Else than that doctors in Australia get paid better than many other developing countries, so if you’re in for the money then you in too.

Rural and Urban Australia?

Not to worry even if you get to rural Australia. the regional and local rural people in Australia are very well established and settled. The environment there is just as good as urban Australia. Houses cheaper, better accommodation options compared to the Urban metropolitan areas with taller buildings and higher stress levels.

Doctors appointed to rural areas are still working there after 10-20 years and love the life there. This too should let you know better that it is the same as urban. there are no security or safety problems either as Australia have an efficient police system, Ambulances, and firefighters, they have it all on fleek. the best part. No parking issues.

Income difference in rural Australia

Doctors in Urban Australia don’t earn as much as their friend and fellows in rural areas. the reason being they get chances to work in the local hospitals and doing more clinical procedures alongside their private income. the difference in the increase is around 100-200 thousand/year. That is, the rural-ers being the better earners. So once again. The money is not the problem.

things to do before taking the AMC exam

Path to general practice in rural Australia.

This depends mostly on your experience like every other thing in the world almost does. However, there are somethings that you must have gone through.

The AMC Exam

Clear as the water we all know this is necessary to work anywhere in Australia for an IMG. This exam has its own ups and downs, tricks and treats. It is a solely MCQs exam and works on testing your knowledge and skill about medicine. You can know all about this exam by a simple click on the link below.



to be eligible to practice medicine in Australia every IMG must score from 7-7.5  bands in each subject of these language tests. IELTS is now almost accepted worldwide for every country’s IMG eligibility. The English test though, not required by the Australian Medical Council is however asked for at the time of employment and also by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Agency (AHPRA).

Experienced general practice

It is now obligatory for IMGs to have at least 3 years of overseas or abroad work experience in general medicine practice after the internship year to legitimately work as general practitioners in Australia. those with lesser experience will have a hard time getting their registration with the medical board of Australia.

Getting jobs? easy or not?

Getting a job in the famous major hospitals in Australia is tougher than those that are not. the reason here is because everyone wants the big fish so those with the better knowledge, score, and experiences will fill the seats first. If you have full confidence you are up for it then stand up for it. Your experience matters the most. this is also a good thing as you can come up to the Urban more developed Australia after some years work in rural, but if you look at the facts you will not come back.

Salaries of Doctors in Australia?

click the heading you just read doctor.

That’s almost all you need to know about things to do before taking the AMC exam. drop your queries in the comments below and in the meantime I have compared

AMC with PLAB if you are interested. Else than that, you can get detailed information at AMC’s official site Bye.



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