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By the time Weisman met Sinatra in 1976, he was already the Voice, a man who held sway over popular music and pop culture for forty years, who had risen to the greatest heights of fame and plumbed the depths of failure, all the while surviving with the trademark swagger that women pined for and men wanted to emulate. Passionate and generous on his best days, sullen and unpredictable on his worst, Sinatra invited Weisman into his inner circle, an honor that the budding celebrity manager never took for granted. Even when he was caught up in a legal net designed to snare Sinatra, Weisman went to prison rather than being coerced into telling prosecutors what they wanted to hear. The Way It Was My Life with Frank Sinatra PDF

With Weisman’s help, Sinatra orchestrated in his final decades some of the most memorable moments of his career. There was the Duets album, which was Sinatra’s top seller, the massive tours, such as Together Again, which featured a short-lived reunion of the Rat Pack–until Dean Martin, having little interest in reliving the glory days, couldn’t handle it anymore–and the Ultimate Event Tour, which brought Liza Minelli and Sammy Davis Jr. on board and refreshed the much-needed lining of both their pocketbooks. Weisman also worked with many other acts, including Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme, and an ungrateful Don Rickles, whom Weisman helped get out from under the mob’s thumb.

Over their years together, Weisman became a confidant to the man who trusted few, and he came to know Sinatra’s world intimately: his wife, Barbara, who socialized with princesses and presidents and tried to close Sinatra off from his rough and tough friends such as Jilly Rizzo; Nancy Jr., who was closest to her dad; Tina, who aggressively battled for her and her siblings’ rights to the Sinatra legacy and was most like her father; and Frank Jr., the child with the most fraught relationship with the legendary entertainer. Ultimately Weisman, who had become the executor of Sinatra’s estate, was left alone to navigate the infighting and hatred between those born to the name and the wife who acquired it, when a mystery woman showed up and threatened to throw the family’s future into jeopardy.

Laden with surprising, moving, and revealing stories, The Way It Was also shows a side of Sinatra few knew. As a lion in winter, he was struggling with the challenges that come with old age, as well as memory loss, depression, and antidepressents. Weisman was by his side through it all, witness to a man who had towering confidence, staggering fearlessness, and a rarely seen vulnerability that became more apparent as his final days approached.

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The Authors

The Way It Was My Life with Frank Sinatra PDF

Jennifer Valoppi is a Multi-Emmy Award-Winning TV Journalist, Award-Winning Author, and Social Entrepreneur, who has been recognized ten times on the floor of the United States Congress and is a recipient of former Florida. Governor Jeb Bush’s Points of Light Award, the highest honor in the State of Florida.

Her latest release, CERTAIN CURE: Where Science Meets Religion is available now! Valoppi released ‘THE WAY IT WAS: My Life with Frank Sinatra’ (Hachette Books October 24, 2017), a candid and eye-opening look at Frank Sinatra, a personal friend of Valoppi’s as told by his long-time manager, Eliot Weisman.

Valoppi is a veteran TV news anchor and host in Miami, New York, and Los Angeles and has appeared on network, local, cable, and nationally syndicated programs as well as consulting on and appearing in film. As President & Founder of the Women of Tomorrow Mentor & Scholarship Program, which celebrates its 23rd Anniversary in 2020, Valoppi directs the mentoring of 4,400 at-risk girls in close to 200 public high schools in South Florida, Metro Detroit, and Philadelphia, with a network of hundreds of highly accomplished professional women, awarding over $7 million dollars in college scholarships.

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Top reviews

The last bittersweet years of a stupendous talent
December 9, 2017

Weisman was Sinatra’s road manager and final manager for the last few years of his performing life. Sinatra was past his prime but still had the talent and the drive, and the psychological need, to perform. Weisman gave him the opportunity to continue performing in concerts after his former, longtime manager gave up. Because of this, Weisman’s story has a bittersweet edge to it. It’s interesting and describes the perils and rewards in booking and managing tours in the US, Europe and Asia, but it is still the story of a superlatively talented man battling old age and increasing dementia.

Weisman begins by giving some information about his early life and then more details about his experiences in the 70’s when he set up a theater in partnership with Mafia criminals. He’s a bit vague about whether or not he knew from the beginning just who he was dealing with, but he found out fast when he discovered that the profits being skimmed off and then he was arrested and indicted for fraud. He helped the prosecution to some extent in other to shorten his sentence but he never “ratted” on his former partners. One wonders if this is the reason Sinatra initially agreed to employ him…because he didn’t sell out his friends.

Weisman actually began working with Sinatra in the early 80’s as road manager and then as manager, evidently without Sinatra knowing that he had been his booking agent from the start. It gives the reader an idea about how dependent performers are on their managers, lawyers, accountants and agents without always realizing how they work together. It is evident that Sinatra came to trust Weisman, even making him co-executor of his will (no easy job considering the mutual animosity of Barbara Sinatra and the three Sinatra offspring) and Weisman respected, even loved, Sinatra. Weisman’s clients included Liza Minelli, Sammy Davis, Jr., Steve Lawrence and Eddie Gorme and this facilitated his planning the tours and concerts where they performed together. His last major accomplishment for Sinatra was bringing about the two Duets recordings, despite Sinatra’s initial worry, even fear, about going into a recording studio again.

This is not a “tell all” book although Weisman does include one negative experience with Donald Trump who wanted to renegotiate a contract for the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City. Trump’s comments about the recently deceased Davis was offensive to Weisman. He is generally complimentary about people and praises his client performers. He is also respectful of Barbara Sinatra although a few incidents make the reader wonder about her real intentions. For instance, Sinatra was a long time user of an anti-depressant that his doctors, including Dr. DeBakey, warned was deleterious to his overall health and could be a significant contributor to his forgetfulness and growing dementia. Everyone wanted him to stop the medication and go into a hospital where his withdrawal could be carefully monitored. DeBakey even offered him a floor in a hospital in Texas. Barbara said no because she was afraid of possible violence. Was this the real reason or did she want to be able to continue controlling him? The battle for his estate and wealth started several years before his real decline and his children and Barbara appear to have been greedy about who would get what, like arguing over the funeral meats before the king has even died. According to Weisman, Sinatra truly cared about Barbara and was very unhappy about the antagonism in his family but could do little about it except try to insure that no one would be hurt financially. Hence Weisman’s headaches as executor during the five years after Sinatra’s death before final pay outs were finalized.

Weisman has written an interesting account of his work with a complex man of outstanding talents. Fans should be grateful for this thoughtful book as well as the fact that Weisman worked so that Sinatra could have a few more years doing what he most loved, performing and singing before adoring audiences.
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joseph d. vinarski
especially telling in the chapters on Frank’s declining years and the sad reality of letting go and leaving the stage for …
November 11, 2017

I found the book fascinating, especially telling in the chapters on Frank’s declining years and the sad reality of letting go and leaving the stage for good in 1995. Everyone who saw Frank in concert in the waning years left the auditorium worried about his health and the Alzheimer rumors abounded. But I think we all knew that he loved performing so much that once he stopped his downward spiral would really accelerate. It was reassuring to read that his wife Barbara was consistently looking out for his welfare, but my opinion of the children really nosedived after reading how money grabbing and self centered those offspring were. I will always remember Sinatra, warts and all, as the greatest performer of my lifetime. The seven times I had the pleasure of seeing him live on stage remains one of the high points of my life. There will never be another like him, ever. The Way It Was My Life with Frank Sinatra PDF

Hard to put down
March 29, 2018

This book covers the final touring years of Sinatra’s career as well as the recording of the Duet’s album. The author was Sinatra’s manager for these final years as well as the manager of Steve Lawrence/Eydie Gorme, Liza Minnelli, Don Rickles, Sammy Davis Jr. and others. The author provides background on how he got into the entertainment business which I think is fitting for any autobiography. The book is not necessarily a biography of Sinatra but of the author’s relationship with Sinatra. There are numerous stories that I have read before but it is nice to have them corroborated by someone who had a long-term relationship with Sinatra. Most sad was hearing that Sinatra was on an anti-depressant which affected his memory and despite being told by numerous doctors that he should get off of it, his wife (Barbara) insisted he stay on it. The story of his initial refusal to record the Duet’s album was also sad as maybe she had to goad and verbally abuse him to get him to do it but the young Frank Sinatra would never have put up with that. It seems like between Barbara and the kids fighting over his money before he even passed away, the poor man had no peace. All in all, I found the book to be a real page turner and would recommend it to any fan of the Chairman of the Board.

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Top reviews from other countries
Such a tame account of a legend
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on October 17, 2021

Found the book boring , no real insight into the man , more a rundown of the authors management life and dealings over the years, If you want something that sparkles with gossipy hearsay and gives you a good old intrigue of a read then check out Kitty Kelley’s fascinating unauthorised biography. Sinatra subsequently dropped his lawsuit against her book more than likely there was too much truth in it for him.

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