The Two Week Curse A LitRPG Fantasy Series PDF Free Download

The Two Week Curse A LitRPG Fantasy Series PDF

Features of The Two Week Curse A LitRPG Fantasy Series PDF

The Two Week Curse A LitRPG Fantasy Series PDF Erik West is an ex-combat medic. He and his best friend, Marine recon sniper Jimmy ‘Rugrat’ Rodriguez, have been thrown into another world. They’ve become one of the “cursed.” Now they have to figure out this fantasy world, where cultivation, skills, and abilities must be grown… or death awaits.Ascension is just around the corner, whatever that means. But they’ll need to master magic and temper their bodies to survive. In a world where your personal strength is your greatest value, Erik and Rugrat have to start from the bottom. But they’ve cut their teeth in conflicts all across Earth, and honed their skills over years of training while creating a bond and upholding their honors and oaths.It’s not a question of if they are ready for the ten realms, but instead are the ten realms ready for them? Get it now.

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The Two Week Curse A LitRPG Fantasy Series PDF

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Description of The Two Week Curse A LitRPG Fantasy Series PDF

Every individual must read The Two Week Curse A LitRPG Fantasy Series PDF atleast once in their life as this book has the qualities to cheer up any mood that is causing tension or anxiety in your life. It will balance you in ways unimaginable as it has all the essentials of a good entertainment and humor book just like some of the worlds most leading novels that just compliment the mind with knowledge alongside comfort and relaxation. No matter what profession you belong to and no matter what sort of life you live on a daily basis. This book is a must read for everyone of everyage at anytime they can find for it.

The Authors

The Two Week Curse A LitRPG Fantasy Series PDF

International bestseller Michael Chatfield is an army veteran who enjoys long walks in foreign countries and some good beer with videos games at night!

He writes character driven fast paced series spanning Fantasy, Science fiction and LitRPG.

He focuses on bringing a realism and depth to stories that bring his worlds alive. He is currently working on the fantasy Epic Ten Realms, following two veterans dropped into a fantasy world.

He has several complete series such as the LitRPG series Emerilia, Space Opera The Free Fleet, Hard Military Science Fiction Series, Harmony War continued in the Maraukian War Series and humor filled Fantasy Death Knight Series!

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Top reviews

 From a good start to a bad middle and an okay ending.

July 8, 2018

I was debating with myself alot about how to rate this book, finally i decided to give it a 3/5 because i liked Emerilia and based on that previous series i think the author will deliver a better second book in this new series and i am not ready to doom it yet.
But if i were to judge this book on it’s own merits it definitely drops to a 2/5.Erik and Rugrat both serve in a mercenary force in Africa guarding shady copper mine owners, they run into an ambush in which they get hit with a mysterious “two weeks curse” and Erik get’s blown up with an IED.
This curse gives them interfaces like in a video game, stats, access to magic, healing powers and after two weeks teleports them and their surrounding area to an unknown place. standard LitRPG opening, nothing new..
Once they arrive to this new place then it becomes interesting, the fact that they are together with gear and expected to be teleported in the first place made this starting point unique.
I enjoyed the two characters synergy that was going on, them learning about the new world’s and it’s mechanics, deciding on their path together and later on trying to find ways to survive better as one unit while becoming stronger, it was great!And then in the most interesting point of the book (just before the half mark) when it’s all about to kick into high gear it grinds to a halt instead in one of the most unoriginal, uninspired and unnecessary “quest” that managed to contradict parts of the story and was completely unbelievable in how it was accomplished (for more details see the spoiler section below).
If the book would have continued on the same path of it’s first half or if this quest was done in a believable manner it would have been a much more enjoyable read then it is now.Another thing to be improved in this book is it’s editing and errors, while it’s not bad as to be even close to unreadable status it still could have used more time in that department.
I still intend to buy the second book in the series and give it another shot, it’s an Okay read at the moment with high chances of improvement later on.My Major Gripes With The “Quest” – SPOILER ALERT!
Erik and Rugrat get teleported outside a small backwater farming village that is about to be attacked by a horde of thousands of high level crazed animals with some intelligence and super strength.
The village has dirt roads, a wall that is made out of mud and buildings made out of “wood and dirt”, it has a population of 181 farmers and village folk including elderly and children, some hunters, 20 guards that are not much better then the hunters and 1 Novice blacksmith.
They have total control of the village and the time of the attack is in TWO WEEKS.

In these mere two weeks, Erik and Rugrat helped the villagers to accomplish this:
– gathering food supply and water that will last for 4 months.
– fortifying the walls, make traps and obstacles and build watchtowers.
– heal everyone, fix sanitation and build latrines and showers.
– craft 100+ crossbows, dozens of spears and thousands of arrows FROM SCRATCH.
– gather enough wood for all the buildings and weapons (there was nothing on where and how they got all the metal from)
– form a military style militia force with officers, full training in weapons and discipline with different types of units that includes: range units, sharpshooters, heavy infantry, medics, mages and an elite quick response team.
– power level most of the village from an average level of 5 to an average of 10.
– have the villagers succeed in running most of everything on their own in a way that leaves Erik and Rugrat plenty of time to multiply their own power and levels while also advancing their chosen profession.The Two Week Curse A LitRPG Fantasy Series PDF

All in two bloody weeks, “how?!” you ask, very simple, books! not skill books in which the knowledge is instant and instinctive, regular books, called – MANUALS!
Never mind the fact that none of these farmers in this backwater village have even seen a book before, because books in this world are considered treasures, they are horded by the wealthy and the strong so it may only be passed and sold to other wealthy and strong individuals.
Never mind the previous mention in THIS book that most of the simple folk are illiterate, something that is very logical when a single book can cost years of labor in silver.
But all the residents of this very special “Village of The Savant Farmers” can not only read and write, they can immediately comprehend and act upon what is written in these manuals and pass the knowledge downwards like god damn robots.
“We need better weapons? no problem! let’s just buy a few manuals for the blacksmith and in 2 days he will level up from novice to apprentice on his own”
“We bought 50 swords and shields for close combat, so let’s buy some sword and shield manuals and give them to the officer in charge, he will read the manuals, pass the information downward to his soldiers via training and in a single day we have a full unit that knows how to fight with shield and swords together and even form shield walls and other formations.
Just buy a manual for every need that occurs, pass it on to a farmer that never seen a book before, and that farmer knows what to do in a day and will teach the others!

This entire part of the book (a good third of the book) was absolutely ludicrous while somehow managing to be both agonizingly slow in pace and feel rushed!The Two Week Curse A LitRPG Fantasy Series PDF
Just unimaginative, unbelievable and self contradicting quest that made me roll my eyes so much.

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