Defiance of the Fall A LitRPG Adventure PDF Free Download

Defiance of the Fall A LitRPG Adventure PDF

Features of Defiance of the Fall A LitRPG Adventure PDF

Zac was alone in the middle of the forest when the world changed…Defiance of the Fall A LitRPG Adventure PDF

The whole planet was introduced to the multiverse by an unfeeling System… or God. A universe where an endless number of races and civilizations fought for power and dominion.

Zac finds himself stuck in the wilderness surrounded by deadly beasts, demons, and worse. Alone, lost and without answers, he must find the means to survive and get stronger in this new cut-throat reality.

With only a hatchet for his weapon, he’ll have to seek out his family before the world collapses… or die trying.

Experience the start of the hit LitRPG series with over 20 Million views on Royal Road. For the first time, Defiance of the Fall is now available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and Audible narrated by Pavi Prozcko.

About the Series: Jump into an apocalypse story that merges LitRPG elements with eastern cultivation. Class systems, skill systems, endless choices for progression, it has everything fans of the genre love. Explore a vast universe full of mystery, adventure, danger and even aliens; where even a random passer-by might hold the power of a god. Follow Zac as he struggles to stake out a unique path to power as a mortal in a world full of cultivators.

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Description of Defiance of the Fall A LitRPG Adventure PDF

Every individual must read Defiance of the Fall A LitRPG Adventure PDF atleast once in their life as this book has the qualities to cheer up any mood that is causing tension or anxiety in your life. It will balance you in ways unimaginable as it has all the essentials of a good entertainment and humor book just like some of the worlds most leading novels that just compliment the mind with knowledge alongside comfort and relaxation. No matter what profession you belong to and no matter what sort of life you live on a daily basis. This book is a must read for everyone of everyage at anytime they can find for it.

The Authors

Defiance of the Fall A LitRPG Adventure PDF

Those scant few who managed to throw the laws of the universe out the window, and bend reality to their wills.

The number of Apostates that has emerged since the system was created can be counted on two hands. Each was a being of unlimited power who actually managed to change the way the system operates. Very little is known about the first Apostate, not even his name. He is simply known as ‘The First Defier’.” – Chapter 77

Some believe that the System rewards the Apostates for reaching the peak of their path by letting them design or change aspects of how it operates. Others say that they reached such a height that their ideals and convictions shape reality itself, and the System was forced to comply. None of the Apostate has actually broached the subject to tell us what the truth is.

 From what has been passed down through the multi-verse the last Apostate and change happened roughly 280 million years ago. Even with the enormous longevity of such supreme beings, they shouldn’t be alive unless immortality is real. Besides, the Apostates reportedly disappeared roughly at the same time the change they brought to the system appeared. That’s why a third theory for the change is that the Apostates actually merged with the System.” – Chapter 78

According to Triv (chapter 556), every single Apostate walked the Boundless Path.

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Top reviews

Nicholas Paul Livingston
 A bad Google Translate of a Russian Author

June 9, 2021

I have a hard time rating this book since it was so long and honestly the first half was 1/5 and the second half starts getting 2.5-3/5. The writing in the first half of the book is really tough to get through. It feels like a really bad google translate from a Russian author. There are alot of gems in Russian authors litrpg and have enjoyed several and can recognize common words and syntax that are heralds in this book from that vein. the writing in the first half of the book is really a struggle to get through. every second sentence is “Zach did this”.

Zach was stabbed in the arm, but he fought through the pain.
Zach was stabbed in the stomach, but he fought through the pain.
Zach took an arrow in the shoulder, but he fought through the pain.

The closest thing i can come to is listening to an emotionless voice on the radio describe things and in the fighting scenes this is especially bad. Alot of these chapters are written in such a fashion that it seems the author wrote one third of the chapter, then came back a week later not knowing what he wrote in the first part and just restated everything again for the second third of the chapter, then took another break and restated everything again in the final third of the chapter. It is bad, really hard to read, and honestly inconsistent in many situations. A prime example is a fight the MC has where he gets stabbed several times and then at the end of the fight has to run full speed after a dexterity based archer and catches and kills her after a chase. The author then goes on to so that the MC can barely walk and has to limp back to where he killed several other people after chasing a speed based character through the woods. So many inconsistencies in the story telling makes this book very hard to read in the first half.

In the midst of the early bad chapters there is an interlude type chapter were it switches to the point of view of an invader and this chapter is written in such a better way. It is almost as if a completely different person wrote it. About 40% of the way through the writing gets better and the story telling improves a great deal with the book hitting a stride about 60%. Since the story telling became so much better during the later half of the book i honestly started to enjoy it where i think the book on story telling alone moves from 1 star in the beginning to 3 stars in the end.

My reason this book goes to two stars over all is although the writing improves throughout the book the system mechanics do not. LITRPG is mostly about the systems and mechanics that make up the world or its just another fantasy or sci/fi book, which is fine but if you want to market it as LITRPG then you need to take these systems into the rating of the book. The author starts out with a basic leveling system which is fine but then after we get into the book he starts wanting to make a cultivation system. The Author tries to then blend these two systems and just puts together a horrible Frankenstein joining in the combination of the two. we start getting cultivation mechanics out of the blue, that are horrible explained (which may be more to the poor writing than anything) and adding things that are not well explained. I read many cultivation books and i am still really confused on the system the author is trying to use in his books.

Finally i realize that it is hard to have an OP main character and also try to make him struggle for his success but the Authors attempt in this book was the most unsatisfying experience i have seen in a long time. Continually saying that your MC was horrible injured but “Zach fought through the pain” does not an interesting story make. i found myself skimming through the battle scenes especially near the end of the book because they were just so boring and emotionless.

I will say i pre-ordered the next book in the series since the writing did improve so much and once i got about 60% into the book i did start enjoying character development that started to take place. I just think this book was such a missed opportunity that it claims to have 20 million views on Royal road but the author didn’t take the time to improve the first half of the book. I don’t know maybe this book is the group effort of several people which is why the beginning is so bad and the end is a good book. I just think if you are going to move a webnovel to sell on online store you should make sure the product is well written and consistent over the whole book rather than just copy and paste it from the web. Again a missed opportunity to turn a lackluster book into a great book.

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