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Oxford American Handbook of Oncology PDF


The Oxford American Handbook of Oncology PDF Written by leading American practitioners, the Oxford American Handbooks of Medicine each offer a pocket-sized overview of an entire specialty, featuring instant access to guidance on the conditions that are most likely to be encountered. Precise and prescriptive, the handbooks offer up-to-date advice on examination, investigations, common procedures, and in-patient care. These books will be invaluable resources for residents and students, as well as a useful reference for practitioners.

The essential reference for medical students, residents, and clinical oncologists seeking a current, portable resource on the delivery of sophisticated cancer care. Chapters focus on the immediate information needs in clinical decision making including treatment choices. Algorithms, best practice guidelines, highlight tables, and targeted lists of landmark references enhance concise text. The Handbook covers solid tumors and hematologic malignancies plus cancer biology, genetics, prevention and screening, cancer staging, complications, and supportive care.

  • Evidence-based guidance on clinical decision making, treatment options, and therapeutic regimens
  • Algorithms, practice guidelines, highlight tables, and landmark references
  • Covers cancer biology, genetics, prevention and screening, and complications and supportive care

Why choose the Oxford American Handbook of Oncology?

The design….
The Handbook uses a unique flexicover design that’s durable and practical. Compact, light, and fits in your pocket! Also has quick reference tabs, four-color presentation, and bookmark ribbons to help provide fast answers.

The interior layout….
The Handbook is a quick reference in a small, innovative package. With one to two topics per page, it provides easy access and the emergency sections are in red to stand out. Icons throughout aid quick reference.

The information….
The Handbook succinctly covers all the essential topics in a one or two-page spread format with colored headings that break up the text and provide a logical structure for readers of all levels. Common clinical questions are answered clearly and extensively.

The history….
Oxford University Press is known around the world for excellence, tradition, and innovation. These handbooks are among the best selling in the world.

The price….
You get an extremely useful tool at a great value!

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Description of The Oxford American Handbook of Oncology PDF

The Oxford American Handbook of Oncology PDF is one of the finest oncology books available on the market. This book provides an all out understanding of the subject of oncology for any medical student that is interested in this field. Oncology though is one field where there is little progress made every now and then but this book is essential to read everyday for keeping up with the knowledge that every other oncologist already has. Download now

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