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Tools of Titans PDF-The latest groundbreaking tome from Tim Ferriss, the number-one New York Times best-selling author of The 4-Hour Workweek.

From the author:

“For the last two years, I’ve interviewed more than 200 world-class performers for my podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show. The guests range from super celebs (Jamie Foxx, Arnold Schwarzenegger, etc.) and athletes (icons of powerlifting, gymnastics, surfing, etc.) to legendary Special Operations commanders and black-market biochemists. For most of my guests, it’s the first time they’ve agreed to a two-to-three-hour interview. This unusual depth has helped make The Tim Ferriss Show the first business/interview podcast to pass 100 million downloads.

“This book contains the distilled tools, tactics, and ‘inside baseball’ you won’t find anywhere else. It also includes new tips from past guests, and life lessons from new ‘guests’ you haven’t met.

“What makes the show different is a relentless focus on actionable details. This is reflected in the questions. For example: What do these people do in the first 60 minutes of each morning? What do their workout routines look like, and why? What books have they gifted most to other people? What are the biggest wastes of time for novices in their field? What supplements do they take on a daily basis?

“I don’t view myself as an interviewer. I view myself as an experimenter. If I can’t test something and replicate results in the messy reality of everyday life, I’m not interested.”

“Everything [in this audiobook] has been vetted, explored, and applied to my own life in some fashion. I’ve used dozens of the tactics and philosophies in high-stakes negotiations, high-risk environments, or large business dealings. The lessons have made me millions of dollars and saved me years of wasted effort and frustration.

“I created this book, my ultimate notebook of high-leverage tools, for myself. It’s changed my life, and I hope the same for you.”

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Description of Tools of Titans PDF

Tools of Titans PDF is one of the best medical books for students and professionals on the subject of Psychology . It is a must download.

The Authors

Tools of Titans PDF

Tim Ferriss has been listed as one of Fast Company‘s ‘Most Innovative Business People’ and one of Fortune‘s ‘40 under 40’. He is an early-stage technology investor/advisor (Uber, Facebook, Shopify, Duolingo, Alibaba, and 50+ others) and the author of four #1 New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestsellers, including The 4-Hour Workweek, The 4-Hour Body, The 4-Hour Chef and Tools of Titans. The Observer and other media have called Tim ‘the Oprah of audio’ due to the influence of The Tim Ferriss Show podcast, which is the first business/interview podcast to exceed 200 million downloads. Tim received his BA from Princeton University in 2000, where he focused on language acquisition and East Asian Studies. He developed his non-fiction writing with Pulitzer Prize winner John McPhee and formed his life philosophies under Nobel Prize winner Kenzaburo Oe. He is far dumber than both. Tim enjoys bear claws, chocolate croissants, writing ‘About’ pages in third person and neglecting italics.

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Top reviews

DickensRocks “This is the first Tim Ferriss book I’ve actually read, after listening to Tim Tim Talk Talk for about a year now. As I sit down to write this, I’m finding it quite difficult to express exactly how I feel about the book, and what Ferriss ultimately represents. I found his podcast at a very difficult time in my life, where I was searching for a way out of a seemingly hopeless situation. At about 3 am, I stumbled upon Tim Ferriss. Since then, my life has changed dramatically. The content in this book is incredibly helpful not only in terms of the actual information, but what the information represents. It proves to the reader that those Billionaires, Icons, and legends are just people. They all had difficult child hoods, periods of massive failure, and times where they felt hopeless. They made it from there to the top simply by doing what works, and ignoring what doesn’t, day after day after day. If I could, I’d distribute this book to every person on earth. Not because each person needs a chillipad, or exogenous ketones or whatever, but because each person needs to realize that the future is malleable, and daily habits are the paint by which we create our destiny. There are no secrets, or hacks, or tactics reserved for the special elite. It’s all right here, in this book. Its simply a matter of applying what will help you, ignoring what won’t, and taking advice only from those who have a life you’d like to emulate.

So thanks Tim. Please continue with what you’re doing. I have a suspicion that in twenty years, there will be a lot of people who will cite this book and podcast as the thing that turned their life around. Be happy about that. It all really does make a difference.”


D. Patterson “Tim, if you’re reading this, I have a great idea for you at the end of this review. No sarcasm, no snark.

DISCLAIMER: I am a Tim Ferriss apologist. I’ve listened to almost every episode of his podcast. Own his books. Have been following him since 4 Hour Work Week came out.

Tim’s podcast has rewired my brain. My life is measurably better because of what I’ve learned. Literally. I have hereditary cholesterol problems and my forays into a ketogenic lifestyle dropped my particle count from ~1950 to ~1225. There are many other great things that have come as a result of my exposure to Tim’s podcast, too many to list here.

When he announced TOOLS OF TITANS, I was ecstatic. I pre-ordered this book in September.

I’m sad to say that I’m non-plussed, borderline disappointed.

On one hand, I love having a “totem” of something that has changed my life so profoundly. To that end, I am happy to own the book.

On the other hand, it does not deliver on its promise. This is supposedly a “recipe book” (according to page xvi in the Foreword).

It is no such thing.

If I want to bake an apple pie, I go to the Table of Contents, I look up apple pie, I turn to that page.

You cannot do that in this book.

Tim has amazing things to say about meditation. A few guests on his podcast have amazing things to say about meditation (Sam Harris, Naval Ravikant, Kevin Rose, etc.).

But there is no central place to which you can turn to find out the collected wisdom of the many guests who have delved into this topic.

The same goes for investing. The same goes for particular health hacks.

In fact, there’s not even one central place in the book that gives a list of the commonalities between the guests. That’s a HUGE missed opportunity.


Make a second edition. Soon. It doesn’t even have to add new content. Just tighten this up and make it so that you can read about certain topics in a centralized place. If there are parts that don’t fit, maybe have an author section at the back… but, dang.

Millionaires become millionaires (in part) because they’ve learned to say “no.” They have the discipline to turn down the good, so that they can pursue (and achieve) the great.

This book is just too too too much good. It doesn’t tell you what is great. It will leave you chasing dozens upon dozens of random tactics and thoughts in a dozen different fields.

It might teach the tactics and routines and habits of world-class performers, but there’s FAR TOO MUCH here to make it valuable in showing YOU how to achieve those heights. And, if there is ONE person that you could model to become like them in their field… there is FAR TOO LITTLE here to actually help you on your way.”


Paul “First Tim Ferris book that I’ve read and I’m honestly struggling to get into it. Very unstructured with him telling you go to page 344 for this and then page 522 to complete it. If you are into trying a new coffee mixed with 9 minutes of breathing techniques followed by stretches and mantras in the morning this is your book. Thought this book would be gold but it doesn’t let you delve into it enough when you find someone or chapter you like. It really is just highlights of the podcast. Also it is rather contradictive between people on what they do/opinions but I suppose it’s to let you compare and try for yourself.

Was looking forward to reading more about Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tony Robbins etc but it doesn’t go deep enough into it. Save your money and just focus on the podcasts involving such people that does interest you.

Gave up on this book half way through due to the nature of it. I wouldn’t recommend it.
Going to try the 4 hour Work Week as it’s his biggest title but surely can’t be worse than this book.”


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Tools of Titans PDF

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