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The instant New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller The End of Alzheimers PDF

A groundbreaking plan to prevent and reverse Alzheimer’s Disease that fundamentally changes how we understand cognitive decline.

Everyone knows someone who has survived cancer, but until now no one knows anyone who has survived Alzheimer’s Disease.

In this paradigm shifting book, Dale Bredesen, MD, offers real hope to anyone looking to prevent and even reverse Alzheimer’s Disease and cognitive decline.  Revealing that AD is not one condition, as it is currently treated, but three, The End of Alzheimer’s outlines 36 metabolic factors (micronutrients, hormone levels, sleep) that can trigger “downsizing” in the brain. The protocol shows us how to rebalance these factors using lifestyle modifications like taking B12, eliminating gluten, or improving oral hygiene.

The results are impressive. Of the first ten patients on the protocol, nine displayed significant improvement with 3-6 months; since then the protocol has yielded similar results with hundreds more. Now, The End of Alzheimer’s brings new hope to a broad audience of patients, caregivers, physicians, and treatment centers with a fascinating look inside the science and a complete step-by-step plan that fundamentally changes how we treat and even think about AD.

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The most featured and reviewed on book The End of Alzheimers PDF is available for grabs now here on our website for free. It has been boasted and proven with thousands of user reviews that it has all the information to make you one of the highly qualified professionals in the world of medicine and its branches. Without a doubt a masterpiece for those who aspire to be doctors or heal those they find in ailment. It is a must read again and again for everyone that can get their hands on this limited edition book.

The Authors

The End of Alzheimers PDF

Dale Bredesen, M.D., is internationally recognized as an expert in the mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. He graduated from Caltech, then earned his M.D. from Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina. He served as chief resident in neurology at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) before joining Nobel laureate Stanley Prusiner’s laboratory at UCSF as an NIH postdoctoral fellow. He held faculty positions at UCSF, UCLA, and the University of California, San Diego. Dr. Bredesen directed the Program on Aging at the Burnham Institute before coming to the Buck Institute in 1998 as its founding president and CEO. He is the chief medical officer of MPI Cognition.The End of Alzheimers PDF

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  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Penguin Publishing Group; 1st edition (July 21, 2020)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Paperback ‏ : ‎ 320 pages
  • International Standard Book Number-10 ‏ : ‎ 0735216215
  • International Standard Book Number-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0735216211
  • Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 10.4 ounces
  • Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 5.32 x 0.86 x 8 inches

Top reviews

 Complicated and Expensive Protocol Which Did Nothing For Us

August 11, 2019

My husband and I were very excited over this book when I bought it over a year ago. Once I got into the book, I soon realized how complicated everything was so I sought help from a facility (they do not take insurance) where the physician was trained in the Bredesen Protocol. We were very excited to start the process. Over the past 16 months, we have paid literally thousands of dollars to the facility for the physician, nurse, nutritionist, and herb specialist. You can bet that their rates continued to rise over the course of the year, too. We paid several hundred dollars on specialized urine and blood tests. We paid out more than $2000 on specialized nasal sprays alone. We spent thousands on all the numerous supplements. It did nothing for my husband who has mild AD which is still progressing slowly. For us, it has been very stressful for trying to implement an extremely complicated and expensive protocol for well over a year and stressful watching the money being bled out of our checking account. So much so that my husband has quit the process. We gave it our best shot trying to strictly adhere to everything that was recommended. I am not saying that it won’t work for others, but this has been our experience and something I wanted to share with others to consider.

August 29, 2018

This book does not contain accurate information about the number of people who have participated in the protocol, supervised by a trained doctor and the outcome rates. We paid 30k be part of the official immersion training program and have spent thousands more implementing the protocol. We have not had success and none of the other patients we are in touch with have either. We are not getting any answers. I fear this is more about making money than sharing a scientific discovery. Buyer beware! This has been a bitter disappointment.
 Amazing book that provides true hope and the tested methods to make real changes. I CAN change my future!

August 25, 2017

My mother, and roommate, has frontal lobe dementia and, they believe, Alzheimers. Watching her decline has been heart wrenching, and I’m constantly trying to find ways to make her life better. I worry not only about Mom, but about myself. I believe that I am on the same path.

I first heard of the Bredesen Protocal last winter, when Maria Shriver discussed it on the Today Show. I quickly researched it as much as possible, but info was limited. I had a feeling a book was forthcoming, so I anxiously awaited it’s release. I was worried The End of Alzheimer’s would contain too much technical information that I might not be able to understand. I was very happy to see that it was written in a casual format that intentionally makes it easier for the rest of us. The details are clear, the tone is casual, and it’s easy to follow.

As I read through this book, I was surprised by how many points were familiar to me. That’s me! I do that! Oh heck! It was as enlightening as it was scary. Living with Mom, I also live in fear because I know I’m on the same path she struggles down every day. That’s my future.

On page 97, Bredesen says “How to give yourself Alzheimer’s. Live your life in a way that keeps your brain supplied with as many as possible of the 36 factors that influence whether APP gets cut into the destructive quartet or the beneficial duo. How to prevent it. Live your life in a way that minimizes the number of the 36 inducing factors in your brain.” Those 36 factors are clearly laid out and I believe they are not difficult to control.The End of Alzheimers PDF

Several years ago, I struggled with brain fog and often had difficulty remembering numbers for even a couple of minutes. I also was overweight and had heart problems. I reached a point where I thought I would die, so I wrote my will and made plans for my dogs after I was gone. Then I said enough was enough, and I dramatically changed my lifestyle. I cut out processed foods, ate lots and LOTS of vegetables and fresh fruits, especially leafy greens and berries. I ate wild caught fish, but no other animal products. My diet was low in grains. I used the USDA Super Tracker to make sure that my diet exceeded the RDA for every nutrient they tracked. There’s a lot more to it, but I was eating all the time and I exercised every single day. Within a few weeks, I had much more energy. Within a few months, my brain was on FIRE! But then…

I started a new job and everything about my lifestyle and schedule changed. Long story short, I fell back into old habits, abandoned my perfect diet and exercise program, and gradually regained weight. I also started losing clarity and life became more difficult. I recognize that. And I know that I alone can change that.

I’m so very glad to have read the Bredesen Protocol because I know now, more than ever, the importance of getting back on track. I am making a serious effort to change my future. I believe this book can help. I have already marked my calendar and plan to follow up on this review in 3 months and again in six months. Mom may be too far along, I don’t know, but it’s worth trying for both of us. Dr. Bredesen states in the book that his protocol may not work for frontal lobe and other types of dementias. It has only been tested on Alzheimers. I feel that it’s still very important to heed his advice, as Alzheimers often doesn’t get a definite diagnosis until after death.The End of Alzheimers PDF

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