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Camp Shady Oaks – Fun by the Lake Since 1958!.we are suggesting you Summer of 99 by J.L Hyde PDF For over four decades, Camp Shady Oaks was the premiere youth camp for a summer filled with nature, survival skills, and fun in the remote woods of the Hiawatha National Forest. In 1999, it was forced to close abruptly when tragedy struck.
What is now the abandoned location of one of Michigan’s most notorious unsolved mysteries gains national attention when former camper Quinn Harstead pens a best-selling account of the events that occurred.
The camp remains empty and frozen in time for twenty-three years before Quinn receives an invitation for its grand reopening.
Will she return to the place that continues to haunt her memories in search of answers, or will the secrets of Shady Oaks stay buried forever?

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For any enthusiast this book Summer of 99 by J.L Hyde PDF is one of the most renowned and lauded in the category where one finds mystery, thrill and suspense. It is full of mind bending and blood speeding words and scenarios that will surely make you live life in another way. A must read atleast once a lifetime for anyone who comes across it and should partake it if it touches your soul. This books is just like your favourite movie. You can read again and again but it will not fail to entertain you anytime and anywhere. Read it now as words here will not do
Justice to this masterpiece itself.

The Authors


Raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, J.L. Hyde is a proud graduate of Central Michigan University and currently lives in Oklahoma. A 20-year veteran of the hospitality industry, she rediscovered her love of writing after losing her job due to the pandemic. When she is not writing novels or cheering on her beloved Green Bay Packers, you can find her watching true-crime documentaries or posting reviews to her Instagram account, @bookandbeerreview. You can contact J.L. at

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Publisher ‏ : ‎ J.L. Hyde (April 26, 2022)
Language ‏ : ‎ English
Paperback ‏ : ‎ 238 pages
International Standard Book Number-10 ‏ : ‎ 0578292971
International Standard Book Number-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0578292977
Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 11.5 ounces
Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 5 x 0.6 x 8 inches
Best Sellers Rank: #6,152 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)
#520 in Women Sleuths (Books)
#1,453 in Suspense Thrillers

Top reviews

Sophie T
cover is damaged
April 23, 2022

The book cover is damaged. Little bit disappointed. Heard it’s a good book. I have not started reading yet.

J. F Jones
Billed as a clever heist, it is nothing more than a series of smash & grab roberies
April 12, 2022
While this is billed as a clever heist story with lots of clever planning, there is almost none of the promised action. They don’t work as a team to plan each theft. 1. The “con” man of the team is just an overly friendly, vocal college student. 2. The “hacker” is just an ordinary programmer with no no attempt to present any hacking skills. 3. The “get-away driver” is just a street racer who always wins the yellow slip but never any effort to explain why she wins (as in “she just drives faster”) and who is hardly instrumental in the get-aways. 4. Our “Art Expert” is knowledgeable about the art, and can pick locks, but the thieves have already been given the list of specific items to be stolen – what use is an expert? And there is pretty much no lock picking – just smash the case and run. 5. The engineer doesn’t use his skills to build any clever, ingenious devices. What kind of museum security are all these museums using?? the target items are in glass cases out in the open – and they must be made of window glass since they are easily broken open with a baseball bat? No inch thick armored plate glass or sturdy locks. The characters spend most of the book worrying about their college exams and what they will be doing after they graduate. In addition we spend a lot of the book despairing over the loss of cultural treasures and talking about the character’s cultural identity – when they are pretty much born and raised American kids (already well-to-do). The ending “twist” is the theft and release of documents from the museums revealing that the museums don’t care about the source or providence of their exhibits, but are willing to knowingly pay for anything that makes a name for the museum. This revelation results in many museums voluntarily returning exhibits to their cultural lands. If you are looking for an Ocean’s Eleven type of robbery, with good planning and preparation and some good improvisation to get out of the tight spots… this is not it.
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Kindle Customer
Great exciting heist story
April 26, 2022
Excellent heist novel with a twist, the theft was of relics stolen from China during colonization. I really enjoyed Portrait of a Thief. It was told from several points of view, switching between the crew members. A fast, exciting suspenseful read. Loved it!!!! Thanks to Net Galley for the chance to read the ARC

Art heist with so many twists!
April 5, 2022
Things I love about Portrait of a Thief:-

1.) Unlocking historical backstories.
I love how the author inadvertently made me dive deeper into the history, background, and information about the zodiac heads, museums, and the people trying their hardest to restore the art and culture of China. This book took me longer to read because, aside from being a lengthy book, it also made me extrapolate each of the characters and their motivations.

2.) Intriguing controversies are placed front and center in the book.
The author places the reparation of these stolen artworks into the mainstream of this book to help bring in more needed action/attention to this cause. It is current and appropriate as countries, i.e., China trying to find and “bring back” stolen artworks for national heritage preservation. Initially, two zodiac heads were “withheld” after a failed sale (via auction), but the owners later donated them back to China.
This book refers to the previous wars (i.e., the Opium War) that happened in China, with pillaging being the norm and the looting/ spoils of were became trophies brought out of China.

3.) Ingenious plot twists.
The author does a great job setting the mystery and suspense in each scene and between the characters. The book is from the third person, omniscient – multiple characters, which is the best of all worlds in writing BUT withholds some pertinent details that engage readers to keep reading.
The crew got the “job” done with many moving parts, each character playing an important part. The task was daunting when it started. Heck, I thought it would fail when they even the concerning country! But the author weaved intricate layers and “hand-is-quicker-than-the-eye” moves that made me “re-read” a lot again to believe it. It was amazing!
Note: The heist isn’t complex since college kids have no idea how to do it or where to start. We see all the fumbling, yet they know a bit to try to get away (or not) in the end. The author made sure that readers focus on character development rather than the heist. Note that it’s the depiction of a thief (“portrait of a thief”) and the general conflicting moral compass for thieves.

4.) Impressionable characters.
There is a split in each character’s motivation for “taking the job,” which makes each character interesting from an outsider’s perspective. Each person’s motivations were randomly varied:- from patriotism to monetary, pride to curiosity, cockiness to boredom, or basically, as simple as “they just can do it” reasons. All these reasons make the story a lot more colorful. I can see now how this book was inspired by Italian Job or even The Thomas Crown Affair, with an artistic Asian flair.

I also love the internal struggles they have with their identity and purpose. Traditionally, kids pursue the pinnacle of their abilities and opportunities as they all transition to “adulthood,” or the after-college phases. Many things still haunt these characters – the sense of whose lives they are living for: duty to country, parents, or themselves. This duty is a dilemma faced by most, if not most kids in general. This book took me longer to read, mainly because of this element. I took to heart everything, and sometimes it would take me a day or two to absorb and reflect on the characters and their situations. This book takes my term “investing in the characters” a whole new meaning – this sets a higher bar for future authors who will make me have all “the feels” for book characters.

5.) The Ending.
Readers can see only parts of what is going on until the ending hits, THEN more twists happen that will ROCK your world. The book might reveal everything, but ultimately, the explanation and understanding have come from the reader and their relationship with each character.
I was speechless on how everything felt like a chessboard with checkmates happening at the end – just when readers think it was all over – infiltration with class and finesse. A lot of intricacies happened to have the ending work itself out. I appreciate it coming like a great flashback of the past wherein “secrets” were revealed spectacularly!

Overall, Portrait of a Thief is a gem of a debut novel from a new author! This book is a masterpiece that depicts so many internal struggles in each characters’ life. All the characters were stellar in their own right. This story will undoubtedly leave readers with long-lasting impressions on everything:- familial duty, nationalism, patriotism, identity, and individualism. The writing is impeccable and will grab readers’ hearts, minds, and attention even when you put it down for a break or when done.
I felt so raw after this book. There is the fear of losing one’s identity – cultural and personal due to migration, assimilation, and to the extent, “watered down” to the point of insignificance. I felt that preservation and honoring the past, good or bad, is vital to keep each person’s identity for everyone – past, present, and future. Art pieces like the ones in the book are what keep humanity grounded and real.

– Suspense at each turn
– Real and well-developed characters with intricate lives and
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Well paced with wonderfully relatable characters
April 10, 2022
I loved this book! It’s an art heist book, a family drama novel, a Chinese diaspora tale, and an immigrant story. The author weaves all of these seemingly disparate ideas into a well paced book with wonderfully relatable characters. Although it is told from the perspective of the five main characters, they are all written in the third person, and the story moves seamlessly from one to the next. HIghly recommended

Thank you NetGalley and Tiny Reparations Books for the ARC.

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Top reviews from other countries
risham nadeem
This might be the best book I read this year
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on April 16, 2022

I loved it. The prose, the pacing, the dreamlike quality of the way the story unfolds… it all felt magical. And, yet, as a first generation immigrant – from a country that was one of many casualties of British imperialism – I found myself deeply invested in these characters and their mission. I can’t wait to read more from this author.

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