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BRS Pathology

This revised edition of the BRS Pathology prepares students for Pathology courses and the USMLE Step 1. Written in the popular Board Review Series outline format, this text presents the essentials of human pathology in the form of concise descriptions and full-color illustrations. USMLE-style questions at the end of each chapter emphasize board-relevant information and allow for self-testing to confirm strengths and uncover areas of weakness. The 100 question comprehensive exam at the end of the book is a great prep tool for the actual exam!

You will also discover:

NEW! Full-color design, illustrations, and tables summarize information for convenient review
Over 550 USMLE-style questions, answers, and rationales both electronically and in print to reinforce your anatomy review
Clinical correlations to emphasize connections between anatomical knowledge and clinical medicine
End-of-chapter summaries which provide a quick review of key concepts
A companion website offers the eBook, image bank, and an interactive question bank with all the questions from the book for engaging, effective test preparation!

Description of the Book

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Table of Contents

1. Cellular Reaction to Injury 1

I. Adaptation to Environmental Stress 1
II. Hypoxic Cell Injury 3
III. Free Radical Injury 4
IV. Chemical Cell Injury 4
V. Necrosis 5
VI. Apoptosis 6
VII. Reversible Cellular Changes and Accumulations 8
VIII. Disorders Characterized by Abnormalities of Protein Folding 11
R eview Test 12

2. Inflammation 17

I. Introduction 17
II. Acute Inflammation 17
III. Chronic Inflammation 24
IV. Tissue Repair 26
R eview Test 28

3. Hemodynamic Dysfunction 33

I. Hemorrhage 33
II. Hyperemia 33
III. Infarction 34
IV. Thrombosis 34
V. Embolism 39
VI. Edema 40
VII. Shock 41
R eview Test 43

4. G enetic Disorders 48

I. Chromosomal Disorders 48
II. Modes of Inheritance
of Monogenic Disorders 52
III. Mendelian Disorders 53
IV. Balanced Polymorphism 60
V. Polygenic and Multifactorial Disorders 60
VI. Disorders of Sexual Differentiation 61
R eview Test 62

5. Immune Dysfunction 67

I. Cells of the Immune System 67
II. Cytokines 68
III. Complement System 68
IV. Human Leukocyte Antigen System 69
V. Innate versus Acquired Immunity 69
VI. Mechanisms of Immune Injury 69
VII. Transplantation Immunology 72
VIII. Immunodeficiency Diseases 73
IX. Autoimmunity 76
X. Connective Tissue (Collagen) Diseases 77
XI. Amyloidosis 80
R eview Test 82

6. Neoplasia 87

I. General Considerations 87
II. Classification and Nomenclature of Tumors 87
III. Properties of Neoplasms 89
IV. Carcinogenesis and Etiology 92
V. Other Neoplastic Disorders with Known DNA Defects 97
VI. Grading and Staging 98
R eview Test 99

7. Environmental Pathology 103

I. Physical Injury 103
II. Chemical Abuse 105
III. Environmental Chemical Injuries 107
IV. Adverse Effects of Therapeutic Drugs 108
R eview Test 110
x Contents

8. Nutritional Disorders 114

I. Malnutrition 114
II. Vitamins 114
III. Obesity 118
R eview Test 119

9. Vascular System 123

I. Arterial Disorders 123
II. Venous Disorders 127
III. Tumors of Blood Vessels 127
IV. Vasculitis Syndromes (Vasculitides) 128
V. Functional Vascular Disorders 130
VI. Hypertension 130
R eview Test 133

10. The Heart 137

I. Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD) 137
II. Rheumatic Fever 139
III. Other Forms of Endocarditis 141
IV. Valvular Heart Disease 142
V. Congenital Heart Disease 143
VI. Diseases of the Myocardium 145
VII. Diseases of the Pericardium 146
VIII. Tumors of the Heart 147
IX. Congestive Heart Failure 147
X. Hypertrophy of the Heart 148
R eview Test 150

11. Anemia 155

I. General Concepts 155
II. Acute Posthemorrhagic Anemia 155
III. Iron Deficiency Anemia 155
IV. Megaloblastic Anemias 157
V. Anemia of Chronic Disease 159
VI. Aplastic Anemia 159
VII. Myelophthisic Anemia 160
VIII. Hemolytic Anemias 160
R eview Test 167
Contents xi

12. Neoplastic and Proliferative Disorders

of the Hemat opoietic and Lymphoid Systems 172
I. Leukemia 172
II. Myeloproliferative Diseases 175
III. Non-Neoplastic Lymphoid Proliferations 177
IV. Plasma Cell Disorders 177
V. Lymphoid Neoplasms 179
R eview Test 186

13. Hemorrhagic Disorders 192

I. Disorders of Primary Hemostasis 192
II. Disorders of Secondary Hemostasis 194
III. Combined Primary and Secondary Hemostatic Defects 195
R eview Test 197

14. Respiratory System 201

I. Disorders of the Upper Respiratory Tract 201
II. Tumors of the Upper Respiratory Tract 201
III. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) 202
IV. Restrictive Pulmonary Disease 205
V. Pulmonary Vascular Disease 210
VI. Pulmonary Infection 211
VII. Miscellaneous Disorders of the Lungs 215
VIII. Cancers of the Lung 215
R eview Test 219

15. Gastrointestinal Tract 225

I. Diseases of the Mouth and Jaw 225
II. Diseases of the Salivary Glands 226
III. Diseases of the Esophagus 228
IV. Diseases of the Stomach 230
V. Diseases of the Small Intestine 232
VI. Diseases of the Colon 236
VII. Diseases of the Appendix 240
R eview Test 241

16. Liver, Gallbladder, and Exocrine Pancreas 247

I. Diseases of the Liver 247
II. Diseases of the Gallbladder 255
III. Diseases of the Exocrine Pancreas 256
R eview Test 258
xii Contents

17. Kidney and Urinary Tract 264

I. Congenital Anomalies of the Urinary Tract 264
II. Glomerular Diseases 264
III. Urinary Tract Obstruction 269
IV. Infection of the Urinary Tract and Kidney 270
V. Tubular and Interstitial Disorders of the Kidney 270
VI. Diffuse Cortical Necrosis 272
VII. Nephrocalcinosis 272
VIII. Urolithiasis 273
IX. Cystic Diseases of the Kidney 273
X. Renal Failure 274
XI. Nonrenal Causes of Azotemia 274
XII. Tumors of the Kidney, Urinary Tract, and Bladder 275
R eview Test 278

18. Male Reproductive System 287

I. Diseases of the Penis 287
II. Diseases of the Testes 288
III. Diseases of the Prostate 291
R eview Test 293

19. Female Reproductive System and Breast 297

I. Vulva and Vagina 297
II. Uterine Cervix 300
III. Uterine Corpus 301
IV. Fallopian Tubes 303
V. Ovaries 304
VI. Disorders of Pregnancy 308
VII. Breast 310
R eview Test 313

20. Endocrine System 320

I. Pituitary 320
II. Thyroid Gland 322
III. Parathyroid Glands 327
IV. Adrenal Glands 328
V. Endocrine Pancreas 331
VI. Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia (MEN) Syndromes 334
R eview Test 335
Contents xiii

21. Skin 342

I. Terminology Relating to Skin Diseases 342
II. Inflammatory and Vesicular Lesions 342
III. Disorders of Pigmentation 344
IV. Disorders of Viral Origin 345
V. Miscellaneous Skin Disorders 345
VI. Skin Malignancies 347
R eview Test 349

22. Musculoskeletal System 353

I. Diseases of Skeletal Muscle 353
II. Diseases of Bone 355
III. Diseases of Joints 361
IV. Soft Tissue Tumors 364
R eview Test 366

23. Nervous System 371

I. Congenital Disorders 371
II. Cerebrovascular Disease 372
III. Head Injuries 373
IV. Infections 374
V. Demyelinating Diseases 378
VI. Degenerative Diseases 379
VII. Tumors 383
VIII. Ocular Disorders 385
R eview Test 387

24. Interpretation of Diagnostic Tests:

Lab orat ory Statistics 392
I. General Considerations 392
II. Sensitivity and Specificity 392
III. Positive and Negative Predictive Values 393
IV. Variation 394
R eview Test 395
Comprehensive Examination 399
Index 435

BRS Pathology

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