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Decades after the rise of rock music in the 1950s, the rock concert retains its allure and its power as a unifying experience—and as an influential multi-billion-dollar industry. In Rock Concert, acclaimed interviewer Marc Myers sets out to uncover the history of this compelling phenomenon, weaving together ground-breaking accounts from the people who were there. Rock Concert PDF By Marc Myers

Myers combines the tales of icons like Joan Baez, Ian Anderson, Alice Cooper, Steve Miller, Roger Waters, and Angus Young with figures such as the disc jockeys who first began playing rock on the radio, like Alan Freed in Cleveland and New York; the audio engineers that developed new technologies to accommodate ever-growing rock audiences; music journalists, like Rolling Stone‘s Cameron Crowe; and the promoters who organized it all, like Michael Lang, co-founder of Woodstock, to create a rounded and vivid account of live rock’s stratospheric rise.

Rock Concert provides a fascinating, immediate look at the evolution of rock ‘n’ roll through the lens of live performances —spanning from the rise of R&B in the 1950s, through the hippie gatherings of the ’60s, to the growing arena tours of the ’70s and ’80s. Elvis Presley’s gyrating hips, the British Invasion that brought the Beatles in the ’60s, the Grateful Dead’s free flowing jams, and Pink Floyd’s The Wall are just a few of the defining musical acts that drive this rich narrative. Featuring dozens of key players in the history of rock and filled with colorful anecdotes, Rock Concert will speak to anyone who has experienced the transcendence of live rock.

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As difficult as innovation is today. Rock Concert PDF By Marc Myers is a text that is present in the form of inspiration that will broaden the minds beyond what an artist or photographer can see. This is one of the masterpieces that is recommended by all the great artists to be changing their visualization of the world of today. In the minds of someone that truly appreciates what this text has to offer lies the secret of changing the way everyone lives in this world. Art is the most influential subject of todays world and at all times has it been the foundation stone for change in this universe we live in. A must read and learn for all artist and especially photographers.

The Authors

Rock Concert PDF By Marc Myers

Marc Myers is a frequent contributor to the Wall Street Journal, where he writes about music and the arts. He is the author of the critically acclaimed books Anatomy of a Song and Why Jazz Happened, and posts daily at, a three-time winner of the Jazz Journalists Association’s award for Jazz Blog of the Year. –This text refers to the hardcover edition.

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Top reviews

The Networking of The Concert Phenomenom
December 4, 2021

A grand chronology of well-fitted facts, “Rock Concert” brings together eyewitness accounts from music artists, promoters, tech people, and entrepreneurs. It is a history of the rock concert, from the beginning of live performances in blues clubs to large outdoor festivals and arena performances. The timeline of concerts, the fellowship of viewer to stage, fan to sensory excitement began when Count Basie and other swing bands performed black big-band music.
Ernie Andrews, a Los Angeles jazz and blues singer, begins our focus on this subject with a stream of practical observations and insights. From the introduction Myers(the author) states: “To endure between 1950 and 1985, Rock wisely remained in sync with the youth market rather than chase after a single generation as it aged.” What are the bands and Frank Sinatra playing to attract the young as an audience generally? “From the beginning, live music’s purpose was to transform a gathering into a community by unifying an audience’s mood.”(intro)
Reading the chronicling of teen romance for the moody Blues and Jazz music reminds one of his/her childhood. Shopping at a record store, or rallying around a Rock or Rap casette tape-all of this was the digging and unearthing of our emotive selves. It’s very personal and narcissistic; when we love it, we transcend this reality.
As a survey of history, the book requires great depth of research and the cardre of eyewitnesses accomplishes this task brilliantly. The Beatles performed at Shea Stadium in New York, an arena which held 55,000 people. The events in the time-line are the base from which a battery of delectable trivia is impressed in a sequential framework. This new demand to see our favorite band or group perform required new facilities. Promoters opened warehouses, old meeting halls, clubs, and theaters to stage “Rock”.
“Rock” has emerged as a distinct class of music largely due to Bob Dylan. Dylan, at the Newport Folk Festival in 1965, switched his accoustic set to electric guitars. “His electric cross-over, longer songs, and lyrics critical of love and culture at large raised the stakes for the Beatles and all other rock ‘n roll groups(Myers).” It is the direct commentary that scores points. Another great observation is quoted from Elizabeth Marvel, about her obsessive following of the Grateful Dead; “They gave me a sense of family and they looked after me, making sure I had food and had a place to sleep.” Elizabeth’s “place to sleep” is provided by concert venues. As a fan of the Grateful Dead she’s “immersed…in the Dead’s music and surrounding scene of concerts(Marvel).” The form of the book is of a well documented investigation, but this setting has the reader understanding, very finely, the specialness of modern culture; cliques and fellowship. It is the rise of an intemperate medium.
By the time of Live Aid-a sixteen hour concert held in Philadelphia and London simultaneously-the rock concert is held at giant venues and has significant radio and television promotion. The middle portion of “Rock Concert” describes the many advances in technology, including sound systems and rigging, stage logistics, and rigging using trusses and scaffolding. The people-the crew, backstage hands, and the roadies are indespensible commodities. When we see and hear Heart, the Rolling Stones, the Grateful Dead, Joan Baez, the Allman Brothers, or Jimi Hendrix, they are immortal products. The continuation of rock, and its spectacular essence, is catalyzed and preserved by the back door workers. The focused discussion on these topics, here, however, has slowed down in drawing our interest. Without a personal inclination for fine details, the statements become a separate entity and move from us, slightly.
The section with Cameron Crowe (Rolling Stone magazine journalist) is an inquisitive profile of an intelligent and very virtuous human being, involved with artists and their music; “The personal is always the universal (Crowe).” Rock is solidifying and incumbent on its growth are business men and similar professionals. There is a chapter on Frederic D. Rosen, who gives a commentary. Frederic Rosen was able to implement Ticketmaster, the electronic ticket selling venue, which enabled not only convenient purchase of concert tickets, but gave computerized data to promoters and record companies.
“Rock Concert” is an exceptional exercise in sourcing information and interviewing. It is not for someone seeking to recapture a specific experience or one who wants to relive an event with a specific band. If you like knowledge for its own sake-specifically trivialized but very pertinent information, this book should be a high priority. I bought “Rock Concert” because I was sent an email text advertisement from . I was looking through the list of unreleased books and I did not see “Rock Concert”, so I am very happy that I received this email message. I am now well informed about a signifigant proportion of music history and culture.
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David Connell
Great book on the evolution of the Rock Concert
December 6, 2021

Great book about the beginning and the whole evolution of the Rock Concert. Where it started. Why it started. Who started it. The players, interviews with band members, roadies, sound engineers. Great read. Not too short not too long. Interesting lists on the author’s takes on books, docs and movies in the end. I enjoyed it.

Bill Oliver
Extraordinary, insightful history, journalism
November 25, 2021

No nonsense depth reporting with unique insight to a world many will never know. Remarkably well written. A treasure.

Fun and informative read about the history of rock concerts
November 25, 2021
An incredibly well=researched book — it is an oral history with an amazing variety of interviews that spans decades. The variety of interviews is amazing – from performers, to promoters, to roadies, to fan club presidents. It made me nostalgic for some of the first rock concerts I attended in the 1970’s and 1980″s in particular and I have a newfound appreciation to the ‘behind-the-scenes” logistics and sound and stage design as technology and audiences got more sophisticated. There were many famous concerts referenced (such as Woodstock) which I know more about because of the famous documentary film as well as other histories of the festival – but I learned new information in Marc Myers’ book. I also learned about festivals such as Wattstax which I am embarrassed to say I did not know about and there is a film about this festival as well I now learned. This book is an immensely enjoyable read.

I highly recommend this book!

Fun and informative
December 5, 2021
Rock Concert, by Marc Myers, is both an oral history of live music during the rock era as well as a history of the music itself. Depending on your age, some of it will be nostalgic, it was for me since my first live music experiences started in the late 60s in LA. But this is less about nostalgia and much more about how the music (live and recorded) influenced society and how society influenced the music. Rock Concert PDF

I say this is a history of the music itself, not THE history since there is no single history that encompasses each and every influence and event, because we learn how the live music played large roles in both performers and songwriters over time. How society’s prejudices tried to impede the advancement of the music and how, largely through live venues, the music not only survived but thrived. Rock Concert PDF

I would recommend this to anyone who loves live music as well as music history. And yes, for those of us of a certain age, a great walk down memory lane.

Reviewed from a copy made available by the publisher via NetGalley.

5 stars
January 7, 2022
Excellent book and highly recommended for the history or music buff.

Steven Schindler
Rock Concert Secrets Revealed
March 26, 2022

Great job creating a chronological narrative with interviews. So many insights and surprises!
Highlights for me were the really early recollections- Wanda Jackson, Mike Stoller, Alan Freed’s son, Ronnie Spector plus many others give amazing first person accounts. Of course even the Beatles had to deal with inferior equipment and inadequate show biz infrastructures.
Also, how much of the technology had to be invented. Steve Miller was also great. To me he was someone who was there from the beginning and brought it all home at the end. His bit about rock taking over from the Beats was an important revelation. It’s amazing to see how concerts progressed from crappy PA’s to today’s sound and visual spectacles.
But it’s so much more than just the technology. The book clearly lays out the path from sweaty dance halls to events and music that seemed to bring communities and the world together as the times they were a changing.

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