The Necronomnomnom: Recipes and Rites from the Lore of H P Lovecraft PDF Free Download

Features of The Necronomnomnom: Recipes and Rites from the Lore of H P Lovecraft PDF

A Lovecraft-inspired cookbook with recipes to whet your appetite and threaten your sanity The Necronomnomnom: Recipes and Rites from the Lore of H P Lovecraft PDF

Reading about the slime- covered, non- Euclidean ruins of the sunken city of R’lyeh or the squamous, tentacled deity who slumbers there would make anyone hungry. Starting with the puns and working from there, authors Mike Slater and Thomas Roache have summoned forth 50 funny, bizarre, and horrible dishes such as:

• The Deep Fried Deep One
• Nog Sothoth
• Cthus-Koos
• The Great Old Buns
• The Gin and Miskatonic

Like H. P. Lovecraft’s Necronomicon, the legendary and forbidden book of the dead that is “alien to all sane and balanced readers,” this cookbook contains many dark (but still delicious) secrets within its pages. The book comes infested with sanity- melting and mouth- watering illustrations, as well as annotations full of crazed discoveries and desperate warnings about the recipes that brave readers will undertake.

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Description of The Necronomnomnom: Recipes and Rites from the Lore of H P Lovecraft PDF

Every individual must read The Necronomnomnom: Recipes and Rites from the Lore of H P Lovecraft PDF atleast once in their life as this book has the qualities to cheer up any mood that is causing tension or anxiety in your life. It will balance you in ways unimaginable as it has all the essentials of a good entertainment and humor book just like some of the worlds most leading novels that just compliment the mind with knowledge alongside comfort and relaxation. No matter what profession you belong to and no matter what sort of life you live on a daily basis. This book is a must read for everyone of everyage at anytime they can find for it.

The Authors

The Necronomnomnom: Recipes and Rites from the Lore of H P Lovecraft PDF

Mike Slater is the author of The Necronomnomnom and co-owner of Red Duke Games, a tabletop and card game company. He lives in Royersford, Pennsylvania.

Fans of Lovecraft for years, Mike Slater and Thomas Roache are the co-owners of Red Duke Games, a tabletop and card game company based in Pennsylvania.

Dimensions and Characteristics of The Necronomnomnom: Recipes and Rites from the Lore of H P Lovecraft PDF

  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Countryman Press; Illustrated edition (October 1, 2019)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Hardcover ‏ : ‎ 208 pages
  • International Standard Book Number-10 ‏ : ‎ 1682684385
  • International Standard Book Number-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1682684382
  • Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 2.26 pounds
  • Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 8.3 x 0.9 x 10.3 inches

Top reviews

 Great tribute to Lovecraft, but so-so Cookbook

October 21, 2019

I will preface this review by saying that I can tell a lot of love was put into this book. The writing, the tone, the illustrations. All are fabulously grotesque and perfect for any lover of Lovecraft.

The reason I am giving 3 stars is due to the fact that I had hoped for something different and found myself disappointed. I (unfortunately) assumed there would be pictures of the food, like with most cookbooks. Instead, there are only illustrations, which, along with the vague occult descriptions of recipes and cooking directions, actually makes it hard to figure out what you are making unless it is specified as Mac n Cheese or Lamb. The items that I could easily figure out were recipes I basically already knew.

To help others make an educated decision, I have attached some photos of the inside of the book. It is a lovely book and so well done, but for cooking purposes, I am personally left a little disappointed. If I had known there would be no photos of the food being made, I would not have made a purchase.

I believe it would be helpful if provided some images of the inside of the book, but as it stands, it appears I made an uneducated purchase. Lovers of Lovecraft will enjoy, but those who were serious about getting down with the creepy cooking might be left wanting and wondering about what they are cooking up for the Old Ones.Who knows, perhaps that’s part of the charm for some!

 Lovecraft’s cook book, if he were to write one

November 7, 2019

Through great ian peril I have at last obtained the forbidden Necronomnomnom! With a minor knowledge of the arcane cooking arts, one can easily reproduce the great recipes therein. Wait… is that a tentacle reaching out from my oven….
Anthony F.
 Best themed cookbook by far.

April 5, 2020

OK, this book is just awesome.

First off, when I saw it and touched it for the first time you can see the cover is raised and textures to mimic that ” bound in flesh feel”. Which is cool to begin with.

Upon starting to read the book, I noticed that it is written in a way that feels like your are reading from the necronomicon itself. 📜 ranging from ritualistic, spell style , investigators perspectives and much more. It has full on usage of HP lovecraft lore imbued into it. An example the “Gin and Miskatonic”

The artwork is fantastic, great detail and quality 👌

I have gotten almost every themed cookbook and this is my favorite by far. I 100% recommend this to anyone. If you are wondering if you should buy it, the answer is a huge yes.

K. Houlton
 Perfect. Wow. This is so me!

March 4, 2021

Every now and then you stumble upon something that makes the world seem like a better, friendlier place. This cookbook is one of those things. I adore H.P. Lovecraft. At first, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing…The Necronomnomnom??? Could it be possible? Seriously?? I looked and looked at the recipes shown in the “Look Inside” aspect and proceeded to laugh myself silly. I cried! I think I coughed up a lung or two. My favorite recipe? New England Damned Chowder. Even now, I still laugh and am absolutely delighted. This book is also gorgeous. The artwork would make Lovecraft proud. He was ahead of his time, and this cookbook pays such a great tribute to his genius! Just knowing that there are others out there who love Lovecraft as much as me makes me feel all warm, happy, and cozy. Think it’s time to make some Damned Chowder…
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