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Good Morning Monster PDF -“Catherine Gildiner is nothing short of masterful – as both a therapist and writer. In these pages, she has gorgeously captured both the privilege of being given access to the inner chambers of people’s lives, and the meaning that comes from watching them grow into the selves they were meant to be.” (Lori Gottlieb, New York Times best-selling author of Maybe You Should Talk to Someone)

In this fascinating narrative, therapist Catherine Gildiner’s presents five of what she calls her most heroic and memorable patients. Among them: A successful, first-generation Chinese immigrant musician suffering sexual dysfunction; a young woman whose father abandoned her at age nine with her younger siblings in an isolated cottage in the depth of winter; and a glamorous workaholic whose narcissistic, negligent mother greeted her each morning of her childhood with “Good morning, Monster”.

Each patient presents a mystery, one that will only be unpacked over years. They seek Gildiner’s help to overcome an immediate challenge in their lives but discover that the source of their suffering has been long buried. As in such recent classics as The Glass Castle and Educated, each patient embodies self-reflection, stoicism, perseverance, and forgiveness as they work unflinchingly to face the truth. Gildiner’s account of her journeys with them is moving, insightful, and sometimes very funny.

Good Morning, Monster offers an almost novelistic, behind-the-scenes look into the therapist’s office, illustrating how the process can heal even the most unimaginable wounds.

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A Macmillan Audio production from St. Martin’s Press

Good Morning, Monster allows one the privilege of seeing the therapist-patient relationship as an essentially human interaction.” (JM Coetzee, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature)

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Good Morning Monster PDF is one of the best medical books for students and professionals on the subject of Psychology . It is a must download.

The Authors

Good Morning Monster PDF

Catherine has written two best selling memoirs. The first is called TOO CLOSE TO THE FALLS and was on the best seller’s lists for two years. It is about working full time from the age of four.

Her next memoir AFTER THE FALLS covers her teenage and college years where she got involved in civil rights and was investigated by the FBI.

COMING ASHORE, her final memoir is coming out this fall. It is about her years at Oxford, The U.S. and finally Canada. This book shares the joy of those few years in your twenties after you leave home and before Adult responsibilities crowd in.

She has also written a novel, SEDUCTION, a thriller about Darwin and Freud. It was chosen by DER SPIEGAL as one of the ten best mysteries.

She is a unique writer in that she was a psychologist for many years and only became a writer at the age of 50. Shows anything is possible.

She lives in Toronto with her husband and has three grown sons.

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  • Listening Length 13 hours and 15 minutes
    Author Catherine Gildiner
    Narrator Deborah Burgess
    Whispersync for Voice Ready Release Date September 22, 2020
    Publisher Macmillan Audio
    Program Type Audiobook
    Version Unabridged
    Language English
    Identification Number B0861B4R7J
  • Book Name : Good Morning Monster PDF

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Top reviews

HJB “As a clinical psychologist, and someone who has been in therapy herself for most of her adult life, I had very high hopes for this book. In fact, books about emotional recovery are among my favorite reads, however, for the first time ever, I had to return a kindle title.

I should have stopped reading after the first story, but I made it halfway through the second before finally hitting the return button. Here is why.

In the first story, there were 3 major red flags that I pushed through. The first was when the author said that our unconscious mind tries hard to keep us stuck in old patterns. What a terrible view for a therapist to have! While it is true that the workings of our unconscious can be a mystery to us, and that part of the point of therapy is to make the unconscious conscious, it is completely false to say that our unconscious works against us. It’s just the opposite! The unconscious is always sending us signals and ways to heal, through dreams and other metaphors. To think that the unconscious is a negative aspect trying to pull us down is an extremely toxic view for a therapist to have.

The next red flag occurred when the writer said that anger is not a true emotion. Again, how is she a therapist?? While anger can cover other emotions like sadness and shame, it is a VERY real and viable emotion all by itself. To say that anger is not a real emotion is a huge disservice to all of the work that clients do in therapy to learn to express their anger in a healthy way.

The final red flag from story one was when the therapist insinuated that therapy was finished because her female client got married. Really?? What year are we in??

Still, I made it to story number two, before hitting the return button. I finally pulled the trigger after the therapist told her client, an adult suffering from impotence due to a severely abusive childhood, that he did not have to tell his new love interest about his sexual issues. How is he ever going to have a real relationship if he cannot disclose that he is having sexual problems? What kind of intimacy can ever be gained by keeping this a secret? At this point, I could not read any further, so I don’t know whether the therapist ever discussed how inappropriate her advice was.

In sum, this is an extremely negative example of what can happen in therapy, and it’s downright toxic. If you would like to read books by a therapist who actually helps his clients, I suggest anything by Irvin Yalom. There you will find the hope and resiliency that true therapy actually entails.”

SuZReader “Good Morning, Monster is a fascinating look at the therapeutic psychological practice of Catherine Gildiner, a fascinating memoir of how she dealt with five clients, all so severely emotionally damaged that they had to be superheroes to survive their early lives. Gildiner charts her own course, beginning with her very first patient, as she learns the things she didn’t learn in her formalized schooling. She gradually becomes able to modify her approach to handle the specifics of a client’s case and writes about their growth and her own with grace, humor, and humility.

In this compilation, the reader meets five of Gildiner’s most difficult cases. She expertly grapples such diverse and difficult topics as child abuse, neglect, abandonment, gender-based violence, sexual abuse and trauma. These people have been so psychologically traumatized that they developed maladaptive behaviors such as trauma-based triggers, denial, and shame to compensate, yet their spirits remain indomitable. They choose to deal with these internal issues, to heal themselves, to grow emotionally, to become “whole.”

These stories are about recovery from childhood trauma with the requisite emotional recovery and growth; thus they are both difficult to read because of the subject matter, yet heartwarming, heartbreaking, and inspirational. Gildiner offers a glimpse of the role of the psychotherapist: to become involved in a reciprocal relationship to help clients resolve their innermost issues.

As a family practice physician, I enjoyed this glimpse into a practitioner of a related field. Many times, as a primary care physician, I’ve had to refer patients to therapists, and it was interesting to see the inner workings of psychologist and patient.”

taworlto “I love reading books written by psychologists and so I picked this up without researching it much. This should have a strong trigger warning. This book is *not* something to read if you want to learn more about psychology or people’s personal journey. This book would be appropriate is you are a fan of horror, love reading about serial killers and are not bothered by horrific and detailed descriptions of rape and sexual abuse. The detail of abuse that the author goes into could only be described as gratuitous and really the emotional recovery is glossed over. I felt like the author treated each of these patients like sub human specimens. I had to stop at the 4th case as I was physically ill at her depictions and I felt like I was slowly sinking into the worst of humanities filth.”

Gabriel Snyman “This book was one I struggled to put down. Some of the stories of these five characters were at times so horrific that I feared I might get PTSD just be reading them. But hope shone through the brokenness and suffering eventually, leaving one in awe about the human spirit. I think this book gives insight into the therapeutic process and will encourage those that need help to deal with psychological issues to get help. I highly recommend this book for people dealing with negative legacies from their childhood as well as to all who wants to assist such people in their difficult journey towards healing.”

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Good Morning Monster PDF

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