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Unfu*k Yourself Get Out of Your Head and into Your Life PDF-New York Times best seller

Joining the ranks of The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ckThe Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ckYou Are a Badass, and F*ck Feelings is this refreshing, BS-free self-empowerment guide that offers an honest, no-nonsense, tough-love approach to help you move past self-imposed limitations.

Are you tired of feeling f*cked up? If you are, Gary John Bishop has the answer. In this straightforward handbook, he gives you the tools and advice you need to demolish the slag weighing you down and become the truly unf*cked version of yourself. “Wake up to the miracle you are,” he directs. “Here’s what you’ve forgotten: You’re a f*cking miracle of being.” It isn’t other people that are standing in your way; it isn’t even your circumstances that are blocking your ability to thrive. It’s yourself and the negative self-talk you keep telling yourself.

In Unf*ck Yourself, Bishop leads you through a series of seven assertions:

  • I am willing 
  • I am wired to win 
  • I got this 
  • I embrace the uncertainty 
  • I am not my thoughts; I am what I do 
  • I am relentless 
  • I expect nothing and accept everything 

Lead the life you were meant to have – Unf*ck Yourself.

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Description of Unfu*k Yourself PDF

Unfu*k Yourself Get Out of Your Head and into Your Life PDF is one of the best medical books for students and professionals on the subject of health and fitness. It is a must download.

The Authors

Unfu*k Yourself PDF

Gary John Bishop began his life journey in Glasgow, Scotland. The grit and wit of his early life have contributed to his tough-love, in-your-face approach to coaching. Coupled with world-class training and development, Gary has created a potent brew of effectiveness and the ability to reach through the crust of people’s lives and root out the deeper issues that consume them and tie them to their hurdles. His ability to elevate and expand people’s greatness makes the kind of life-altering impact that is so rare in the industry. Gary’s hyper-awareness and years of elite training allow him to assess each client and guide them to the path that best expresses their lives; with micro precision, he cuts straight to the heart of what is going to make a difference.

Gary’s experience and quick ascent to becoming a senior program director for one of the world’s leading personal development organizations is proof that he is dedicated and committed to what is possible for every client and person he encounters. He doesn’t claim perfection. He’s been through life and doesn’t sugar coat his folly. He uses his experience as both a human and a world class coach to mentor and coach people to raise the bar higher for what they once thought would be their greatest self.

Gary John Bishop is one of the leading Personal Development experts in the industry with a global reputation that has impacted tens of thousands of people worldwide. His “urban philosophy” approach represents a new wave of personal empowerment and life mastery that has caused miraculous results for people in the quality and performance of their lives.
 He calls it like it is while being influenced by ontology, phenomenology and the philosophy of some of the world’s greatest thinkers. You be inspired, unburdened and grounded. Working with Gary creates the space to be an altered version of you. The greatness you once imagined becomes a reality, only its bigger, better and more incredibly freeing than you dreamed it could be. His work life changing.

Gary is willing to say what needs to be said. His writing is a higher level experience and the benefits of his philosophies have touched lives worldwide

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  • Listening Length 3 hours and 24 minutes
    Author Gary John Bishop
    Narrator Gary John Bishop
    Whispersync for Voice Ready
    Audible.com Release Date August 01, 2017
    Publisher HarperAudio
    Program Type Audiobook
    Version Unabridged
    Language English
    Identification Number B0731QJ482
  • Book Name : Unfu*k Yourself Get Out of Your Head and into Your Life PDF

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Top reviews

jordan c “I bought this book because I was going through a tough time and I wanted to read something to help get me out of the funk I was in. This book is really helpful in explaining why you’re your own worst enemy and how to get out of your head. It really does help make you feel better and gives great advice on how to improve your life by controlling your thoughts. I’d highly recommend this book to anyone who needs help getting through tough times or to anyone who needs motivation to live a more fulfilled life. Even if you’re perfectly ok – this book can help push you to be a better you.”
cami flaget “I am realizing just how much I took myself out of the game of life after our youngest daughter passed away about 3 years ago. She was almost 6 years old and I was 33. At 36 years young I felt one and a half decades older than my body. With the help of Gary’s words, I realize that I am my hero and, ultimately, this is really good news for me. I was so busy waiting for things to get better that I wasn’t in action about living a happy life despite the fact that my youngest is no longer physically in it. Certainly, I will always miss her, but I can experience joy, peace, passion, and excitement as well. I feel compelled to drive forward with a velocity that inspires me. I started singing again (in the car, around the house, even at my office)…I hadn’t noticed that it was gone for 3 years until it showed up again. Many thanks for the opportunity this book gives me to take the bull by the horns and to be responsible for my present and future. I am so relieved! Seriously, that sounds so weird. Who would have thought that me being responsible would leave me feeling relief? ha! It’s so true though. I feel like I am finally awake after an extended nap. Thanks for the wake up call, Gary John Bishop.”

Christian “I am going to dare to be critical whilst still awarding a 3-star review. In summary, this is a great introduction to an assortment of philosophical ideals: some that have been around since the ancient Greeks and some being developed in the modern age: existentialism, stoicism, epistemology, ontology, etc. For those not versed in philosophy, many of these ideas may be new and interesting. Unfortunately, Gary doesn’t reference some of these philosophies for your further reading but this is understandable as his focus is on coaching you to overcome yourself not to be a literary scholar. For little more than ~$10 and a few hours of reading, give it a shot and see if you learn something. As much as I am going to be critical, the book has its utility and will be useful to some of its readers, so who am I to tell you not to read it? You should read everything and challenge it–the pursuit of knowledge means to never stop engaging in the dialogue.

One of my biggest gripes with this text is that Gary seems to contradict himself throughout it and complicates his overall message. He is adamant that this is not another self-help book that focuses on positive thinking; however, it is one of the first concepts he introduces. In sum, he teaches that assertive language affects emotions, feelings, and ultimately decision making and that one should engage in healthy inner dialogue. He also later bashes the quote, “Change your thoughts, change your life,” calling it bullsh*t. Where he is attempting to go with this is to say that actions speak louder than words and no matter what you think, unless you take action, your life will not change.

Okay, this is fine but he took a six-word quote and said it was invalid over the course of ~200 pages. The problem is that he views ideas singularly and criticizes them in isolation; however, if you took any one of his chapters singularly, it would contradict his overall philosophy. For instance, positive self-talk is useless without his later instructions on asserting and acting on them. Overall, I think the overt criticism of other ideas throughout the text followed up with very similar approaches hurt the message Gary was trying to send to his readers. You may find yourself confused or frustrated without having a deeper understanding of some of the philosophies on which Gary touches. In the end, Gary pulls it together but it may take a while to see the differences he is attempting to portray–the book could have been more concise and focused.

Another gripe would be that on page 21 he tells you that if you are easily offended not to read his book and to give it away immediately. The very next page he claims, “I have designed this book to be as accessible and useful to as many people as possible.” Really, is anyone proof-reading this thing? Look, if you’re going to be a self-help coach how can you tell the people who may need to hear your words the most, to shove off? This move was very Nietzsche-esque in that he believed he was a writer for everyone and yet no one at the same time. But Nietzsche was writing critical philosophy and engaging his own ideas–he wasn’t writing it for them and that’s why he didn’t care if anyone read what he wrote. Gary, is writing for the people who he believes need help–that is his profession. So why scare away people who need the help?

TLDR: This book is a bit all over the place but does come together in a way that you will be able to understand by the end. If you are not well versed in philosophy and psychology, give it a go as it won’t cost you an arm and a leg or too much of your time. Gary, I think you’re doing good work but would encourage you to collaborate with some colleagues on condensing your thesis. I would also advise you to encourage your readers/clients while staying true to your no-bullsh*t approach as these do not have to be mutually exclusive.”



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Unfu*k Yourself PDF

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