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Of the innumerable ways that science and humanity interact, few are as central or as significant as our interaction with microorganisms. Though these single-celled and “complete” living organisms have major impacts on many chemical and ecological processes, they are most often recognized for their ability to cause serious and sometimes fatal diseases. From diseases caused by bacteria, like pneumonia, tuberculosis, anthrax, meningitis, typhoid, and bubonic plague, to diseases caused by viruses, like HIV, polio, yellow fever, hepatitis, and influenza, humanity has struggled to cope with the rapidly changing capabilities of microorganisms. They are intimately involved with life, and must be taken into account in many ways when considering the welfare and health of all people. This book is a response to the current confusion and misunderstanding of microbes amongst the general public; written in narrative form, it will allow readers of all backgrounds to understand better the scientific concepts and terminology of how microbial or viral diseases are caused, to ask intelligent questions about the impact of diseases on our wellbeing, and to comprehend the reports about disease outbreaks that flood the media. The book begins by introducing the microbe, its history, and its basic science. Then, in an engaging narrative, Firshein describes seven critical microbial and viral diseases that plague our world, showing how each one illustrates the basic characteristics of infection. Each of these seven diseases follows the same path: invasion, internal spread, toxin effects, excretion, and transmission to a new host. In this lively discussion of pathogenicity, William Firshein reveals the fascinating scientific relationship between human and microbe, and shows us how humanity can live with microorganisms.The Infectious Microbe PDF

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Health, anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, medicine, surgery, and nursing textbooks will likely be at your side throughout your medical studies, and you’ll be reading through countless scientific papers, but you might want to read something beforehand that gives you insight into the world of medicine in practice – whether that’s research, at the clinic or in the operating room.  The most featured and reviewed on book The Infectious Microbe PDF is available for grabs now here on our website free for students and professionals sole purpose of teaching and education. It has been boasted and proven with thousands of user reviews that it has all the information to make you one of the highly qualified professionals in the world of medicine and its branches. Without a doubt a masterpiece for those who aspire to be doctors or heal those they find in ailment. It is a must read again and again for everyone that can get their hands on this limited edition book.

The Authors

William Firshein is the Daniel Ayers Professor of Biology Emeritus who chaired the Department of Biology at Wesleyan University for six years. He has published over 75 original research papers concerning microbial pathogenicity and was awarded several million dollars from both governmental and
private agencies to support his research. He has taught over 6000 undergraduate and graduate students during his 47-year tenure at Wesleyan, as well as presenting numerous seminars at various universities and meetings.
–This text refers to the hardcover edition.

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Top reviews

Gert Bo Thorgersen
 A good instructive book on how viruses and bacteria work in us when infected.

October 24, 2021

This is one of the many books about viruses, bacteria, and vaccines, which I have read since the Covid-19 epidemic problem started.

50 sides of the book cover the diseases: Cholera, HIV-AIDS, Influenza, Streptococci/Staphylococci, Tuberculosis, and Ulcers. And about them much details and many science words, so for me it was not fast reading. For example, for Streptococci/Staphylococci mentioned many variants, and for some of these on the surface variants of over 80 different kinds of M proteins, making it difficult for our immune system to react against individuals infected by more than one type streptococcus pyogenes. And besides pictures showing “flesh-eating”.

We get pictures, but especially many helpful drawings showing how microbes attacks, and how working after having got into cells. And for 21 of these drawings between the sides 48 – 49 have them again, and now as excellent colored drawings on plastic sides.

By reading the book my previous knowledge concerning the “Mad cow” was increased. Here we read that the disease actually was caused by the Arab-Israel wars which started in 1973, because then in Europe and USA thereby missing oil. Because the cow among other got proteins by offal from slaughtered sheep dead by the disease scrapie, which previously had been inactivated by petroleum solvents, but now missing oil then not deactivated and resulted in cows hit by the actual virus.

It’s also interesting to read about how concerning Ulcers and Heliobacter, that most doctors believed that no bacteria could live in the stomach’s powerful acid with the its pH value on around 2.5. But then it was discovered that when the Heliobacter moved from the digestive tract to the stomach, by then making a surface protection, managed this. Honored with a Nobel price in 2005.

As the causes of spreading diseases, or turning them into epidemic, we read about when many persons er “living on each other” in big cities or by beaches, and about countries connected by fast transport, and of course health and hygiene.

Concerning Cholera, which in in 2010, hit Haiti, after earthquake and hurricane, we read about discussions whether the disease was the result of the natural disaster which killed 95,000 persons, or if it was brought by the Nepalese soldiers who for helping came from the capital where cholera had just been registered. Because by the soldier’s camp waste tanks were emptied and leaked into river, and Cholera then started among the peoples whom they had come to help.

After this reading, then when reading about Influenza (Flu), and the 1918 “Spanish flu”, I recalled that the “Spanish flu” also was brought by soldiers, actually from an army training camp in Kansas. But in the book, concerning how to be protected against Flu and parallel diseases, then as in almost every doctor book we only read about vaccines, and not about vitamins/minerals. But among other in the year 1948 Dr. Kaufman wrote about how all of his 42 Polio patients had been totally cured by vitamin C. An also, already in 1920, an American doctor then wrote about how all of his patients hit by the “Spanish flu” had been cured by vitamin C. Actually, vitamin C kills all viruses, so now with the Covid-19, of cause, FDA and CDC warns against vitamin C, don’t anting us to be healthy, as it, like for example vitamin D3, fights Covid-19.

Concerning good books telling the truth about vaccines, especially we have the excellent books by Suzanne Humphries, MD & Roman Bystrianyk: “Dissolving Illusions. Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History”, 500 sides, and Neil Z Miller: “Critical Vaccine Studies”, about 438 summaries of vaccine reports results.

Last in the book we have the chapter “Biological Terrorism: Myths and Realities”, in which among other, a possible use of Ebola or Marburg virus diseases with dead rates on 30% – 90%, maybe to big cities brought by suicide terrorist. And about the in USA well known case with Anthrax sent in letters.

Reference: Wikipedia

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