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Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving PDF

Features of Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving PDF

Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving PDF-From the experts, the updated bible in home preserving.

The hugely bestselling Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving has been broadly updated to reflect changes over the last 15 years with new recipes and larger sections on low sugar and fermentation. Ball Home Canning Products are the gold standard in home preserving supplies, the trademark jars on display in stores every summer from coast to coast. This companion to their products is this bible of home preserving from the experts on the practice which has sold more than a million copies. The book includes 400 innovative recipes for salsas, savory sauces, pickles, chutneys, relishes and of course, jams, jellies, and fruit spreads. The book includes comprehensive directions on safe canning and preserving methods plus lists of required equipment and utensils. Specific instructions for first-timers and handy tips for the experienced make this book a valuable addition to any kitchen library.

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Description of Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving PDF

Everyone, whether child or adult craves for delicious food. This book Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving PDF has all the indispensable information required to develop the skills or craft that makes the food you stir, melange and cook as delicious as it can get. It has all the ingredients explained by the author in perfect form to have you and your customers licking their fingers at the end of the meal. Beakfast, lunch or dinner. Everything is compiled in it. A must read if you love cooking or aspire to learn to make food that is as tasty as they get. Get it free here.

The Authors

Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving PDF

Sunita Osborn, PsyD, MA, is a licensed clinical psychologist who practices in Houston, Texas and works with adults and couples. Known as an expert on the treatment of pregnancy loss, Dr. Osborn specializes in reproductive psychology and helps individuals and couples in all phases of the reproductive journey.

Dr. Osborn has been featured and interviewed on several different media outlets including NPR, With Whit, Psychology Today, and several miscarriage-focused platforms such as, “The Miscarriage Map: What to Expect When You are no Longer Expecting” and, “The Miscarriage Map Workbook: An Honest Guide to Navigating Pregnancy Loss, Working Through the Pain, and Moving Forward.”

Dimensions and Characteristics of Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving PDF

  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Robert Rose (May 1, 2020)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Paperback ‏ : ‎ 448 pages
  • International Standard Book Number-10 ‏ : ‎ 0778801314
  • International Standard Book Number-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0778801313
  • Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 2 pounds
  • Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 7 x 1.25 x 10 inches
  • Book Name : Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving PDF

Top reviews

Elle “This is my story. My husband came home from work with 18 lbs. of Concord grapes, what was I to do? If we have lemons, we make lemonade, so I figured if I have grapes, make jelly! I’ve never made jelly before. How do I get started? As a self-learner, I’ve always believed that if I have the best information and follow it carefully, I can accomplish my goal. If experts are not available in person, tutorials written by experts have always worked for me. Attention to detail and following instructions EXACTLY are the keys to creating an end-result to be proud of. In this instance, I started with Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving. Within the pages of this hefty, 448 page “how to,” I found everything I needed to know to start my jelly making. I learned jelly-making is done using the water-bath method. What else? This book had all the answers.

Equipment? I started with a “boiling-water canner.” This can be any deep pot, with a lid and a rack. I purchased,  Granite Ware 0707-1 Steel/Porcelain Water-Bath Canner with Rack, 21.5-Quart, Black , but the Ball book explained that any pot big enough to completely immerse the jars in water and is at least three inches deeper than the height of the jars elevated on a rack, (jars must be kept off of the bottom of the pot) will work. The jars must be covered with at least one inch of water and you’ll want extra room for the water to come to a full-rolling boil. A specialized rack isn’t absolutely necessary either, a cake cooling rack that fits inside the pot, or tying extra screw bands together to make a rack, will work. (Canning racks are also sold separately.) I didn’t have a pot on hand to meet these specifications, so I bought the pot/rack combo above. The racks made for water canners have handles, which I think, are the way to go. I’m glad I made the investment because after making jelly, which was out-of-this-world good, I got the canning bug!

As I read through the 400 recipes in this amazing book, I went on to make a few other yummy treats. I made strawberry jam, apple pie filling, spaghetti sauce, and salsa. Truly, making these items with the freshest ingredients resulted in the best tasting product we’ve ever tried. I would have made more recipes this year, but in the middle of all this industriousness, I had to pack up for moving across the country! Once I get settled…onward and upward.

As a novice, I can’t claim any wealth of knowledge or experience, but I can recommend this book to anyone who wants to get started in home preserving. In my quest, I bought a total of four home preserving books but I only needed this one. I feel that by using the information given in this book I’ve started out on the right track. I found everything I needed to know about equipment, how the process works (boy, am I grateful for everyone who figured all this out, way back when), and have lots of recipes to try in the future. By using Ball’s instructions, I didn’t feel overwhelmed, confused, or like perhaps I should re-think the whole home preserving decision.

In future, I will make many more water-bath items (fruits/vegetables high in acidity~~don’t worry this book explains all of that). Some things that I’m tantalized by are: fruit butters, preserves, conserves, marmalades, more jams and jellies, fruit in syrup (peaches, pears, and the like), apples in all kinds of ways, compotes, more pie fillings, fruit sauces, (think cranberry among others), juices, (which is where I started to make the grape jelly), fruit syrups, more salsa, relish, pickles, (it looks like you can pickle just about anything), condiments, (ketchups, BBQ sauces, chili sauces, mustards, vinegars, and the like), and tomatoes, (whole, chopped, and sauced). In total there are nearly 350 pages of water-bath recipes!

I’m going to use this book, to branch into pressure canning. Ball outlines all of the equipment I’ll need. In fact, I have a pressure canner, on my wish list right now! I especially want to make soups and stews. There are numerous recipes for vegetables, but for me, I’ll probably stick to freezing those we primarily eat. However, I’m intrigued with the idea of canning potatoes and carrots. Meats, seafood, and poultry can also be preserved in a pressure canner.

You’ll see amazing color photographs of several of the recipes, charts for translating ingredients from pounds to cups, neat tips in the margins, (i.e. I added ¼ tsp. butter to my jelly mixture to reduce foaming), condition-cause-solution charts for each section, (i.e. what is the possible cause and suggested solution when soft spreads are tough or stiff), and a section on the “art and science of home food preservation” teaches everything I wanted to know about safely preserving. I thought the science was interesting while at the same time thankful that I didn’t have to figure this stuff out. I’m originally from the Rocky Mountains of Idaho, and found the altitude charts helpful. Processing times vary based on altitude. I’m currently moving around and this is important info…thanks to Google, wherever I live, I can know the altitude! There’s a glossary of terms in the back of this book along with an excellent index.

Below is a list of the equipment I acquired for water-bath preserving, based on the recommendations within this book. By using the search engine, you’ll see there are several to choose from. Some of the tools I purchased separately, are sold grouped together in kits. As I continue to home preserve, I’m sure I’ll find more helpful tools to make it easier and therefore keep it enjoyable.

Don’t try filling your jars without these items or similar:
Progressive International CKC-300 Regular and Wide Mouth Canning Funnel
Progressive International CKC-500 Canning Scoop

You MUST HAVE a jar lifter! I use  Norpro 600 Jar Lifter . Because the seal on the lid can be damaged, using metal tongs is a no-no using  Norpro Magnetic Lid Wand  or similar, is necessary.

Good luck on your journey! I hope you have as much fun as I have!”

Customer “This books main focus (380 pages of it) is jams, jellies, chutneys, and salsa recipes…..which are all done in water bath canner.
There’s not really a “how to can” section that I can see for beginners with the exception of one page of instruction in the pressure canner section. It’s pretty basic. The “getting started” section just tells you what equipment you’ll need; canner, jar lifter, lids and jars, etc.
Pressure canning only covers from page 381-410. There is one recipe for red meat, one recipe for white meat, one recipe for fish, which all say pretty much the same thing…..shove meat in jar, add water/broth, put lid on and process. Same process for the very few veggies that are in here. (I posted a pic of that table of contents.) There is one spaghetti sauce w/meate recipe, one beef stew recipe, a beef in wine sauce recipe, one chili recipe, and one chicken soup recipe. That pretty much covers the pressure canning section.
I am returning this book as I was hoping for something that covered meals and more meat recipes. And also a dill pickle recipe that doesn’t take two days.

The recipes are in metric and US measurements.

Overall, this book doesn’t offer me any more than the small blue Ball book that came free with my canner years ago. One would think as long as Ball jars have been around, they would have gotten a little more creative in their canning recipes.

Also, for anyone wondering, canning recipes is the only “preserving” in this book. It does not touch on any other kind of preservation, (drying/dehydrating, smoking, freezing, dry canning, freeze drying) as the title might suggest.”

Papyote “One would expect a “Complete Book of Home Preserving” to cover more than boiling water or pressure canning. What about drying foods, freezing or vacuum packing? There’s only about a dozen pages of “how to” basic guidelines with pen and ink drawings out of nearly 450 pages? And, it’s at the back end of the book, not the beginning where you’d expect it! The glitzy full page color pictures of foods are not even in the subject areas where they should be, they’re jammed into 3 individual groups stuck in random sections of the book with references to the pages containing recipes related to the photos.

The page material appears to be normal 20# printing paper easily stained unlike my 10 year old “Ball Blue Book of preserving” with it’s glossy pages and detailed instructions and color pictures of basic “how to ” guidelines. And several sections have not been cut properly with several pages still connected together at the corners. Poor quality control! The only good thing about this book is the spiral binding that helps it lie flat for reading. Totally bummed, had high expectations for this but it’s going back.”

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